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The dual moral standards in the USSR.
Communist Eroticism


All events and characters in the story are fictitious. The author bears no responsibility for random coincidence with real-life people actual organizations and countries 

A new criminal community - tsekhoviks - started to form in the USSR In the early sixties. (Tsekhoviks were underground factory owners who produced black market goods and often acted under the protection of a government official) Heads of state enterprises were members of this community. They stole materials and equipment from their enterprises and organized illegal manufacture and production sale. By the end of the 1970-s 18 % of the Soviet citizens’ incomes was spent on this "shadow" business. According to some calculations it was estimated in many billions roubles ranged from 5 % to 10 % of the USSR gross domestic product.

The industrial product and food deficit was quickly growing in the USSR at the beginning of the 1970-s. Tsekhoviks  promoted it in many respects and thus increased their profit. By the middle of  the 1970-s L.I. Brezhnev was already seriously ill. He suppressed completely all possible competitors in the party and was absorbed in the struggle against his illness. The state affairs management was given to 20 departments of the CPSU Central Committee, which actually started to rule the life of the huge country.

Those days the number various special deficit good and foodstuff distributors, specialized shops, cafeterias, special schools, specialized nurseries, special rations, specialized hospitals, special kiosks for participants of party, Young Communist League and trade union congresses and conferences promptly increased in the USSR.

The society was divided into "elite" that can get anything and live regardless of the law, and the others who should follow strict morals and laws of the communist society. The number of those «special» people was insignificant in comparison to the population of the USSR. They were necessarily party or Komsomol members.

Therefore Finnish sausage "Salami", sturgeon kinds of fishes, red fish, instant Brazilian coffee, black and red caviar and vodka "Stolichnaya" made for export were the most popular food deficits among ordinary people in the USSR those years. That food was regularly on sale in food orders sold to honoured  industry workers or participants of the Second World War and October revolution on the occasion of Soviet  official holidays. I was impossible to purchase that deficit any other way. One had to overpay "the proper people» a lot to get it.

Tsekhoviks and bandits began to unite strenuously into joint groupings to influence political state leaders to cover their criminal activity. In the late seventies the Uzbek mafia could any time interfere with all processes carried out in the higher echelons of power of Uzbekistan. In the late seventies the USSR started a senseless war As a result a great number of people, civil and military, Afghani and Soviet perished in Afghanistan. Thus the Soviet mafia has repeatedly strengthened the positions in the USSR. In the late seventies a specific political elite focused on the western ideals started to be formed in the USSR.


It happened in the late seventies. A phone rang on the table. Sergey Lyskov picked up a receiver., He was a twenty five year old young man who had recently graduated from a radio engineering institute and had been sent to work to a Central administrative board of a large ministry of the USSR,

- Pelipenko. Comrad Lyskov, come up to me urgently, - he heard a voice in a tube and immediately the connection was over.

In spite of the fact that Sergey worked in the department not so long, he already knew about terrible manners of the department chief, Pelipenko Valery Konstantinovich. It was a great surprise.that he called Sergey.

He occupied a low post of an engineer in the department, and there were many chiefs, from the head of the group and above who usually went to report to the chief of department. Going down a staircase from the ninth floor to the third where the chief of department sat, Sergey wrecked his head what had he done wrong that the chief of the department called him so urgently.

A playful young girl Nastya, the chief’s secretary, met Sergey quite friendly. In reply to his question what had happened she just said:

- They’ll explain everything over there.

Such a remark put Sergey on his guard even more. He silently knocked at the chief’s door and having heard the strict "Come in!" entered Pelipenko’s office.

Valery Konstantinovich, a lean man of 52 with large high temples, was sitting at a desk covered with green cloth.

- Sit down, comrad Lyskov, - he pointed to a chair near his T-shaped table. Sergey sat down and Pelipenko started the conversation at once.

- An order has came from the Communist Party committee to send our employee to our departmental pioneer camp for the period of children summer holidays.

Sergey felt easier at once: he didn’t do anything wrong..

It’s a serious matter and I chose you due to the following reasons. You are single, the wife will not object that will leave on a business trip for three months. Other employees from the department will go important objects of the Soviet industry.

- You aren’t experienced enough for such business trips yet, and skilled employees are absolutely not suffice. As always our management is responsible for the technical support. Therefore the engineer should carry out the functions of a film mechanic and radio operator in the pioneer camp. Besides they said in Communist Party committee that there was a problem with a local telephone exchange in the pioneer camp. It should be repaired. Kulik Ivan Petrovich will instruct you in detail. All those who will work in the pioneer camp will gather for a general meeting the day after tomorrow. Here is a phone number of the comrade responsible for the preparation for the arrival to the pioneer camp. He will specify all the details.

- Here is an appointment card to a medical commission. By the way, I’ve nearly forgotten. Take in a warehouse the  tools and materials which you’ll need for the work in pioneer camp. I’ll sign the application for their reception. Are there any questions? – he asked in a tone which didn’t bear any objections.

- Yes, – Sergey uttered shyly. – You see, I’ve never repaired automatic telephone exchanges and haven’t worked as a film-mechanic!

- But you served in the signal corps and have finished a radio engineering institute! You’ll sort it out what they have tought you right on the spot, - Pilipenko objected sharply.

Sergey understood that any objections were useless.

- And what about spirit? – he asked.

Judjing by the experience of his father who often went on business trips to various enterprises of the Soviet electronic industry Sergey knew that not a single question could be solved without spirit. (Pure spirit used for cleaning electric contacts in micro-computers, watered down according to weight weight in compliance with D.Mendeleyev technique, surpassed be thethe quality the most well-known vodka in the world "Stolichnaya" in an export variant. It was possible to make three half-litre bottles of such vodka from one litre of spirit).

The question obviously put the chief on guard.

- I maintain two micro-computers « Electronics-60 » (a rack  2.20 m.high), three photoinput readers, four punchers, a parallel interface typewriter "Consul" and two alphanumeric printers in the department. Three liters of spirit are required a month according to the consumption norms. An entire automatic telephone station and a number of electronic devices are to be maintained in the pioneer camp.

The question obviously puzzled the department chief. Sergey knew that Valery Konstantinovich had graduated from a historical institute and his attitude towards technics was was very suspecious. But he always scrupulously observed all the norms on the maintenance of computer facilities.

- And what’s your opinion? how much spirit do you need according to the norm?

- Not less than seven litres a month, -  not blinking an eye, lied Sergey.

Valery Konstantinovich sight has stared a penetrating glance at him trying to find out whether the young man was lying or not..

Probably, Sergey's calm face inspired trust.

He picked up the receiver of one of the numerous phones on a small table beside him and called directly to the Head of department, Michael Alekseevich Sorokin.

- Excuse me for troubling you, Michael Alekseevich I need to solve an urgent matter and report to the Communist Party Committee.

Sergey understood, the reference to the Communist Party committee made the head of the department postpone his important business.

Valery Konstantinovich stated in short the essence of the question concerning the spirit  for the pioneer camp. A minute later he hanged up the phone.

- So, they have confirmed five litres a month, but they have demanded a detailed account about its use. You will go to my assisrant, Volkov. The head of the department will sign a demand for five litres of spirit.

