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The story of Askarat, A boy with strang powers. Check back every day for more chapters.


The Companions

The night was quiet and calm. The moon was full and made his glistening pure white hair sparkle along with his dimmed blood red eyes. He was one of the many, as humans called them, "outsiders", or groups of people who were offsprings of those mutated by the nuclear experiments in the war of 2091. The experiments mutated the cells of the beings, giving them powers, powers of unbelievable capability. The fact that these "outsiders" had these incredible powers, made them think differenty about how they should be dealt, which made the humans split into three different continents of different opinions. The Syans, those who believed that the powers of these outsiders should be embaced, The Gizorans, those who believed that they should be destroyed before they realized they could conquore this world, and The Depscions, whom believed that they should find away to infect the entire world with these powers. The opinions of these nations made war, they were always fighting.

The Outsiders on the otherhand, were only mainly at war with themselves and the Gizorans. They wanted dominance over the other types of Outsiders. They were devided into several groups, which were devided into several smaller sub-sections.There was the Sky Lords, Which consisted of the Hawk, Crow, Falcon and Condor tribes. The Kings of Earth, The Lions, Leopard, Tiger and Panther Tribes. The Gods of the Elements, Whom were all of the Dragon Tribe but of different elements such as fire wind lightening water earth darkness and light, Who were also all extinct except for one, and The Mages, who, like the Dragon Tribe were the same except for element, but could take on no animal form. The Mages despised the stupid animals and were consantly starting wars which lead to the animals starting wars, which lead to the extinction of the dragons. Or so they thought...

"Pathetic humans", young Askarat said softly to himself, sitting on the tower of an old abondond fortress in the middle of a forest," always fighting to no end...". Askarat was the last survivor of the Dragon Tribe. He was of the fire dragons, proven by his white hair and red eyes."Will the world ever be at peace with itself?", he thought drifting into sleep in the serene of the forest. He had almost gotten to sleep peacfully for the first time in months when he heard stomping and swords clattering."Damn humans!", he yelled angrily," why here?! why now?!". He looked down on them from the tower he was resting in to see it was a small platoon of Syan military soldiers, most likely going to attack the small Gorizan village not far the way they were traveling. Amongst them was a very young looking girl, who just so happened to notice Akarat. She left her platoon and before he had any time to prepare for her she wasn' more than ten feet away from him. "GAH!"' Askarat yelled frightened by her sudden apearance, "what do you want?", he said getting up. She held out her hand,"My name is Inua, are you an outsider? You look like one of the dragons! I thought they were all extinct? Are you just some weird emo boy? Do you wanna be friends? Whats your name? Do you like my hair?". He was startled by how many questions she had,"Yes, i am of the dragons, i am Askarat Ragora of the fire dragons, last of my kind. And sure, your hair is just fine." he said strongly, but couldnt help stare at her long, blue hair." I knew it!", she said startling him,"Your a traveler then correct? I need to get away from them! they're so dull and boring! may i PLEEEEEASE travel with you?". As much as you would of loved to say no to her, you realized she was never going to leave you alone untill you accepted, and besides, you could use a traveling partner, even one as talkative and somewhat obnoxious as this one.


Mhugul and the Knight of Gizora

The night before was rough for Askarat, as his new companion didn't shut her mouth until, or so he thought, she talked herself to sleep. The two started on a road to Jeolix, a town of mercenaries who really couldn't care less whether the outsiders were around our not as long as they got their pay. The road was long and surprisingly Inua hadn't been so talkative. "What's wrong with you?", Askarat asked," Usually i can't get you to shut the hell up...". She coughed and replied," nothing... i'm just not feeling to well..." "we'll get you some medicine in Jeolix, okay?", Askarat said concerned. She nodded and they continued their walk. It seemed much longer than it was as there was no noise except the birds tweeting and their feet clapping against the dirt road, when they got their they got their supplies and started heading out when a brawl in the plaza caught their attention. " Get off the ground you pathetic outsider!", said a man in green. he had huge muscles and an even huger axe. On the ground was a silver haired outsider, very cut up and bleeding, very likely a member of the earth kings. He stood up and shifted into his animal form, a tiger with long, sharp, saber-like fangs. He jumped growling at the man and after an intense battle, the axeman, sure as hell, lay there dead. The beast reverted to its human form and walked a few steps before crashing to the ground. Not but a minute passed before the cold hearted brutes had left the finnished battle, not a one offering to help the collapsed man or the dead brawler. Askarat grabbed the man and hung him over his shoulder, for having nearly no visable muscles, Askarat was strong, very strong. He and Inua walked back with him, as Inua began helping him by bandaging his wounds, Askarat left for reasons he wouldn't say, Inua wished to come but couldn't s she had to stay with the man.

