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Primal Mothering In A Modern World: Chapter 7
The basic foundation of natural hygiene is that the body is always striving for health and it achieves this by continuously cleansing itself of deleterious waste material.

This explains why the best foods for both nurturing and cleansing the body are raw fruits. These high-water content, vitamin-rich, mineral-laden meals pick up where breastmilk leaves off when it comes to feeding the body's cells including those more than twenty five million brain cells that make up our specie's survival organ.

Simply put, we think and function better when partaking of such a hygienic food as breastmilk and delicious fruit. Our brains receive everything necessary to maintain this complex intelligence site that is one of the most highly developed among any species.

It is our brains that make our decisions, and a clear-headed human makes for better decision-making. A primal mother doesn't accept the advice and opinions of others but rather, she looks deeply into everything that caresses her primal intellect while questioning anything that does not resonate with her maternal soul. I love what Marilyn and Harvey Diamond say in their brilliant best-seller, Fit For Life..."It is time to take control and responsibility back from those who are arguing about who has the right answer."

According to the United States Surgeon General, of the 2.1 million Americans who die each year, 1.5 million, 68% die from diet-related disease...specifically heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Still, people prefer to believe they are hit by a disease rather than assume responsibility for their condition of ill health. Even the doctors on whom society depends cannot save themselves from the consequences of the standard American diet. As reported by Laura Kaplan Shanley in her masterpiece Unassisted Childbirth, "Physicians have an intellectual understanding of the process of digestion, yet it doesn't prevent them from having one of the highest ulcer rates of any profession." In fact, the leading prescription drug in this country is for stomach disorders, and a large percentage of our population actually needs assistance from a laxative to have a bowel movement!

Society has such an obsession with food and with using the mouth as an entertainment device there seems to be widespread denial when it comes to acknowledging any correlation between what we eat and our level of health. Our epidemic rates of eating disorders that lead to obesity, malnourishment, and every other disease you can imagine parallels the fact that our culture represents a few generations of non-breastfed people. Perhaps a lack of satiation at the breast during infancy and early childhood leaves the adult human grappling chronically and hopelessly to satisfy an oral need. This, on top of eating foods that are not only devoid of the nutritional elements found in fruit but also brimming with toxicity, creates a sick society.

Denial dies hard. Most people still prefer to believe they have been "bit by the bug" rather than accept the stronger probability that it was what they bit into that caused their health problems, exacerbated by the fact that they were not breastfed in their infancy and early childhood. Computer language calls it the GI-GO factor...garbage in, garbage out. What we eat does affect every aspect of our health.

Disease is what we feel when the body is in the process of healing itself. Healing is the process of neutralizing and eliminating accumulated toxins and repairing damaged structures and cells. And the symptoms represent our body's intelligent avenues for removing those toxins from our system.

Natural hygiene is a nutritional science that places health responsibility squarely on the shoulders of each and every adult who, in turn, becomes a role model to the children in their lives. Natural hygiene blasts away at our complacency, our personal lethargy that leads us around as if we are tethered to the latest nutritional theory discharged by the food and drug administration. Thinking for ourselves and believing in our choices is the mark of a sovereign soul. To become a "Siddhartha" in our own lives is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, and a most necessary role model of self-sufficiency for our children.

Like primal mothering, natural hygiene is not something we learn but rather, it is something we remember. The information lives inside our cells. Human beings are perfect self-healing organisms. All of the wisdom and instructions for self-healing are encoded in our genes. True knowledge is available not only to the literate; true knowledge resides within our very being.

The dismissal of social beliefs within the context of our own minds is a challenge that we must take on. This exorcism of social thought demands confidence in ourselves, a characteristic seldom developed when we have spent most of our lives listening to and believing in the messages rendered by the patriarchal likes of politicians, popes, physicians, and pharmaceutical giants. It takes perseverance to break past these barriers that have been designed to keep us at bay from our primal intellect. All the self-doubt that arises, all the criticism we face, it's enough to make any truth-seeker frustrated and in jeopardy of giving up.

When we avoid the cleansing benefits of breastfeeding and a natural diet, and instead feed our children mostly cooked and processed food they tend to suffer from such maladies as colic, ear infections, asthma, congestion, dental caries, tonsilitis, and other childhood complications. Those youngsters who do manage to get past childhood without bothersome illnesses may be met later in life with the more chronic levels of toxicosis that result in cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc.