Sergey understood he had to leave and began to rise from a chair, but Valery Konstantinovich stopped with a gesture.

- And finally, – Valery Konstantinovich said strictly, – our Communist Party committee is sending you to the pioneer camp. Young girls, students from a pedagogic institute will work there there as pioneer leaders..They aren’t skilled and, the main thing, they are credulous!. Beware not to do any harm to them! I will personally call the chief of the pioneer camp and ask about your behaviour. Is it clear? – The chief of the department finished his farewell speech.

- Of course, it is.

Sergey has understood that from now on he would be under special supervision of Valery Konstantinovich.

All pioneer camp attendants and pioneer leasers were present at the general meeting. Kulik Ivan Petrovich, the chief of pioneer camp gave a long lecture. He said how important it was to educate pioneers in the spirit of fidelity to the ideas of Communist party of the USSR. All the present are required to properly educate children who will come to rest in the pioneer camp “The Dawn of Communism”.

The meeting lasted for four hours. The speakers touched upon the problems unresolved in pioneer camp last year and said they should be solved this year.

Ivan Petrovich assured all the present that he made a great effort to eliminate the drawbacks in the work of the pioneer camp.

- Now, thanks to the personal assistance of the the ministry Communist Party committee secretary, Logunov Pavel Petrovich, the most experienced expert is directed to the pioneer camp to restore the work of the local automatic telephone stattion. Now a telephone will be available in each premise of the pioneer camp!

With these words he pointed at Sergey Lyskov who stood up, confused because he was called the most experienced expert in automatic telephone stations. It turned out that he could let down the first secretary of the ministry Communist Party committee.

An iron discipline reigned in the departmental pioneer camp. It was constantly checked by the Communist Party committee and the Young Communist League committee from the ministry. Pioneer leaders and children lived together in small houses. Attttendants, cooks, electricians, heads of circles, physical training teachers lived separately in small houses, two persons in each room, as a rule.. The pioneer camp daily routine was strictly regulated. Pioneers always prepared  to do something or to go somewhere. Preparations for military-sports game "Summer lightning" were the most interesting. Chiefs from the ministry central boards were specially involved in this game. As for the pioneer leaders, one can only feel sorry for them for they stayed with the children day and night watching that nothing happens to them.

Sergey was lucky in this respect. Firstly, there was a small house with a big utility room at his disposal. It was situated near a dance pavilion where dancing was organized in the evening. There was a lot of equipment in the house, tape recorders, players, amplifiers and columns to support the music and light support during the dances. Secondly, there was a film booth with a subsidiary premise in the pioneer camp club. There were two film projectors inside And thirdly, there were two rooms near the kitchen in the working premises. The automatic telephone station was in stalled there.

Sergey had two assistants. Michael was one of them. He was a tall silent 27-year old guy with a good-natured and thoughtful face. He had graduated from the Institute of Foreign Affairs, knew three languages and worked in another management of the ministry. He knew absolutely nothing in technology.

The second assistant, a 17-year old Ivan, had recently finished school. He was a son of the head of the department, and it was his  father’s desire that he was sent to work to the pioneer camp. The head of department together with his wife was planning to go to the Crimea for a rest. He was afraid to leave Ivan alone without supervision in the four-room Moscow apartment. What if he goes outright on a spree? And he should prepare for entrance exams at the Institute of Foreign Affairs.

Sergey lived together with Michael in one room, and Vanya lived together with a painter-designer.

When Sergey examined his “electronic equipment“ for the first time he was greatly surprised. It looked like nobody had never exploited it. Movie cameras mercilessly chewed tape rolls because several teeth of the guiding cylinders were broken.  Rusty relays of the ancient automatic telephone station didn’t even make an attempt to switch over when power was connected to them. The electric schemes of its wiring layout and connection were nowhere to be found. Amplifiers didn’t function. It wasn’t clear what should be done to provide loud-speaking communication and music on the entire territory of the camp. There wasn’t much time. The attendants were to come a week before the arrival of children. 

As it happened always those days it was spirit intended for cleaning computer contacts that helped out of the trouble. Its economic influence on people was worth more than thousands of dollars – or present day euros. Sergey had five liters of magnificent spirit. And there was a guarantee he would receive ten liters more the next two months!

Sergey went with Michael to Moscow on his car “Moscvich 412”. They brought an oscilloscope, a generator. Soldering irons and wires to get ready for the opening of the pioneer camp. The loud-speaker and the microphones on the pioneer line-up spot were to be mended first of all for the opening ceremony. Eminent guests from the Communist Party Committee and Young Communist League Committee of the ministry were supposed to make speeches. Within the three days Sergey managed to restore the function of the amplifiers, tape-recorders and players. Michael and Ivan hung some of the bells on the trees and near the line-up spot. One day was spent for negotiations with local film-mechanics who brought films to the pioneer camp. One more day – to restore the movie cameras.

At the expense of three liters of spirit their main components and lamps were replaced with the news ones. An friendly agreement was achieved that the latest films coming to the local film distribution would be brought to the pioneer camp passing the CPSU Central Committee sanatorium.  The payment was one liter of spirit. 

The opening ceremony was splendid. There was a cloud of  administrators from all the komsomol and party organizations  of the ministry central boards. Then there was lunch and supper. The most talented pioneers gave a performance, sang and danced to the accompaniment of the music broadcast from Sergey’s radio cabin. Two new films were shown in the evening. The first was for small children. Another film was foreign and was demonstrated to seniors. They hadn’t even heard that the film would be demonstrated in Moscow. Many guests wondered that high-class films like that were demonstrated in the pioneer camp.

The pioneer camp electronic support went on but there were still rather serious problems with the local automatic telephone station. No matter how he tried it wouldn’t wish to function. The old relays made at the beginning of the 1950-s refused to contact under any voltage. Indeed, there wasn’t enough spirit to provide the telephone communication for the entire pioneer camp. The delicate negotiations with a chief of the city telephone station nearby showed that it would cost not less than twenty liters of spirit to replace the main components of the telephone station. And there were only 10 liters left! The problem was to be cardinally solved somehow.

Kulik Ivan Petrovich a nice 56 year old person was the permanent chief of the pioneer camp for nearly ten years. He was a ball of fire. He was a leading dancer in the well-known ensemble named after A.V. Aleksandrov, played many Russian instruments very well especially balalaika. He stuck to the pioneer camp with all his sole and it became his home. His wife helped the daughter to look after her child, so he lived in the pioneer camp alone most of the time. Sometimes his wife came and brought him tasty rolls and cheese cakes. She carefully cleaned the house where Ivan Petrovich lived and went back home to help the daughter. Sometimes his daughter and her husband came to visit him for a few days. Ivan Petrovich had to resolve a great number of minor problems to maintain the large pioneer camp facilities.

Once Sergey came up to Ivan Petrovich after the morning pioneer line-up. One of the loud-speakers hanging on a tree was again out of order and the chief of the camp had to speak at the top of his voice so that everybody could hear him.

- These “bellflowers” malfunction no matter that we keep repairing them. They are so old. May I come to your office to discuss the electronic equipment of the camp?

Ivan Petrovich was a bit disappointed that he had to dash off his speech.

