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I Am Woman & Seventh Generation Mothering
Chapter Ten
I AM WOMAN...Hear Me Roar

"Females have just as much intellect as males, but their tendency is toward predominance of the intelligence of the heart, which works for the well-being and continuity of the species. It's a deep and kind of unknown, almost mysterious thing, which worries males."
Joseph Chilton Pearce

We can comb through the history books in search of the roots to female oppression, but precious time would slip by. And this world cannot afford to lose any more time. The bigger picture will present itself as we go along. For now, our job is to take a look at where we are and do something about getting to where we need to be.

We must stop perpetuating submissive females and oppressive males. Instead of whining about the plight of our planet, we need to engage our feminine power and enact change, beginning with our own family systems. To whine is to side with powerlessness, to roar is to live from our primal core.

We can't save the world until we have first saved the very soldiers needed to save the world - women. To bring the feminine touch back to humanity is to bring humanity back to itself. It takes a lot of courage to heal from submissiveness. It takes developing a belief in ourselves after generations of genetic encoding that we are the inferior gender, incapable of making valuable decisions. Keep in mind, it wasn't that many years ago when women were not allowed to vote!

How interesting that the word "coddle" means to cook in water just below the boiling point. When we coddle the men in our lives, when we silently go along with things that our heart is dead-against, we are creating relationships that live just below the boiling point. Simmering turns to resentment and the next thing we know, we are angry over the littlest things. Many failed relationships have women admitting that they finally reached their boiling point and men saying, "I don't know what happened!"

What happened is we didn't stand up for how we really felt. We allowed ourselves to be lost in the confusion of agreeing for the sake of avoiding confrontation. How can we step out of this submissive behavior? One step at a time, remembering that the first step is always the hardest to take; it's the leap of faith. Faith that we can make our lives better by virtue of listening to our hearts.

The first step is to ascertain a level of safety in our home. If self-assertion will be met with phsyical violence, then we may need to vote with our feet and walk away. I walked away on the night of my four-year wedding anniversary. My then husband decided to turn his nose up at my special vegetarian dinner, leave our baby girl crying after him, and drive off with his drinking buddies for a game of basketball and a night of partying. After nursing Sarah Lee to sleep, I sat looking out at the late-night sky, knowing this anniversary would end in the violence which always accompanied his drinking bouts. I meditated deeply on my situation, then came to the conclusion that I had no intention of enduring another miserable wedding anniversary. At midnight, I packed my most valuable possessions, wrapped sleeping Sarah Lee in a blanket and placed her in the car-seat, then drove away from my marriage. My life could not truly begin until the nightmare had
ended. My leap of faith that life could be better, if I only was willing to take the plunge, taught me that a woman and children are better off in a car contemplating their next step than in a home where fear runs the show.

Bringing our womanhood to the surface requires a dedication to the cause. The world cannot heal without our complete womanhood. And our children cannot be fully protected without the activated primal mother who lives inside our complete womanhood. When we make this dedication to the cause of becoming complete in our womanhood we are sometimes required to make decisions contrary to emotional or financial convenience. Divorce is a reality that many women face. I never thought it would be a part of my reality, but then, I never realized the depth of responsibility which comes with raising children whose primal needs are being met at every turn. I had no idea all this mothering energy had previously been used to please a man. Now the time had come for this man to be exactly that...a man, and not another child who competed for my maternal energy.

How do we begin this process of transferring our energies back onto our children? By first becoming presumptuous. Let's presume we are right about what our mothering hearts are telling us. Let's presume men have the strength to survive being challenged. Let's presume only good can come from practicing primal mothering and living up to our total womanhood.

Next, let's get arrogant. According to Webster's dictionary, arrogance is self-importance. Let's develop so much self-importance we can finally see how important we are to the salvation of humanity.

Tonight, thousands upon thousands of our sisters are going to look into the dying eyes of their starving children. It doesn't matter why. It only matters that it is happening. It's time to change the channel on male-dominated policical games and start solving serious roblems. It's time to start saving women and children.

We need to continually express the compassionate, human side of ourselves. We must develop the power to stop being small and selfish and make a difference in the world around us. By small I mean we must stop acting small in the face of such a large problem which humanity faces; by selfish I mean we must think beyond the comfort zone of not rocking the boat inside our own homes.

Global change begins at home. When we stand up for the rights of our own children we are throwing a pebble into a mighty sea where latent womanhood sleeps lightly, ready to wake up when enough sisters have said, "I care."

Dare to care. Our point of power is NOW!

Chapter Eleven

"When I look into the future, it's so bright it burns my eyes."
Oprah Winfrey

An attitude of doom and gloom does not light the fire in our hearts. Yes, we've strayed considerably from our human roots. No, we have not strayed too far. Were that the case, dedicated primal mothers - warriors for this wayward world - would not be bubbling up through the layers of social dysfunction.

To have a vision for humanity is to have an undying faith in our ability to correct, knowing that our corrections will be pebbles rippling out and reaching far into the future.

Sports teams are such a fine example of last minute corrections and the powerful consequences that can follow. Many important games have been won by teams who were behind just minutes before the whistle blew. Having chosen an attitude of faith and fortitude, these team members re-grouped and came back stronger than ever. As primal mothers, that's what we need to do.

AS yourself this question: If you had just five minutes to whisper into the consciousness of humanity the most important "play" for winning re-entry to Paradise, what words of wisdom would stream from your heart?

I love this question. It draws out a strength and compassion i me that is magnanimous. The entirelty of this book represents my answer to humanity's homecoming. But if I were in the huddle and had only five minutes to encourage my team, this is the play I am calling out:

Begin at once to simplify your life in such a way that mother/child togetherness is the cornerstone. Remove yourself from all submissive behavior, including that which involves your lover, your relatives, the medical industry, the food and drug administration, compulsory education, and organized religion. Wrap your arms around your blossoming pregnant belly, your newborn, your toddlers, your young children, your growing adolescents, and your grandchildren...reminding them daily that nothing compares to the joy of raising them into their own spiritual sovereignty. At night, while they sleep in this bosom of maternal security, wrap your arms around yourself - dear woman - and breathe in the fragrance of your own sacredness. Know who you are and live that truth with every fiber of your being.

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