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A sermon of a lifetime! (Humor)
The Zealot

A pious old cleric, who had become xeric,
was known by his loquacious rant.
Assigned to a new church, results of his research
showed the fellowship had become stagnant.

On Sunday – to capture a renewed sense of rapture,
he spoke on the books aboriginal.
From Genesis, he took Eden's story from the book
discoursing on all sins original.

From the undulating snake and the choice to forsake
this was the fulcrum of his message.
His long unfulfilled years and unnumbered tears
all led to his current presage.

As he bloviated toward the need for accord
and railed upon his final views...
His bowels were inflamed, he later claimed,
and he gassed the front row of pews!

xeric - dry, desert-like.
loquacious - chattering; babbling
presage - presentiment; foreboding
bloviate - to speak pompously

Thank you for reading my attempt at humor... I do hope you enjoyed it! Please, take a moment and leave a comment. Criticisms, corrections, reactions, yes - even praise - all equally welcome.

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