- It happens every year though I had asked to give us the new equipment. I hear only promises in reply. Come to my place in the evening after the lights-out time. We’ll speak quietly. 

After the lights-out Sergey came to Ivan Petrovich. His house was situated in a picturesque place at the edge of a forest. Sergey knocked at the door and came in.

Ivan Petrovich was having his supper. There were potatoes, meat, cabbage, beetroot and other salads.

- Sit down. Let’s have a snack.

Ivan Petrovich came up to a small refrigerator and took out a bottle of vodka. He drank and ate and then started to speak about the electronic equipment in the camp.

I’ve been working here for a long time already and it is always all the same. The phones in the houses used to function before, though very badly. Now they don’t. In case of emergency I have to go myself or call somebody. The territory of the camp is so large. You know it. If something happens to a child or there is a fire – save God! – it won’t be possible to call in time. Then they will drag you to various instances. I have asked so many times, visited so many authorities, but they kept sending me here and there asking to wait. So we are still waiting.

Sergey said it was possible to resolve the problem but they need ten liters of spirit more

Ivan Pertovich was surprised that the camp was re-equipped at the expense of spirit. He didn’t get much cash at the trade union committee. He could afford a few bottles of vodka, but he mostly used vodka to treat the eminent guests. His salary wasn’t big – he received only 250 rubles. He had to pay on account to purchase everything for the camp so that the accounting was correct when the ministry control revision department checked the financial activity.

-          According to what norms did you get the spirit?

-          The approved norms to maintain micro-computers and peripheral equipment.

-          But our automatic telephone station is so ancient! The norms should be different for it. After I had left the ensemble I worked at a telephone station for a few years. I remember how much spirit was brought for prevention maintenance. Often here was one to be found afterwards. Let me write to the secretary of the Party committee of the ministry. I’ll inform him that the technical department had made a mistake calculating the spirit consumption norms necessary for the camp telephone station maintenance. I’ll say they’d allocated spirit to maintain a micro computer but not the telephone station. And a micro computer is not registered in the pioneer camp statement of balance. We cannot exploit the telephone station properly due to the lack of spirit. It creates a great risk for all children in the camp in case of disasters, fire and so on. I will ask to help us urgently.

         Sergey thought for a while and said the text should be corrected a little. But in general the idea is good.

         - Well, do it and bring me the ready text in the morning, - the chief of the camp poured vodka into the wine-glasses.

- You should just add ten liters more for me. Delegations from the Communist party committee, trade union committee and the Young Communist League committee, patrons from the administration, sports delegations – it’s difficult to mention all of them - come here very from Moscow often now because you bring new foreign films demonstrated only in the CPSU Central Committee sanatorium. And we have to entertain them. There is no problem with food – we’ve been friends with the director of the neighboring collective farm for a long time already. I use to bring so many boys and girls for harvesting that in an instant they gather all the harvest free of charge. Besides they make performances there. I also act there like in the old days.

         A week later a black “Volga” drove up to the camp “The Communism Dawn”. The Secretary of the Young Communist League committee from the Main administration where Sergey worked got out of the car. He found Sergey and said:

- Get ready quickly. The head of the chief directorate is calling you urgently. We’ll first drive to your place, you’ll change and we’ll go for the appointment. 

- What happened?

- I don’t know. The secretary of the party committee of the chief directorate called me and ordered to bring you at once. The head of the chief directorate Levkov Nikolay Nikolayevich summoned you.

Two hours later Sergey was in the office of his chief Pelipenko. The latter greeted Sergey dryly and called Michael Alekseyevich. When he answered the call, Pelipenko reported:

- Lyskov has arrived.

They went to the forth floor to the office of the head of administration. He dialed the number and said:

- Nikolay Nikolayevich, Pelipenko and Lyskov have arrived.

The three of them went a floor lower and entered a huge office of the chief of the directorate.

         Nikolay Nikolayevich rose from the chair and greeted each of them with a handshake. He asked to sit down at the huge conference table.

         Sergey came here for the first time. Nikolay Nikolayevich looked at the visitors gloomily.

- The minister has called. He said that due to our stupidity there is a risk for the life of the children in the pioneer camp “The Dawn of Communism”. The secretary of the Party committee of the ministry went there personally. He thoroughly checked everything and reported the minister on the problem. How shall I take it? – Nikolay Nikolayevich asked  raising his voice.

- Who has been in the pioneer camp “The Dawn of Communism” except Lyskov?

The deathly silence hung in the office.

- I see, - he replied as if speaking to himself. - All of you are planning to go for a business trip abroad. You don’t have enough time to pack your things and the minister gives me stick! All right, I’ll personally look into the matter. Why didn’t you give enough spirit to provide the normal functioning of the automatic telephone station? It is malfunctioning because of that. Lyskov, report!

Sergey was about to stand up but Nikolay Nikolayevich stopped him with a gesture.

- The automatic telephone station didn’t function. It’s too old, it was made in the 1950-s, the relays get stuck.

- Have you tried to clean it with spirit? - Nikolay Nikolayevich asked like an expert.

- We clean it together – all the three of us, but we’ve run out of spirit and the contacts got oxidized, - said Sergey.

- Why should even the secretary of the ministry Party committee know about it and you don’t even bother about it? - Nikolay Nikolayevich turned to the chief of the administration and Pelipenko.

They hung their heads depressed wondering how could the ministry secretary of the Party committee know such delicate details.

- According to what norms did you get the spirit? – asked Nikolay Nikolayevich.

The chief of the administration looked at Pelipenko. He got pale and replied:

- According to the norms for computers “Elektronika 60”. We have them in our department.

- I see. Well, we’ll consider the matter and let Lyskov go. Lyskov, report what should be done to make everything function.

- We need twenty liters of spirit in addition to the approved volume.

Nikolay Nikolayevich stared at Lyskov and addressed the others:

- I’ll order to assign 50 liters of spirit under Lyskov’s responsibility. Three qualified engineers should be sent to the pioneer camp. The defect of the automatic telephone station should mended in three days. The following equipment should be written off and transferred to the pioneer camp balance: three Grundig recorders, two Phillips amplifiers, a record player – I can’t recollect its brand, it is in the “Memory room” – 12 Bosch out door loud-speakers, five imported microphones, four TV sets and 30 VEF telephone sets.  Let Lyskov prepare a list of all the other necessary things like tin, etc. Comrad Pelipenko, you should prepare a letter to the minister concerning the fulfilled work and the facilities the chief administration had passed over free of charge to the pioneer camp. I’ll sign it. A copy of the letter should be sent to secretary of the Party committee of the ministry. Sorokin is responsible for the job. You should check and report to me that everything is fine. I’ll come to the camp myself. Lyskov, you may go. And you stay, - he gave Pelipenko and Sorokin a grave look.

Three days later the obsolete telephone station was completely replaced for the new one with the help of the technical specialists from the chief administration and the chief of the local telephone station. Telephone connection in the camp was restored. There was a telephone in each house where pioneers lived and in all the office buildings. The chief of the administration Sorokin visited the camp to check  the function of the telephone station.  He praised Lyskov’s  initiative and work and promised a bonus.

