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The beauty is the beast.
The beauty is the beast.

The ocean rolls in, then out:
a roar and a splash, the waves crash
then gently disperse and retreat.

Rushing rivers incite adrenaline.
Whitewater rafters unite in rhythm ---
keen to the chorus of rapids. 

Creeks flow softly over cobblestones
trickling down a path of destiny,
calming our soul with melody.

Then with swift madness, depravity
ocean storms plot a course to erase us ---
lost is purity, beauty, serenity.

Raging rivers flood basin boundaries,
imperious rains halting discourse,
liberties taken by precious resource.

Fast and furious, swollen creeks rise,
blocking roads, stopping traffic,
forcing us to seek alternate passage.

Both majestic and ferocious ---
soothing tranquility or diminished stability ---
we've cause to refrain, pause, be still.


Written for
The Elementalist Contest  (ASR)
Come and test your wits against the elements. Sorry/Closed for Revamp! Come back in July!
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