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Born in Windclan, brought up in Shadowclan and trained in Thunderclan.
Blackstar looked up from the body of the Windclan cat he had just killed. The blood was still pounding in his ears as he surveyed the battlefield. Not a single Windclan cat had survived. It disturbed him for just a moment. Once before, Shadowclan had driven Windclan from their territory, but what he had just done was much worse. His patrol had killed every single cat in Windclan. From it's leader to it's deputy to it's seignior warriors to it's elders to it's queens to even it's kits. He heard a tiny mew from behind him. He turned to see a very young kit cowering in the grass in front of him. "What is your name?" he asked. "S-Scarkit" She replied. Obviously the kit expected to be killed on the spot. But Blackstar still felt horrible for the slaughter of Windclan. He picked up the kit in his mouth and carried her back to the Shadowclan nursery. Inside he saw Witheredflower feeding Wildkit." Please," he said " could you care for one more?" the queen sniffed and exclaimed" a Windclan kit!" "Yes, she is Windclan, but we owe at least this little kit protection. We killed the whole of Windclan. Let us at least be kind to this tiny kit." Witheredflower nuzzled Wildkit out of the way as Blackstar set Scarkit down. Wildkit was looking at her with a curious gaze."Who is she?" asked the little tom. " She is you're new denmate now." mewed Witheredflower gently. So, Scarkit grew up in Shadowclan and became much like them. Three months passed and she and Wildkit became close friends. Then one day, as Scarkit went outside to get a piece of fresh-kill, she noticed a strange animal at the edge of the camp. She went to investigate. It was a badger. She screeched and bolted away. The badger was right on her trail. She ran through Shadowclan territory for many fox-lengths until she didn't know where she was anymore. She had lost the badger though. As she wondered she eventually crossed the border into Thunderclan territory. There she ran into the deputy, Goldenheart. He looked at the little kit and asked " what is your name?" In Scarkit's mind she was brought back to that windy day when Blackstar had asked her those exact words. "Scarkit" she said. "well then, you should come with me. And that is how she became a Thunderclan cat. She spent the rest of her kithood in Thunderclan and became Scarpaw. Then, at her first Gathering she was going towards her mentor Shateredstone when she walked right into a gray striped tom. It took her a few secounds to recognize Wildpaw. "Scarpaw?" asked Wildpaw. "Wildpaw!" she exclaimed. They spoke for a few moments but it was difficult to get a proper conversation going so she left. She saw him at many more Gatherings and spoke often. They were good friends. Then after her warrior ceremony she met him at the Gathering and bragged about her new title. Scarheart. He was great. He congratulated her and always called her by her warrior name. He showed not a hint of resentment that many other cats would have felt since he started his training before her. Then next full moon, at the Gathering, Scarheart ran into Wildpaw. He had been looking for her. He had become a warrior. "good for you" was all she had to say. He felt crushed by her dismissive statement. He had been waiting his whole life for this. Wildclaw never much spoke with her again. He tried to, but she always wanted to be somewhere else. After four moons of being a warrior he was on a solo patrol and discovered Scarheart leading some other young warrior into an invasion into Shadowclan. He fought the entire patrol in his rage, scaring of all of them but Scarheart, who he pinned to the ground. "You are a traitor." he hissed in her ear." I would let you go if you had been ordered into this by you're leader, but choosing this yourself... he could not finish his phrase. " you are just a rotten Shadowclan cat, you deserve to be killed." In his rage Wildclaw bit deep into her throat and finished her life. But he had sustained many woulds in his battle with the Thunderclan cats. He dragged himself back to the Shadowclan camp and died. So is the story of Scarheart's betrayal.   

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