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This is a story about fire and how it affected a small community in 1985

I've reviewed my own piece identified here: 
Enjoy the drama, mystery and suspense with a slight twist.
#1531782 by Maria Mize
  ---- a self-analysis including opinions, comments and interpretation to strengthen and encourage myself.

*Bullet*Point of View (Who is the story teller?):

The story is told intermittently from two points of view:  Sergeant Pierce and Chris (one of the troubled juveniles)

*Bullet*Time and Place:

Early part of the summer 1985 in Greenfield, a city skirted by rural areas in Southwestern Ohio.

*Bullet*Situation or Circumstance:

Fires are being set sporadically and law enforcement, etc., is trying to catch the culprits and put a stop to the fires.

*Bullet*General Plot (chain of events):

This story starts with a flash back --- the end of the story is told first, and then it starts from the beginning and progresses from there to the conclusion.

*Bullet*Exposition (background information):

We know this is a normally quiet town, its summertime, three youths are missing.

*Bullet*Protagonist (main character):

I would say there are two Protagonists --- main characters --- Sergeant Pierce and Chris.

*Bullet*Other Important Characters:

Kenny and Joe; the single mother and her children, the public servants---including P.D., County Sheriff and canine unit, Fire Department, arson squad

*Bullet*Incentive Moment:

When the boys realize they're in trouble and death may be the only resolution.


Law enforcement tracking the missing youth/juveniles; the fact of whether or not the two burned children would survive; the loss of the family dog; forgiveness -- accepting and embracing it.


There are several complications as at first there aren't a lot of witnesses and law enforcement feels they're working blindfolded.  How the juveniles will be dealt with once caught/stopped.

*Bullet*Title (appropriate/inappropriate):

I felt it was appropriate.  I was hoping it was a grab your attention title that might encourage a deeper look.


When Channel 10 does a refresher story some 10 years later after interviewing both the juveniles and their victims, and Chris tells us of the endeavors of he and his two friends to stay involved in the community while continuing to make restitution for what they've done.

*Bullet*Theme (controlling idea or central insight, the purpose of the story):

Fires are being set, causing destruction of property and injury.  The firestarters must be caught and the terror ended.

*Bullet*Areas to be reviewed for improvement:

Point of View --- I've been told I switch around too much.  The plot --- some have said the chain of events isn't clear and, in fact, loses the reader in some places.

*Bullet*My favorite part:

The first paragraph is my favorite part:  It really sets the stage.

*Bullet*My overall thoughts in a nutshell:

I've enjoyed writing and reviewing this, but am somewhat discouraged over some of the comments received from others.  I'm not sure we all have to fit into a "box."  Maybe there is room for a little more flexibility --- I hope, for my sake.

If anything I've said is not helpful, I will think it over.  Disregard it, if necessary, because I am the author and these are merely my personal thoughts/comments. 

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