"Ugh...", the man said awakening,"where am i?". Inua, startled at his voice, squeeled and turned around." Sorry", the man said'"didn't mean to startle you". He had a deep strong voice that sounded like that of a king."Umm... I'm Inua", she said scared'"this is my small... erm... "home" as one could say... Me and my friend found you after a brawl on the ground and brought you here, may i ask your name? oh and by the way, do YOU like my hair?". he, confunsed, responded with,"I am Mhugul, I am of the Kings of the Earth. And uhh i guess sure your hair is just fine...", They talked getting to know each other...


"Damn...", said Askarat, bleeding intensly from the left arm and staring at the large man encased deep gold armor so that you couldnt see his face."Now do you see the power of Gizora? Foolish young dragon child, now i must end you!", he said rushing towards Askarat with his large blade. Askarat held up his razor sharp katana, barely blocking the blow. They swung at each other for a good fourty five minutes before it happened. Askaraot twitched his arm, and red scales began to consume his arms legs and some of his face, he was in Dragonkin form, or a half powered version of the full thing. He said some odd chants and his hand, which held razor like claws, lit ablaze. He Rushed at the Golden Knight and slashed at him with his claws so ferociously his esteemed "indestructible" armor was peirced. The knight fell to the ground and held his chest," You are a powerful fighter, but we will meet again... and you wont be so lucky"' the knight said as Askarat began formin back into human form. The knight disapeared in a flash of light and Askarat began his walk to what little he could really call "home". He got there and met Mhugul, who turned out to be a strong authorative figure of the Earth Kings, but sensitive on the inside. The night rolled in swiftly, they ate a dinner prepared by Mhugul, the most delicous dinner Askarat had ever eaten. He had complimented him on his cooking and they spoke of his food secrets for a bit, not much he really understood but he stayed interested. They got to sleep easily that night, Askarat on the other hand was not expecting what was going to happen the next morning...


Kashura, Cave of the Undead

The following morning was rough to say the least. The group was awakened my the loud marching and the sounds of blades clattering against heavy armor. Askarat, half asleep, look out to see a large Gizoran platoon, four hundred or so soldiers. He immediatly readied his blade and his allies and they met the platoon."This is Golboa's 4th Platoon!", A loud yet somewhat pitiful voice rang out from the front,"Surrender to Gizoran or face the consequences!". Askarat was ammused by this, their army was poorly trained, he could tell by the fact that they were in no strategical place and most of them were either shaking or leaning on the swords or lances. They were also poorly equipped, their armor was thin and their weapons were low grade, rusted and dulled, most likely hand-me-down's from more powerful Gizoran troops. Askarat smirked, drew his katana and rushed them. It was a site to be seen, he never once stopped moving, he was like a shadow, moving so fast you could barely see him and with each twist and turn he would strike two or three soldiers down. He had gotten two hundred, maybe two-fifty soldiers when a sharper lance, the weapon of their feeble voiced general, ran up his back. Reacting quickly he, in the same style as coming in, span back out and fell to the ground by his companions, holding himself up with his blade."Askarat!", Mhugul and Inua yelled in unison as reinforcements of maybe five hundred more came. Askarat knew what they had to do, and as much as he hated the idea of retreating from humans, they had to...

They ran fast, even injured Askarat, into a group of caves named Kashura. The Gizoran platoon stopped dead in their tracks, frozen in fear of the caves. The caves were where the dead supposedly rose from their graves. Askarat had thought they were safe when the platoon began to retreat, untill the ground started shaking and bony hands start popping out of the ground. They were surrounded by skeletons in a matter of seconds."What the hell is this!?", Askarat yelled agrily as he began to break the heads off of them with his blade. Inua screamed a shrill, terrified scream and Mhugul formed into beast form, snapping the heads off the skeletons. They fought for an hour with no hope of victory in sight."Everytime we break them they put themselves back together! This is pointless", Mhugul yelled, to which Askarat responded,"They have us surrounded! keep fighting!", Though it was to no prevail, they continued to just get up every time they were beaten. The skeletons fought boldly untill a small Syon army came in."Arrows, Ready!", a loud sturdy voice yelled as the soldiers held up flame tipped arrows, "FIRE!", He yelled again and the second the flames touched the skeletons they evaporated. The man helped Askarat up,"The name is Tancc, Commander of the Axtakan Royal army second devison", Tancc said, "Askartan Ragora, of the fire dragon tribe.". The man named tancc took them back to the large Syon military town of Axtakan.

