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by Jordan
Rated: E · Short Story · Men's · #1538369
A story about the relationship between a husband and wife.
He stood at the window with his forehead pressed against the cool glass. His eyes followed carefree children laughing and playing as snowflakes slowly coated the ground. One would think he would be calmed by the serene view, but his mind was restless. He could not help but ask himself, “What did I do wrong?” The same words said by his wife yesterday replayed in his head, “John, I cannot stand you. I’m gone for the last time.” He always loved her with all he had. John worked day and night, always followed her requests, and gave up his interests for hers. She constantly complained about him not having enough money to support her in the luxurious life she wanted to live. She left at least once a month and the same routine always followed. He would leave the door open for her to silently return the next day. At that moment, he realized something he had never before. Stepping aside from the windowpane, he strolled to the door. He felt a surge of pride as he slammed the door and snatched the lock into place. He quietly pledged, “I am doing this for me.”
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