In the case of illness (toxicosis, to be exact), removing toxins from our system is an easy process that includes a combination of high fruit intake, occasional fasting, and exercise. As a nursing mother, I adopt an occasional fast that involves the use of watermelon juice rather than just water because I need to maintain my milk supply and my physical energy. Detoxification symptoms often include physical exhaustion, coated tongue, foul breath, body odor, fever, elimination of mucus, loose stools, vomiting, and aching muscles. Since my milk supply reflects the busy elimination process going on in my own body, my breastfed babies may experience detoxification symptoms right along with me. That's OK. I'd rather share the discomfort of detoxification now than play resident host to future disease for both me and my children.

Children detoxify beautifully on fruit juices. You've noticed how children lose their appetite when they feel sick. Sips of water or juice are their only request. That's because they are adhering to their primal urge to fast; they are listening to their cellular knowledge, in modern terms referred to as natural hygiene.

While doing my doctoral internship at a fasting retreat in Texas, I observed the natural course of detoxification in the cases of several children who were under my care. Rather than encourage a water fast I simply offered them as much juicy fruit (oranges, grapes, watermelon) as they wanted - and no other foods. Within a few days of eating fruit and playing hard, their little bodies began to harness energy for cleansing that had, before they arrived, been used for the digestion of cooked starches, animal products, and processed foods. They lost all interest in eating, slept most of the day and all through the night, and exhibited such detoxification symptoms as fever, nausea, runny nose, diarrhea, and vomiting. After a few days of this intense elimination they slowly showed interest in sips of freshly-squeezed orange juice and, before long, they were back outside jumping and hollering and hanging from tree limbs calling out for bananas. Their innate
intelligence had allowed nature to run her course.

Nature has a health plan for women that in no way reflects the present assault on our mothering organs. Breast cancer and pelvic problems have become an epidemic for the modern female. Because the body intelligently stores toxins in those organs least likely to cause immediate death (as opposed to the heart or brain, for instance), breasts and sexual organs are generally utilized for the temporary storage of toxins.

When we ovulate each month and no pregnancy ensues, the uterus then sloughs off the endometrial lining. The degree of bleeding during this sloughing off period is directly proportional to the accumulation of toxins in this bodily region. It is no secret that vegetarian women bleed less during menses than those who eat animal products, while physically active fruitarian women bleed little or not at all.

When we use our breasts for their biological function our breasts are not stagnant and therefore toxins don't get an opportunity to build up. This fact is clearly indicated by studies showing breast cancer to be nearly non-existent among women who breastfeed for two years or more. The longer they nurse, the lower the incidence of breast cancer. A case in point...

Thirty years ago my mother who bottlefed her children wore bandages on her surgically removed once-breast area of her chest to catch the oozing toxins, while today I am breastfeeding and wearing folded-up bandanas to soak up the over-flowing milk supply of one breast while nursing with the other breast. My mother died from toxicosis (breast cancer) at the age of thirty-six. I am enjoying superb health at the age of forty-four...thanks to fruitariansm and over a decade of breastfeeding my young.

We DO have control over our family's health. Diseases don't strike us, they grow inside of us in direct proportion to the types of foods we eat, the emotions we choose to nurture, the amount of exercise we get, the stress levels we experience, the relationships we attract, and the belief systems we embrace. Every day new designer drugs, and interventive medical procedures accompanied by - you guessed it - more new designer drugs arrive on the medical scene to further whisk our symptoms under the rug, side-stepping the true issue...the source of our malady.

Drugs interfere with the body; that's why they have side effects. Vaccinations are a perfect example of this brutal reality. For hours and even days after our babies have been stabbed by a stranger in white, our babies exhibit severe symptoms of detoxification, especially fever and vomiting. The intelligence of their little bodies is trying desperately to remove the foreign and dangerous intruder.

When my first-born Sarah Lee was just two months old, I obediently brought her in for the beginning of her youthful round of immunizations. The moment the intrusive needle went into her leg and a tremendous scream left her lungs I knew that this was wrong. Prior to that moment I claimed ignorance and I certainly didn't know I had a choice in the matter. I grabbed her away from the nurse and ran out the door. This horrible experience sent me reeling into research and I soon learned that the vaccination movement is a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical gold-mine.

By now you must be getting the message that the owners of this lucrative and ludicrous pharmaceutical empire are in all reality the pimps who keep their prostitute physicians filling out those prescription pads and telling mothers what horrible nightmares might happen if they don't follow doctor's orders.

They don't mention the fact that cancer rates among children have skyrocketed since vaccinations have come on the scene, nor do they share the true nightmares that have taken place in the lives of many children just days after receiving a vaccination.