As always positive moments in a person’s life alternate with negative. Many inspectors from Moscow started to visit the camp to see the latest films. That’s why the strict discipline in the camp was made even tougher.

Those were the pioneer unit leaders who were the first to begin grumbling. Not only that they had to spend the whole day with the children, but they couldn’t go anywhere from the buildings in the evening g and at night.

The senior pioneer unit leader Marusya Shcheglova from the Young Communist League of the ministry stricktly watched it. She was a bony young lady with a bundle of thin red hair. Though she was 25, her manner to dress, slouchy figure and very pale face made her look much older. It seemed she wanted to devote all her life to party activity and upbringing children to be ardent revolutionaries. Marusya had graduated from the teachers’ institute with distinction and worked as a pioneer unit leader in the camp for the second time. She kept inventing various pioneer events and the pioneer unit leaders had to report her about their execution. She was a sly person and could appear all of a sudden any place in the pioneer camp detecting the troublemakers.  She organized a group of pioneers-informers and could easily define the time and place of all pranks. Then she would inform about them in writing the chief of the camp. Sergey had a feeling even Ivan Petrovich was a bit afraid of her because he thought he wasn’t the only person she sent the tip-offs.

Marusya was most of all concerned about the morals of the pioneers and especially of the pioneer unit leaders. It didn’t concern at all Sergey and the pioneer camp attendants because the chef of the camp bore the whole responsibility for them. She was a plane young lady who lacked the attention of men, so she did her utmost to prove she was higher than all the low-lying passions. The spiritual upbringing of a person was important for her most of all. She used to speak about N.K. Krupskaya, V.I. Lenin’s wife and comrade-in-arms, to give an example.  Marusya had a maniac ability to detect any relations between the girls who were pioneer unit leaders and men. No one knew how she learned about them. But everyone saw the girls’ eyes full of tears when they left the pioneer room after a conversation with her. During the evening dances pioneer unit leaders came Sergey’s radio cabin turning the air blue. He would pour them “combat 50 grams” of spirit with lemon diluted with cold water to encourage them.

All the men knew Marusya desperately squealed on everyone to the ministry Young Communist League committee. And they were only expecting it over there, to jump all over the victim with all their might to provide a report about upbringing the youth.

Those were the best days when Marusya left to Moscow for a few days with her komsomol reports. Aleksey took her place. He was a stout cheerful engineer from the ministry автобазы. The kitchen and they way they cooked there was always of the main importance for him. All the other issues didn’t bother him much and he ordered the pioneer unit leaders to cope with them. Those days were real holidays for the pioneer unit leaders and maybe for the pioneers as well. Everybody was exhausted with permanent preparations to various events usually dedicated to the visits of patrons or high authorities.

Marusya planned to leave for full four days. The conference was held in Moscow for the senior pioneer unit leaders working in the camps in the suburbs of Moscow. The city Young Communist League committee organized the event. The problems of upbringing children according to Marx and Lenin ideology during their summer holidays were on the agenda. Experienced senior pioneer unit leaders exchanged views how to enhance discipline in the pioneer camps.

All pioneer unit leaders prepared for the event. They brought food and spirit (mainly wine) during their occasional days-off or dropped into a nearby shop to buy food.

After the lights-out time most of the pioneer unit leaders gathered in the pioneer room. They drank, ate and played the guitar. The chief of the pioneer camp accepted that indulgently: the guys were young and they also needed some rest. Though he demanded that one pioneer unit leader should stay in the house with the children.

That day everything happened otherwise. The chief of the camp left in the morning to solve a problem with the water-pipe. It was leaking hard. So happy about the freedom the pioneer unit leaders decided to enjoy themselves to the full extent after the lights-out time. The pioneers of the senior units had nothing against it to have a good time. Everything could be fine it were not for Marusya who unexpectedly returned in the evening.  No one knew why she had returned. Of course she immediately went to check the house where senior pioneers lived. The girls and boys over there had already organized a feast with lots of food and soft drinks their generous parents had sent them. Besides they organized a mini dancing party with an accompaniment of a portable tape recorder. It belonged to one of the children whose parents had returned from a business trip to Japan.

Entered the boys’ bedroom Marusya heard the sound of some strange music.

The children saw her and cried:

- Danger! Vobla is coming!

Marusya realized there was something wrong. She dashed into the girls’ bedroom and was astonished to see the boys’ legs under the beds.

She started to drag them out. The children started to scream and shout. Marusya accidentally heard some suspicious movements in another girls’ bedroom. She switched on the light and saw that all the girls were asleep covered with their sheets. Everything seemed to be quite. She was surprised that the sheet on one of the beds was rising very much. She came up to the bed and pulled it off. There were two guys and a frightened girl curled up under the sheet. The boys didn’t have time to run away. They heard Marusya drag out their friends from under the beds and decided to hide safe.

The camp hadn’t heard such a cream before. Even the pioneer unit leaders who were celebrating Marusya’s absence in the pioneer room ran in immediately.

Marusya ran from one room to another repeating:

- Gang-bang!

In fifteen minutes practically all the senior population of the camp including the chief cook was in the house were senior pioneers lived. The doctor, a long-legged blond beauty with blue eyes took the crying girl to her house. There were different opinions on the situation. Late at night the chief of the camp arrived and started to investigate the case.

Next day the girl’s parents and doctors from the ministry hospital came to the camp and drove her way for the medical examination. The “black inquisition” controlled the camp. All entertainments were отменены till the end of the investigation. There were lots of roomers among the озабоченных parents. Some of them took their children from the camp.

Poor Ivan Petrovich got a strict reprimand in the ministry party committee. Two pioneer unit leaders responsible for the senior pioneer unit were immediately replaced with the others. Luckily the doctors defined nothing had happened to the girl. Otherwise a suit could be initiated. Ivan Petrovich was very much upset. They started to demonstrate exclusive western films for those who came to check the life in the pioneer camp and it saved him. Maybe it was the main reason why he wasn’t fired. Anyway the friendly relations between Ivan Petrovich and Sergey grew tighter.

The roomer about the «gang-bang» among the senior pioneers aroused a нездоровый интерес in the ministry Young communist League committee. It held a broadened meeting and decided to resist the erotic and sexual trends of the decaying imperialism

The life in the camp was a nightmare. Everyone was thinking how to make off as soon as possible. A few girls couldn’t stand the total control organized by the members of the Young Communist League committee and brought health certificates verifying their grandmothers were seriously ill and need constant care. If they hadn’t handled these documents and left the camp without the permission they could easily expel from the institute. The young men who were pioneer unit leaders were not that lucky. It wasn’t possible for them to handle справку like that to the Chief Administration. They could tell you to get lost at once. One of the pioneer unit leaders broke his leg. Can you imagine the envy of those who saw the lucky man off when the Ambulance was taking him away to the hospital. The pioneers wrote pitiful letters to their parents saying they wanted to go home to their kind Mothers and Fathers. 

It was Marusya’s “sidereal” hour. She realized the importance of her mission to fight the eroticism of the decaying imperialism, so even her back straightened up. She held endless dull meetings dedicated to that matter and they finally destroyed the summer vacation mood of the innocent children.