"Well met!", said a heavy-set man shaking Askarat's hand and laughing," The name is Plamis, Fourth King of Axtakan!", He was a large man in a purple robe, he had short blonde hair and a large blonde mustache and beard the reached the back of his head. "We will speak with each other later!", He said in his deep voice," For now, We feast!", and with that, He showed them the way to a large bar near the center of the town. "Whats ya poisen, Mate?", a man with an eastern accent said to Askarat from across the bar counter. Askarat looked out and saw many drunken soldiers either passed out or fighting."I... I'm good, thank you", He said back to the man who replied with an eastern accented laugh and went to help a group of soldiers at the other end. The king brought him and his party to a back room filled with food. Ham, Beef, Chicken, Soups, Wines, and so much else was lined up on the table. "EAT!", said the king and they did. Inua and Mhugul were full after not to long but, for as small as he was, Askarat continued eating nearly half his wait in food, until all the food was gone. The king laughed,"A boy with an appetite! I love it!", The jolly king said laughing. "How would you like to join my military, young Askarat?", He said hopingly. Askarat shook his head no and replied with, "Sorry, i cannot, i have urgent... 'bussiness'... i must attend to first" With that the king gave a hearty sigh," Well, whnever you need rest or drink, Just come to my kingdom. You will be welcomed as royalty!", He said. As they left the large town Askarat couldn't help but wonder why the king was so generous to random strangers his soldiers had found in a cave. And though maybe not today, he swore he WOULD find out.


Iron Rain and the Spirit of Kaisa

The group headed west after leaving Axtakan, to a small Depscion vilage named Kaisa which was supposedly gaurded by a spirit that gave the Mages there extra energy which alowed their attacks to be more powerful."Hey, you! The freak with the white hair!", Said a mage in a silver cloak. Askarat turned around to face him, "Lord pray you weren't talking to me, mage.", He replied strongly."You're the only white haired freak here!", He said smirking. Askarat drew his blade and pointed it toward the mage."What shall i adress you by, as my blade cuts through you", he said. Judging by his cloak, Askarat assumed he was a Sphelix, a special group of steel mages amongst the stone mages." Neaq", He responded, "but it will be my steel cutting through you!". Neaq was a mages sphelix name, he was going to be a hard opponent to beat. He said some chants and before Askarat knew it, there were small blades falling at him from the sky. "Iron Rain!", said the mage,"May Kasia's spirit protect me!". Thinking on his feet, Askarat drew his blade and blocked all except 2, one of which he dodged, the other, hitting his leg. He roared and moved his hands in an enchanting way, said some chants and shot fire at the mage. He responded with more iron rain, directed to the fire blast. They fought at each other for what seemed like an eternity, untill the heat was so intense the both had to stop. The mage tried hitting him with another Iron Rain, but, after using so much energy, right before he cast his attack, his eyes grew wide, his jaw dropped and his magical veins bursted out his arms, killing him instantly. Askarat stood there, victorious, bleeding from the leg, he bandaed himself and they coninued through the town.

As they were leaving the village a large blast of energy hit Askarat in the back, knocking him through a building. As he stood up from the rubble to meet his attacker, he saw that it was a giant, clear, blue bird-like apparatus."I AM KAISA, LORD OF MAGIC", it roared a ferocious, robot like roar."YOU WHO DESTROY MY CHILDREN SHALL PERISH"."What the hell is that thing?!", Askarat yelled to which the beast responded with another energy blast. Askarat couldn't take another attack, he was finnished, when Mhugul formed into beast and attacked Kaisa's Spirit. They fought for the longest time before the great beast fell before Mhugul's fangs. Mhugual and Inua carried Askarat back to their "home" and awaited his wake.


Inua's New Talents and the Return of the Knight

After several weeks of the group resting and healing, The Knight of Gizora returned to their home. He demanded Askarat, who greeted his challenge, sword drawn. The battle began, it was ferocious, well ballanced, and long. Swing after swing of their blades, the other blocked his opponents attack. They were forced to resort to magic and trick to land a blow. Askarat, who used a magical attack known as the hells cut, hit the knight, doing near nothing to his almost indestructible armor. The Knight, using his giant blade to attack Askarat with a power known as force speed, which gave him extra speed and agility to cut Askarat, whom blocked it with his shield of dragon scales. A ball of dark matter began in the Knights hand, as a ball of light matter appeared in Askarat's. They struck each others matter, creating and explosion outside, which Mhugul managed to dodge, nua, on the other hand, Was hit.

The battle came to a stop. Inua's hair went from its usuall dark blue to a shining green. The matter had infected her with Outcastr power... The power of wind and the Sky Lords falcon tribe energy. The Knight, fled the battle. Askarat, feeling guilty of cursing her with these powers, fled. Mhugul brought Inua to his village, where he rusumed his political standing and helped Inua get started in a bussiness. Inua is now a member of a Syon militia, Mhugul now works with her, after leaving his political power. Askarat returned to Axtakan, and now works as a mercenary for their army.
They were done with each other... or so they thought, but the winds of fate have a funny way of changing...

Too be continued...


check sometime for new stories of Askarat and the outsiders. FOr now this book is done and book 2 will be in a different story. i will be writing other stroies besides the outsiders that fans of the outsiders may enjoy. i'll start on book 2 when this one gets 200 views and maintains at least a 3 star rating, to make sure im not wasting my time and people like this story. Until then... Keep on dreamind ;3

Drag F. Ragora


Their is a person on here, most likely stole my youtube name cuz he thought it was cool, who is using the name Drag Ragora. he is not me, some weird uncreative person... who apparently is vaguely sick based on the 1 story he has...

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