I knew a mother who continued taking her child to receive his vaccinations despite the fact that her intuition was screaming NO!!! She now has a severely brain-damaged son. His body worked so hard to rid itself of the toxic ingredients of that shot that the fever ended up frying his brain. Now, at eight years of age he endures countless grand-mal seizures on a daily basis, cannot speak, cannot control his bladder or bowels, and must be fed because he doesn't have the capacity to hold a spoon.

She's not the only mother who has cried out in despair at the damage done to her vaccinated child...

Richelle, after receiving shots at six months old went into shock-like behavior within ten hours of injection followed by a grand mal seizure with severe diarrhea and respiratory arrest. She is now severely mentally and physically handicapped.

Mark, after receiving shots at four months old began projectile vomiting, staring, and behavior changes within 12 hours of injection. He died within 26 hours.

Sean, after receiving shots at 8 months old began having reactions within 3 hours; swelling at the site of the injection, high-pitched screaming, projectile vomiting, diarrhea, and behavior change. He now has a learning disability with severe motor damage.

Christopher, after receiving shots at two months of age began reacting within 2 hours, starting with high-pitched screaming. After short periods of sleep, interrupted by high-pitched screaming, he died 21 hours from the moment he was injected.

Anna, after receiving shots at 15 months of age, was limping within two days. Over the next two weeks she stopped walking, developed unusual cold symptoms, a 102 degree fever, and was irritable, wanting to be held constantly. Over the next six weeks. she became totally paralyzed. At eight years of age, Anna cannot walk independently, remains paralyzed in her lower body, and has processing delays.

Ashley, after receiving shots at 18 months old, began reacting within 72 hours with a 103 degree fever and lethargy. She was hospitalized with kidney failure and encephalitis. She is now severely mentally and physically handicapped.

Kimberlie, after receiving shots at 2 months of age began reacting within 3 hours with a 103 degree fever, high-pitched screaming, and convulsions. She died of cardiac arrest shortly thereafter.

Joshua, after receiving shots at 6 months old began reacting within 6 hours with high-pitched screaming, did not want to be held, a 101 degree fever followed by a one hour grand mal seizure. Today he lives with moderate to severely mental retardation and severe language delay.

We have been conditioned to vaccinate our children and, at intervals, are informed by the public health department of yet another "necessary" vaccine for our little ones. Like obedient robots, most mothers show up just when their children turn the age that the pimp (pharmaceutical industry) told the prostitute (physician) to dictate a mother's participation.

Don't let the disguise of professionalism fool you. And don't let their statistics persuade you into thinking your child is better off being immunized, regardless the risks. When sad stories like those above happen to YOUR child, the risks are 100%!

When I get letters like the one below, I am scared for the children who depend solely on a mother who is not in her primal power...

"Do you think I need to know a lot about the vaccines and the dangers, etc? I know vaccines are bad in my heart, but what to say to someone who thinks they stop death, doesn't that say something, or are they just dying of cancer instead? How sad, if this is so! But, would just as many have died of these diseases is the question. I need to take my baby back for her next shots in less than two months."

If our hearts say NO, that's good enough. Mother hearts don't lie. They only cringe when not listened to; and everyone suffers as a result.

While on the subject of women acting like robots, circumcision is still raking in the dough while raping our sons of their foreskin. And don't think that the only money to be made is in the barbaric procedure itself. The sale of foreskins for the purpose of skin graphs is a multi-million dollar business!

One day a woman called me to vent her anger. After much argument with her husband, she finally gave up in the defending of her newborn son. She sat in the waiting room and cried the whole time her son was in the other room, strapped down and screaming while some stranger took a knife to his penis. When I asked her why she allowed this nightmare to occur she immediately came to the defense of her husband saying, "What could I do? It's HIS child, too."

I'm here to defend men in their right to be whole, and I don't want to hear any religious doctrine that blesses such a barbaric act. We must tackle ourselves where we least want to look - into our views about religion and how we are literally shackled to the past and to the rules which continue to be played out from one generation to the next. My dear Jewish friend Lauera Kaplan Shanley, author of Unassisted Childbirth, has something important to say on this subject:

"I am so offended by circumcision that it is difficult for me to even write about it. On any given day thousands of men will meet in support groups to vent their anger over having been circumcised without a choice in the matter. Over one third of the active members of the anti-circumcision movement are Jewish. On any given day at least one hundred routine infant circumcisions will result in complications, irreversible surgical trauma, penile loss or even death. I have no problem with Jews circumcising their own as long as the 'circumcisee' is a consenting adult. A week old infant is not a consenting adult. Religious freedom is not about inflicting your beliefs on others, regardless of whether or not the other is your child. Children grow up to be adults, and many, many Jewish men are angry that they were circumcised in the name of religion.

