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"... man is a child of God—a God in embryo." (Marion G. Romney)
He digs,
scoops moist, sandy holes to hold the sea,
tunnels through snow mounds hollowed
into eggshell caverns.

He molds,
rolls clay solar systems in his hands,
shapes mud-colored bars
into sinuous snakes.

He builds,
stacks precarious towers of wooden blocks,
snaps slick plastic bricks
into stepped pyramids and treacherous spans.

He surveys,
stands over still life laid out in pithy detail,
views chaos harnessed and trained
into organized disorder.

He smiles,
turns quick eyes up to mine,
Is it good? he asks.
Very good, I say.

He nods,
bears kisses with dignity,
gathers himself for prayers, tucked covers,
and dreams of another day.

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