It was very hot outside. The thermometer showed nearly 40 degrees Celsius. Everyone wanted to take the clothes off and get into cold water. But it was forbidden to take off the clothes. Or to be more precise according to the strict instruction Marusya had worked out and approved it in the Young Communist League committee of the ministry pioneer unit leaders – young men and young ladies – were supposed to wear always the appropriate pioneer uniform. The clothes were to be well cleaned and ironed. Any frivolity was forbidden. Despite the heat the girls had to wear very dense white blouses so that the body couldn’t be seen through them. Marusya watched that attentively. Any cosmetics on the faces of the pioneer unit leaders was out of the question! They were supposed to be a good example for the pioneers.

The pioneers swam also according to the instruction. Marusya organized it in such a way that girls and boys swam separately. Sports and evening dances were the most complicated issues in the fight against the imperialist eroticism. There were several physical training teachers in the camp. They were former very strong and well-built athletes former masters of sport. They intended to develop the physical abilities of the pioneers with the help of various sport games and competitions. All Marusya’s efforts to find a compromise with them were useless. The physical training teaches just told get to get lost. Marusya didn’t even try to approach the woman who was a physical training teacher in the camp. She was an honored vaster of sport in callisthenics, had a lot of orders and medals and always took part in the ceremonial events of the ministry like a symbol of the Soviet sport. Pioneers’ sport achievements were of the main importance in various reports to the ministry Young Communist League. These achievements were compared to the previous year, so Marusya was afraid that any conflict with the teachers could affect sport results. That’s why she didn’t attend the sport events if there was such a possibility. Maybe she just didn’t want to bear responsibility in case the children got injured during the competitions.

As for the evening dancing parties they were subdivided into two parts. The first was intended for the pioneers of the junior pioneer units. Everything was clear there long ago. There were definite records with children songs were played and pioneer leaders sang and danced in a ring together with the children.

There was a difficulty with the dances for senior pioneers. Their parents occupied important posts at the ministry and even in the Soviet organizations abroad. The pioneers wanted to go dancing in the clothes they were used to, but not in the pioneer uniform. That was where the social differences of the developed socialist society became obvious. The children whose parents used to go abroad were very notable for the way the dressed. They had clothes some of the grown ups couldn’t even dream of. No matter how many meetings she organized to уговорить all the pioneers to dress одинаково for the evening dances met deaf resistance, especially from the fashion-conscious girls from the senior pioneer units.

They silently sniffed at all Marusya’s weighty admonitions. Then terrible fathers of those children called Ivan Petrovich from Washington and London asking to protect their children from that tyranny, referring to the fact that all those minor matters distracting them from important state problems. Besides Marusya wanted to prohibit slow dances, so that the pioneers won’t hug each other. That led to an open conflict between Marusya and Sergey who refused to fulfill her orders concerning the music to be played in the dance pavilion.

Sergey was the member of the Communist Party by that time. He joined the party in the army and didn’t care about Marusya’s reports and denunciations to the Young Communist League committee. He was subordinate only to the chief of the pioneer camp and acted as simple as he was trained in the army: if the commander gives an order you should fulfill it, and you don’t if he doesn’t give an order. And the service continued. To their joy of he established the following rule for all the senior pioneers. The day when the dances were supposed to be organized and not later than by 4 o’clock in the afternoon the representatives from all the senior pioneer units had to come to the radio cabin and make up the whole music program for the evening together with his assistant Ivan. It consisted of the recordings available in the camp and those brought by the children. Any music could be played except thieves’ cant. It was strictly discussed with the pioneers.

Marusya was very angry because of that, so she used to run to the chief of the camp complain. The latter was reasonable enough to refuse her because the phone calls from Washington and other capitals of the world were more important than Marusya’s demands. The members of the ministry Young Communist League committee also didn’t want to interfere into that ticklish matter, and dreamt to get the job at the places where the parents of those pioneers worked. So Marusya came sometimes to the dance pavilion but immediately left it with indignation, because the girls’ young breasts could be easily seen through semi-transparent foreign clothes. That made their dancing partners hug them even tighter.

That was a temporary retreat in Marusya’s direct attack against the eroticism of the decaying imperialism. Anyway she hoped that the clear Leninist ideas would disperse the disgusting clouds of the stuck traitors.

The delivery of pure spirit to the pioneer camp played their role. The cinema mechanics of the region inspired by the wonderful prospect to receive perfect spirit that summer started to seek intensively new possibilities for the cooperation with the camp. After the intensive search it turned out that there was branch office of the State Film Fond of the USSR a in the range of the region. Some time ago it had signed an agreement with the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) that received foreign films for the demonstration in the Soviet Union. Only a few people knew about it. Mainly the staff of the ideology department of the CPSU Central Committee worked there. They watched numerous foreign films. Their main aim was to detect the new means the imperialist agents used to change the mind of the people in the socialist society, first of all in the USSR, so that it would completely decay. That could cause various revolutions in the countries, including sexual. 

That was an extremely important work of the ideology department, that’s why they didn’t grudge the expense and spent currency on foreign films, including erotic and pornographic. It was strictly prohibited to show these films to anyone except the assigned staff of the CPSU Central Committee ideology department!  But the perfectly clean spirit was higher than any ideology in the USSR! That’s why all the interested parties came to an agreement about mutually beneficial exchange. The pioneer camp “The Dawn of Communism” was given out one pornographic or erotic film prohibited for the demonstration in the USSR for a certain evening hour for one liter of spirit. Half a liter of spirit was a firm cost for all the other foreign films.

The parties agreed that the dealer wouldn’t dilute the spirit with any known chemical components and compounds. The cassettes with the precious film was to be dispatched to the pioneer camp “The Dawn of Communism” after the end of the working day in the fund depository not later than 7 p.m.. The films were to be returned back the next morning not later than 8 o’clock in the morning before the fund was open. So no one in the archive could suspect the film had left its territory. The archive technical specialists came to the camp especially to check the function of the film equipment so that it wouldn’t spoil the film invaluable for ideological party research. The repair of the film equipment and the parts replacement for the imported ones cost Sergey 15 liters of spirit more. As a result the camp film equipment corresponded to the best world standards.

After the lights-out hour there was the first closed demonstration of a film in the pioneer camp club. All physical training teachers and firemen were involved to prevent the entrance of strangers into the club. It was an erotic film «Les Valseuses» directed by Bertrand Blier starring GĂ©rard Depardieu Patrick Devaer and Jeanne Moreau. The film shocked the imagination of the checking group that was visiting the camp so much that even the abundant supper and drinks couldn’t restore their normal state. Most of the said that they had lived their life in vain and only there in the pioneer camp “The Dawn of Communism” they realized the depth of the loss. That film was officially prohibited for demonstration more than in 20 countries.

The news about the exotic film that restored a normal sexual life the exhausted staff of the ministry spread quickly among the chief administrations. Various ministry commissions from started to come to the camp, including the commission from the ministry of finance. They were very much satisfied with what they had seen and drank. The films couldn’t be shown to everybody because the запасы of spirit were limited. 

Everything changed with the arrival of a young Deputy minister Petrov Leonid Ivanovich. There were special preparations for his visit. A film “Belle De Jour” directed by Luis Buñuel, starring a genius actress Catherine Deneuve was brought to the camp. It was a film about the research of sexual passion.