For those who say a Jewish circumcision is more humane because the child is held by loved ones and given wine to drink, Jody McLaughlin who is the editor/publisher of Compleat Mother magazine replies,

"Are you telling me that it is more humane to be hurt in the presence of those who supposedly love and care about you? Are you saying that it is more humane if a child's first sexual experience involving another human being is associated with blood, pain, and alcohol?"

As shocking as it may be to our western minds, little girls in other societies are routinely forced into a different form of circumcision - female clitorectomies. While the western world is condoning male circumcision with the excuse of cleanliness, other cultures are cutting out the clitoris of each and every young girl, assuring death to the power of female sexual pleasure. I am eternally grateful to organizations such as The Intact Network who work to save infants and children from the pain, torture, and destruction of genital mutilation. We need to stop the horror of sexual mutilation wherever it occurs on our planet.

It seems only fitting that we should next touch on the subject of sexuality. One aspect of the anger that is addressed in support groups comprised of circumcised men is sexual sensitivity. Their non-circumcised counterparts are enjoying a level of sexual pleasure unknown to victims of the knife.

The foreskin acts as both lubricant and masseuse during intercourse, creating a highly stimulating sensation. As a mother, I can attest to this difference between circumcised and non-circumcised males because my three-year-old intact son absolutely loves pulling and stretching his foreskin, a gleeful pride in his eyes and a smile on his face. I don't see this self-nurturing behavior in the lives of toddler victims of circumcision.

Circumcision is a primal wound that changes the course of a life. This crime, together with denial of the breast and separate sleeping quarters defines the initial sexual experience for a huge percentage of our society's population. Pornography is that party called together; the walking wounded who, addicted to eagle-spread models in magazines search out the womb where everything was once just fine; the walking wounded who, starved of the sweet warmth of a mother's breast stare dreamily at the sight of cleavage; the walking wounded who, frustrated at their inability to know intimacy have sex with strangers who will only do it for pay; the walking wounded who, angry and anxious for the hatred they feel rape and kill women and children.

Never underestimate the deep scars of sexual dysfunction. Indeed, these wounds have changed the course of many lives. And it is the purpose of this book to begin licking those wounds that they may heal, lighting the way for a new direction and a humane new world.

True intimacy allows us to be ourselves completely: the screaming infant who demands to be held, the nursing babe whose eyes melt dreamily into his mother's soul, the defiant toddler who angrily defends her perception of life. If we can't be ourselves on all other fronts, how can we suddenly awaken to teaching a lover what we sexually need?

It only makes sense that the more physically fit we are, the more we can enjoy our sexuality. My sexual nature is greatly animated when I am feeling good about my body. When I like what I see about myself, it is easier for me to recognize the attraction my partner is feeling towards me. Fitness comes from the combination of diet and physical activity. While fruitarianism offers us reprieve from unwanted weight-gain, physical activity guarantees the sculpting of our natural beauty.

Physical activity is cumulative. Every task we perform and every movement we make can have a beneficial effect on our overall health. Given the typically busy life of a mother, it is vital we incorporate physical activity so our personal needs are met in the context of daily life.

Throughout my first pregnancy I swam and jogged daily. When Sarah Lee was born I brought her into the pool and by one week of age she was resting on my upper back, clinging to my hair while I swam laps. When I jogged, she slept blissfully in the baby sling. Becoming a mother to three posed a new challenge for my exercise regime. I invested in both a jogging stroller and a child bike-cart. With baby Matthew in the back-pack, toddler Jasmine in the jogging stroller, and big sister Sarah Lee sporting her pink roller skates, I ran several miles each day. Since I elected not to own a car in the first year of being a mother to three I relied heavily on my bike and child bike-cart. All three of my children fit comfortably in the front of the cart, and I had space enough in the back to accommodate children's books from the library, produce from the health food store, or whatever else we needed to bring on home.

I love sharing my fitness program with my children. When we're not riding bikes or jogging together, then it's dancing and gymnastics. Every night we practice our hand-stands, stretch out, do yoga, and dance to our favorite tunes. As babies, all of my children have especially loved for me to dance while they were snugly tucked into their Cozy Cradle baby sling.

At night, when my children are asleep I top off my day with a session of dancing, jogging on my bouncer, and a few yoga stretches. This nocturnal ritual in self-nurturing is my way of saying good-night to another beautiful day of loving myself, raising my children, and fulfilling my responsibility as a woman who cares deeply about the fate of humanity.
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