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Poem about being a christian, not of this world
                                                                Who are you?/Who I am
                                                          Written by: Sherelle J. Kirkling
                                                Writing based on the song : “Mirror” by Barlow Girl

            Who are you…you telling everyone what they need, dictating the rules of life and living.. Well I’v  got news for you…you 
                                                              wont tell me anything…. anymore.
        For years, you lead me down a path, of treachery and lies. Telling me to keep-up with others who are lost and confused. Who
                                dont know you, had no clue of me, and were still looking for themselves.
                                                            So I once again ask, who are you?
                Sorry you don’t own me, who are you to tell me, I am less than what I should be, I mean what is that, What is it that you
                          think I should be, and what makes you think that I care, of what you think you think I should be?
                                I don’t need to listen to your list of things that I should be,… Who are you?
                                                                          Who are you?
                                                                  Do you give and take life?
                                                                      So, Who are you?
                                                  I take my accounts from a higher power,
                                                        A power, that gives and takes life,
                                                      A power that gives love, and not fear.
                        A power, that feeds off of acceptance of everyone, and I don’t have to “look” a certain way.
I have a god, who says I am beautiful the way I am, and I don’t need expensive cloths, a million dollar job, or some super condo in the
                                                              hills, to know that I am loved….
                                                    I am a  BELOVED…..a child of the most high God!
                                                                    So WHO ARE YOU!

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