Petrov was the most obvious candidate for the post of a minister after the acting minister retired or was transferred to another position, because his uncle was a relative of the general Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee.That’s why the chief of the camp prepared for Petrov’s visit so thoroughly. Early in the morning the chief cook Marina Sergeyevna  and her numerous assistants started to prepare the  торжественного lunch. One of the three guest houses in the forest near the river was well cleaned several times. Ivan Petrovich checked it and asked to change the sheets for the others from his own reserve.

Leonid Ivanovich arrived at 9 o’clock in the evening accompanied by two cars with the guards, assistants and advisers. One of the advisers was a beautiful blond wearing E size bra was dressed in the special shops that functioned during the CPSU Central Committee congresses according to the last word of the western fashion. The referents, assistants and guards quickly оцепили the club and Leonid Ivanovich together with his referent entered the club. Soon Marina Sergeyevna dressed in a snow-white cap and apron brought in a tray with snacks. Ivan Pertovich had prepared the drinks in advance.

They prepared for the demonstration of a film much better. Michael, Sergey’s assistant, translated the film right in the hall before. That time there was a special microphone in the film cabin and additional loud-speakers were installed by the perimeter of the club. Yelena, a physical training teacher was invited to translate female actresses. Yelena worked together with Michael and knew several languages. That strengthened the effect of the film on the uneducated comminist minds of the audience.

After the film Leonid Ivanovich and his pretty referent left for the guest house. Ivan Petrovich and Marina Sergeyevna were bringing hot shashlik, cucumbers, pies and snacks into the house for a long time. The referents and advisers stayed in the attendants’ houses where the logistics manager of the camp brought folding beds. In the morning Leonid Ivanovich and his staff left for Moscow.

Three days later a head of the ministry building administration came to the camp together with his  escort. He professionally estimated the condition of the guest houses, gave valuable advise to his assistant and went to Moscow.  Three days later houses made of logs came from Finland with complete interior decoration and all the necessary sanitary ware. Everybody were surprised by the enormous size of the bathtub. No one had seen anything like that before. Sergey made a hint about it to Ivan Petrovich, saying he had seen such a bathtub in one of the foreign films. Ivan Petrovich just dismissed the matter with a wave of his hand saying:

- I don’t care about films. I don’t have time to prepare for the guests’ arrival. 

The builders constructed four big tents and connected lighting and sewerage system to them. After that the head of the revision direction came from the ministry and his assistant came to the camp. He examined the automatic telephone station, the film cabin, the amplifiers and all the other electric equipment, even the small microphones, and put a visa on the minister’s Order to increase the norm of spirit consumption for the maintenance of the automatic telephone station up to 200 liters.

By the end of the work the senior assistant to Leonid Ivanovich arrived together with eight collaborators. They were accommodated in the tents.  The senior assistant took all the responsibility for the organization of the reception. Ivan Petrovich sighed with relief for he had absolutely neglected his logistic duties. 

The guests arrived for the night film demonstration only according to the list Leonid Ivanovich had approved. Sergey understood that those were not only the high-ranking people from their ministry who came to the camp. There were also the other people whom the ministry Leonid Ivanovich belonged to contacted.  Those weren’t only the government employees, as it tuned out later  … 

Sergey could see luxuriously dressed girls merrily chatting and laughing from the window of his film cabin. Sometimes famous actresses came and if one listened attentively he could hear them sing to the accompaniment of guitar in the guest houses.

Sergey’s and Michael’s life turned into a real torture. Some guests wanted to see not one film but tow or more depending on the breakdown of the sexual strength. Then there wasn’t much time left for sleep because they were very busy in the camp in the morning. So they felt very sleepy all day long. Luckily there was the assistant, Ivan. In the morning they sent him to switch on the equipment and wake up the pioneer camp. There was a possibility to take a nap for an hour before breakfast. 

Perhaps Marusya suspected what happened in the club, but she didn’t have the direct evidence.  Several times she made an attempt to penetrate into the club under various excuses, but the advisers and deputy minister assistants brought up by the stern party discipline all halted all unauthorized attempts to enter the facility when it was prohibited. She remembered how she had succeeded in the pioneers’ denunciation, so she hoped to repeat the success on the highest level!

In spite of such a complicated political situation in the camp the life there went on. Michael fell hopelessly in love with the doctor, Marina. He suffered from insomnia and wrote poems by the light of his pocket flash about his endless love to her. Sergey had advised Michael a number of times to go to Marina and speak to her. He waved his hands desperately and went into his shell. Even when Marina addressed him he started to stammer and flush, no one knows why. So Sergey had to lend a saving hand to his assistant to help him out of an awkward situation. Sergey noticed that Marina was also attracted to him. She applied to him for help so often: the microphone on the pioneer line-up malfunctioned or the tape recorder in the record was skipping.  Lather it tuned out everything was fine and Marina did something wrong herself. Marusya’s devilish intuition prompted her that the lack of attention to her from Michael’s side is due to his special attitude towards Marina. That strengthened her hostility towards the beautiful doctor and even more.

Marusya used to criticized Marina saying the number of illnesses and injures in the camp was growing thanks to the incompetence of the doctor. That was an obvious slander. Everyone knew about Marina’s high qualification. She wasn’t only a perfect specialist, but could comfort children and they forgot about their bruises and scratches quickly.

Nasty days interfered with the hot ones and it was pouring cats and dogs. The shower soon stopped and the sun started to heat again as there hadn’t been no rain at all. But the rain badly affected the electric contacts of the loud-speakers placed everywhere under the open sky.  That’s why Sergey and his assistant had to repair them constantly.

Once the chief of the camp called Sergey and said Leonid Ivanovich and honored guests was arriving that day. Maybe they would make a speech for all the pioneer camp. That’s why it was very important that all the loud-speakers and microphones on the pioneer line-up spot functioned well. It was necessary to check them once again. Sergey said it was raining hard and it was dangerous to climb the trees because one could slip and fall. But Ivan Petrovich said sharply that very important guests were coming. Leonid Ivanovich had called several times and ordered to arrange everything on the highest level or else he would skin everyone alive.

- Who is coming? – asked Sergey.

- I don’t know for sure, I think people from Georgia or something like that. Two cars with fruits for the pioneers – tangerines, oranges, lemons and peaches - have already arrived to the camp. Now we’ll be able to improve the food ration with various fruits, so the children’s parents will be glad. By the way, you know what the weather is like. Now it’s raining and soon the sun will appear from the clouds. Look, it’s so warm now. You won’t get wet if you put on your raincoats. Maybe the rain will stop when you start working.

- Ivan Petrovich, I need someone to help me. May I ask Oleg, the physical training teacher? He is a tall guy and can reach anything.

- I don’t have anything against it. The main point is everything should function well by the arrival of the guests.

They decided to put on their swimming trunks and raincoats since there was a problem with drying clothes in the pioneer camp. They put rubber boors on. Of course they looked funny but there was nothing to dry if it rained. The four of them took the ladder, isolation tape and instruments and went to look for defects in the camp loud-speakers. As soon as they went out it seemed the rain wasn’t too hard. They found the first defect very quickly and repaired it at once. They easily repaired the second and the third loud-speaker.

