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by Rick H
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Can you guess before the piece ends???? A short read, not at all religious
Who is This Egomaniac
God or Devil

Rick Haley

         I am all powerful! All power belongs to me! I am the Alpha and Omega, The beginning and the end. Without me no thing exist. I create worlds without number. In an instant I destroy entire galaxies! None can stop me. I hurl civilizations towards the future, then on a whim, cause a humming bird to be frozen in time.

         Whatever my fancy, I am able to execute. No one can stay my hand! I draw up the flowers of a mountain top meadow blooming them with brilliance and most intense unearthly colors. Or I may choose to erase the light of the universe a moment later. Casting open a great black hole of hopelessness,anguish, and despair, tossing in whomever I wish. I trigger the whirlwind allowing a city to be destroyed, initiating  both heroics and cowardice. I can breathe everlasting life into the dead and have them rise on a day of my appointment. All is at my choosing.

         I reveal the human condition with all of its' horrors and glories. I decide if mankind rises above or falls prey to the greatest or smallest of these. I hold life and death in my hand! I wage wars and with a passing of my hand I grant peace eternal. Plague and pestilence, health, wealth, and glory, these are the same for me!

         Nevertheless, I do not act as a madman but I drive madness and terror before me sweeping like a flood across the Earth. Watch your evening news closely if you doubt the power of my closed hand. I am the one who strangles the public in ceaseless subtle fear. I create. I destroy. I do this all with purpose and forethought, though my designs are often hidden from you.I alone set my agenda. No one is safe from my purpose, yet no one is endangered without my approval. I know all. I experience all. None can resist my will. I dwell fully within all my worlds contain and all my creatures and creations dwell within me.

         I am he who bends the mightiest man to my will. I am the force who overcomes him. Leaving him as a woman in grief, broken and weeping uncontrolled over the most insignificant grievance. I bind lovers as one in the loneliest of forsaken wastelands, only to design others to be torn asunder amidst the love and comfort of families. No one weeps before me for sorrows' sake alone and no one loves without my spirit. Love and hate, joy and sorrow are equal to me.

         I choose the ordinary, the common, and cause it to be splendid. I radiate brilliance and shine it commonplace. To a deficient child I give supernatural abilities and insights. I baffle the most attentive of humans, blinding them to the simplest of truths. I am the one who besets these children with trials and tribulations. Calamities and injustices pursue them which would crush the spirit out of  the most invincible of mortals. Then by my hand alone, they are enabled to overcome everything in simplicity and righteousness.  I will cause the destruction of the indestructible! I ignore their cries for mercy while I waste the flesh off their bones. All of this I do with the slightest wave of my hand. I suffer no remorse or guilt. I am cruel and loving, harsh and tender, merciful and pitiless. I am all things and all things spring from me!

         Still, I am not without compassion. The tears of nations are known to me as are the very thoughts of men. I am able to lay bare the human soul or cloud the conscious in endless dark stratum. I have enlightened a donkey and concealed the genius' mind in foolishness. It is as one to me. I reveal the great sacrifices of man and the great human mysteries, yet I am not above hiding ones' car keys in plain sight.

         Nothing occurs without my inclusion. Without me there would be no living history nor human account. None can resist me! No thing withstands my will! No one is capable of disobeying! All are subject to my rule and all rules are subject to me. I alone accomplish all these things. I alone am responsible for all these great and terrible things!

         Yet I am not alone in the universe. I exist among countless other beings. Many of these spirits are infinitely more qualified and powerful than I. However, each of us are uniquely empowered for whatsoever we would choose to create, construct or toss aside. Merely because, we are writers, and these things are our stories, characters, verses and prose.

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