They couldn’t manage the loud-speaker on the pioneer line-up spot. Sometimes it functioned and sometimes it didn’t. They decided to reach it and replace for the new one. They sent Ivan to fetch a new loud-speaker, put the ladder to the tree and climbed up. The loud-speaker was rather high. Oleg who was taller than the other men climbed first, Michael and Sergey climbed after them. When they had climbed the tree it started to rain harder. The tree was slippery. Oleg screwed off the defected loud-speaker, passed it over to Michael and the latter gave it to Sergey. Sergey climbed down and put it on the ground. Ivan brought a new loud-speaker. They had to install it where the old one hung, connect the wires and then check how it functioned.

Sergey climbed up the ladder and Ivan gave him the loud-speaker. Sergey wanted to pass it over to Michael so that he gave it to Oleg, but Oleg slipped unable to keep balance, hung on his hands on a branch, fell from the tree passing Sergey and sat on Ivan’s neck. At that moment Ivan was standing under the tree with his head thrown back watching the guys hang the loudspeaker.

Sergey had explained Ivan so many times that when they worked on a tree he had to pass over an instrument and step aside immediately. They looked really funny. One man in a raincoat was hanging on a tree, the second one also dressed in a raincoat was leaning against the trunk and the third was sitting on the neck of the forth. The latter fell on the ground. Ivan was half hidden under Michael’s raincoat. Michael performed a really fantastic jump. Only the legendary heroes of the Civil war jumped like that on their horses, like the heroes of the film “Elusive Avengers”. But Ivan wasn’t a quick horse and wasn’t an expert in jumping either on a horse or on Ivan’s neck. Sergey didn’t come to his senses, when the branch Oleg hanged on crunched, and he fell down near Sergey. Luckily he landed on his feet near the standing still sculpture “Michael-Ivan”.

Physical training is very important. Oleg was taught to jump from high altitude in the air-borne troops where he had served. Oleg stood up quickly, took Michael from Ivan’s neck and threw the raincoat aside.  He had to check if Ivan hadn’t broken his neck due to such a blow. Strange as it may seem but Ivan was safe and sound. He felt just a little bit shocked after that jump and kept turning his head from side to side. It seemed it was for the first time he played the role of a horse!

Michael’s state was much worse. The pain was so hard that he couldn’t even cry. He was silently rolled on the grass with his hands tight on his masculine privacy. Sergey cried to Oleg put the ladder to the tree. Sergey climbed down and put Michael’s hands aside together with Oleg. Frankly speaking Michael’s balls were rather big, they menacingly swelled and got blue. Sergey had seen that before in the film «99 women/Martirs» directed by Jess Franko. An island prison was shown in the film where violence reigned and there were sex orgies, lesbianism and sadism. Genitals looked like that after sadists-warders worked them up on special devices.

- We have to take Michael to the first-aid post immediately, - Sergey told Oleg. – In the meantime we’ll check Ivan if nothing had shifted inside his body.

- Right, – agreed shocked Oleg. Michael came to his senses, heard what they were about to do and whispered weakly:

- Don’t do it!

- You are crazy! – Sergey sharply objected to him. – Maybe we should urgently take you to hospital.

Michael was in despair. He couldn’t imagine even in his nightmares that he would appear in front of Marina in such a condition.

- He is off his rocker because of the pain, - Oleg made a short conclusion. – Sergey, take him under the left arm and I’ll take him under the right and let’s carry him to the first-aid post. Let the doctors decide what to do. Anyway I haven’t seen anything like that before.

They covered Michael with a raincoat and with only their boots and swimming trunks on under the heavy shower потащили Michael to the medical unit situated in a separate house. Ivan followed them. Michael resisted as he could but they were dragging the young man with all their might to the place of destination. Perhaps the pain was severe so it was difficult for them to cope with their task. The young men were afraid Michael could be injured when he was falling from the tree, maybe that hadn’t noticed it. Michael scratched his hands and back, the scratches were bleeding.

They reached the medical unit and entered without a knock. Marina was alone in the room. She sat at the table writing something. She jumped up when she heard the door open and saw a group of wet men in swimming trunks. 

- What’s the matter? – she looked frightened.

Oleg pulled the raincoat away and just said without a second thought:

- Here.

- Oh God! -  cried out Marina when she saw Michael’s balls. They swelled and became blue. Michael suddenly fainted maybe because he had realized that Marina saw him in such a state or just because of the pain.

Luckily they held him tight so he didn’t fall.

- Put him on the couch, - Marina got over it ordered in a businesslike tone:

-  We have another injured man, - said Sergey.

- What are you doing over there that you get such injures? – Marina was filled with indignation.

- No, not all of us. Ivan has injured his neck! – Oleg explained her.

In a few minutes sal ammoniac brought Michael round. Marina examined Ivan and said everything was fine. Sergey was glad to hear that, he took everything that had happened so close to heart. Marina took spirit, iodine and cotton and started to process scratches on Michael’s body. He was looking helplessly at us red as a lobster. He really looked exotic red at the top and blue beneath. 

Sergey asked Ivan to call the chief of the camp because Marina said they should better urgently take Michael to the hospital. To his shame Michael’s penis rose despite the pain and evidently because of Marina’s tender touches. Marina had to examine if there were any bleeding scratches on it and bent down to him so that her lips and his penis were on the same level.

At that very moment Marusya stormed into the room. Sergey still doesn’t know how she knew they had come to the first-aid post. The scene she saw didn’t even shocked her – it caused prostration  She madly looked at all those present and was about to scream when she notices two men had nothing on except swimming trunks.

- Gang-bang! - that was the only word she could hiss.

Marusya dragged Oleg to the chief of the camp many times after once she had caught him drinking beer with a girl, a pioneer leader. So Oleg uttered:

- Yea! See how it swelled?  Join us! There’s enough for everybody, take up the line after me!

Marusya’s eyes became mad. She realized she could revenge everybody at one stroke, first of all Marina, the profligate who used such keen sexual methods to lead Michael away from her, and that homosexual, physical training teacher, and that pioneer seducer, the projectionist. That idea hit her in the head so much that she pulled her snow white blouse and tore off several buttons. She turned around abruptly and ran out of the room like a bullet. The fresh air after the rain brought her to senses and she screamed:

- Gang-bang!

Marusya ran screaming when she saw two cars driving into the camp. The Deputy minister Petrov and the guests accompanying him had arrived. 

«It’s the day of reckoning for all my spiritual sufferings. I have exposed the pernicious effect of the decaying imperialism on the staff of the pioneer camp! The Deputy minister has personally come! He will He will examine everything and punish everyone! Everyone! Everyone!» – the thought hammered out in her head.

She didn’t notice that her blouse unbuttoned. Her unapparent breasts were naked. They had never known a bra because home industry didn’t manufacture such small sizes and Marusya ignored everything Western on principle. Screaming “Gang-bang!” she dashed to the deputy minister. 

Gognadze the director of a Georgian cognac manufacturing factory heavily climbed out of the car. He was a 63 year old short extremely fat man. Two 23-year old blond beauties escorted him.  Suddenly he heard Marusya’s heartrending cries. He had seen a lot in his lifetime but he had never seen anything like that before. A very tall red haired young lady was running towards him, her hair streamed in the wind and her skinny breast just out of her unbuttoned blouse!

Enchanted by the scene Gognadze approached Petrov and said with admiration:

- Dear Leonid Ivanovich, I’ve heard much about high eroticism flourishing in your departmental pioneer camp. But I’ve never expected that they are calling for gang-bang so passionately, vigorously and informally here. It’s a real revelation for me! You’ll go too far, genatsvali! – he clapped Leonid Petrovich on the shoulder. 

In forty minutes the car with Petrov’s assistant and desperately kicking Marusya lest the camp and drove to the departmental hospital of the ministry. 

Ivan Petrovich came to the first-aid post and looking at Michael shook his head sadly. Another extreme situation in the camp!

Marina said they should urgently take Michael to the hospital.

- and what about the film! We have so important guests!! – Ivan Petrovich said hopelessly.

- What film you are talking about! We have to save a man! – Marina said angrily.

- And what will Leonid Ivanovich say?

Sergey couldn’t stand it:

- I don’t care! Do you see the guy’s condition?

- I do, I’m not blind! Can you translate? – Ivan Petrovich asked with hope.

- Well, I shall translate but I’m not a professional like Michael. What if they don’t like it? Besides I have to show the film and it will be difficult without an assistant.

- Maybe, but then you can’t expect anything good from Petrov. He’s a tough guy!

-  All right, I’ll go and report Petrov. Let him decide, –  Ivan Petrovich left the room.

Michael felt better thanks to Marina’s care and 50 grams of spirit Sergey poured from Ivan’s flask. He made an attempt to cover himself with something. Marina put his hands aside and said she had to put another medicine on the injured place.

Half an hour later Leonid Ivanovich walked with a steady pace into the first-aid post. 

He saw poor Michael, Patted his shoulder and said cheerfully:

- It may happen to anyone! I’ve fallen down from a tree so many times! And it’s OK! My mother just painted my knees with iodine and ran to play again. And there’s such a beauty taking care of you.

He looked at Marina with interest.

- Maybe I shall also fall form a tree next time so that you would take care of me like that! – he laughed.

Marina flinched at that scabrousness but kept silent.

- Will you be able to translate the film? -  Leonid Ivanovich asked Michael.

- Of course I shall! Don’t worry! -  Michael tried to get up from the couch.

- That’s fine. And the chief of the camp says you can’t translate. Who cares! It’s just a bruise! Soldiers rushed to the attack with wounds like that to fulfill a commander’s order!

- But it’s not a war now! – objected Marina.

The deputy ministers eyes became dark with anger.

- And what am I doing here? Wasting my time on trifles? I am fulfilling the state task of the greatest importance! And I shall fulfill it, let me tell you then! – he aid threateningly.

- He should be urgently taken to hospital! – said Sergey.

- And who are you to command? You are just an engineer! And I am the deputy minister! –  Petrov started to shout.

He nervously looked askance at Michael lying on the couch.

- The hell with you! Take him to hospital. It will take an ambulance 3-4 hours to reach the camp because of the queues in Moscow and the construction works on the road. It will take the same time back, maybe even longer. One thing and another till they register him in the hospital – it will take one hour more. They will take examine him only in 8-9 hours. If we send him to the local hospital they will act strictly according to the instruction and can amputate him everything in panic fearing gangrene.  Am I right? – he stared at Marina.

She realized the horror of what he had said and whispered:

- Yes.

- So here is what I suggest. Let Michael translate the film. After that I shall give him my xar with a special signal and he’ll be at the hospital in an hour. I’ll call them and the best specialists will immediately take care of him without any registration. The film lasts for 90 minutes, plus one hour for the ride, it makes two hours. Or ten hours – what’s better? Choose yourselves.

- I can manage it! – Michael pretended to be brave. – Maybe it will pass itself and it won’t be necessary to go to hospital.

- That sounds in a masculine way! You are sniveling like girls! –  Leonid Ivanovich felt happy. – Now com along, the film will start soon.  Go with them, -  the deputy minister ordered Marina. – You should massage his penis all the time so that there is no haemostasia.

It remained a mystery for all Sergey’s life why the deputy minister knew so much about such matters as the treatment of genitals after hard blows...

After the film Michael fainted. Petrov’s driver, Gregory, master of sports in rally, brought Michael to the hospital in 40 minutes. Marina went with them. Gregory said he had never gone so fast before. The State Auto Inspection cleared the road , fulfilling the high order.

Two months later Michael discharged from the hospital. He was practically healthy and spent 24 days реабилитационного курса at the departmental ministry sanatorium in the Mineral Waters. Half a year later Marina became engaged to Michael and two years later their daughter was born.

Sergey demonstrated erotic films till early morning and translated male roles. Lena, the physical training teacher helped him. The audience was satisfied because most of the people weren’t quick in the uptake due to plentiful drinks.

A week later the chief of the camp asked hi to come and said there was the head of Sergey’s department Pelipenko was calling.

He said that in Sergey’s absence he unanimously had been elected the trade union organizer of the department.

By the decision local trade union committee of the central authority Sergey was sent to Sochi to the all union conference of trade union workers. It was held from September 15th till September 30th. When he came back Petrov, the deputy minister invited him and advised to come to work as his employee.  Sergey refused because it was more interesting for him to deal with equipment and not with papers.

After the intensive treatment Marusya was transferred from the ministry Young Communist League committee and she became a manager of the ministry central dining hall. Everyone who ate there noticed the quality of meals improved essentially.

After the events described in the story Kulik Ivan Petrovich was the chief of the pioneer camp for five years and then retired.

Ivan graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs and was an ambassador in an African country.

As a result of their meeting at the pioneer camp deputy minister Petrov and the director of the cognac factory came to an agreement about mutually beneficial cooperation.

There wasn’t much time left before L.I. Brezhnev’s 70th anniversary. The elite – L.I. Brezhnev’s inner circle – intended to give him the most memorable present, so that the aged leader wouldn’t forget it and would assign them to high state posts. Brezhnev admires diamonds. They associated with czar’s grandeur. That’s why Petrov had to find illicit currency (those days it was prohibited to deal in currency freely) to purchase the best diamonds in the world «Де бирс» (ЮАР) manufactured in compliance with Dutch certificates and to decorate with them the birthday present of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. Georgia and Armenia manufactured cognac for export and possessed great amounts of unrecorded currency. Pisciculturists, manufacturers of caviar and sturgeon, also had such money.

Petrov presented a platinum cigarette case incrusted with blue De biers diamonds. A promise was given to Gognadze that the state would be loyal towards his complicated relations with criminals. 

From the beginning of the 1970-s films containing erotic scenes appeared in the Soviet cinemas. “The Crew” and “Moscow doesn’t believe in tears” were among them.

In 1979 lords of the underworld and tsekhoviks gathered in Kislovodsk. Criminal disorganized kickbacks were replaced with planned payments. Businessmen gave them 10% of their profit in exchange for the guaranteed protection from criminals. The USSR law enforcement organizations didn’t prevent the gathering.

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