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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #1540191
a corny spoof on romace novels and cliches
"What are you looking at?" Andrea said she stirred the pot. The sauce simmered and bubbled. The smell of onions and spices filled the small kitchen. Julio leaned against the frame in the doorway. He watched her as she bent down to pick up a fork she had dropped. He loved the way she looked in those jeans, they were his favorite. "I was just thinking how hot you must be slaving over that hot stove, you want me to get you some wate or something?" Julio walked over to her, he could smell her perfume over the smell from the food. she smelled like jasmine. "You could grab me a beer, theyre in the freezer next to the waffles". He handed her the beer,theyre fingers touched for a brief noment. he could have sworn he felt her pulse..her heart. she sipped her beer slowly as she stirred the sauce. "andrea theres something ive been meaning to talk to you about." andrea turned around to look at julio. she felt that feeling in her pit of her stomach she always got when she was nervous. "i love you andrea, why can't we just forget about everything and be together?.....like we were that night." Julio could feel his face getting hot, he could still smell the perfum she wore on that hot summer night. He remebered it smelled like jasmine, beautiful just like her. "it can never be like that night Julio, that can never happen again." She could see on his face that he was hurt. But he knew she was right, it could never happen again. "please no has to know, we can keep the secret. We've been doing it for three months. I wont tell I promise." He was deperate, he'd never felt this before. This longing for someone he could never really have. It was like she filled the void in his soul. She stared at him, she felt the same way. She felt trapped, caged in like an animal. In her mind she paced back and forth struggling with the choices she had to make. The abortion was the hardest one. How could she keep the baby if she didn't even know who the father was. He moved closer to her, she could feel the heat radiate off his body. The same heat she felt that night. But she couldn't control herself that night. The little reservations she had about going thru with the affair quickly faded after the fifth martini. He had been persuing her for months berore that night. She could remeber how it started, First it was the looks. She would tell herself it was all in head, That she would imagine the glances he would give her. He could never look at her as more than just his cousins wife. But then the comments started, how beautiful she looked today he would say. He would wait until steven left the room to ask her why she was still with him if he was such a punk. He would say that she needs to get a real man, one that would treat her right. But she would just ignore the remarks, seeig as he would only say them when he had too much too drink. She didn't know he used to get that way to get the courage to tell her waht he was thinking. That in his opinion his cousin was a loser that was beneath her standards and that she deserved better, preferably himself. He could remeber the first time he saw her, she was leaning on a parked car in front of steven's building. Her hair was black the blackest hair he'd ever seen. She had it tied up in a ponytail, it was so long even with the high ponytail it still almost reached her waist. His cousin has introduced them, he thought to himself "one day she will be my girl". She never felt that way until he started persuing her. He was good looking enough, really tall with light brown hair and green eyes and very athletic. But she was in love with her husband, they had only been married a year. But he was so persistant, And that night she had such a huge argument with steven. When Julio called and asked if she wanted to blow off some steam she didn't even think twice. She grabbed her jacket and walked out of the house. Steven watched as she got in the car Julio, he was glad his cousin was nice enoug to take his wife off his hands for a while until things cooled off. He thought to himself "there's nothing like family". He took her to some trendy bar in SOHO, and the drinking started. As she stumbled arm in arm out of the bar with Julio he kissed her and she didn't stop him. They went back to his apartment and they made love or at least thats what he called it. She just called it a mistake. And so the sood there staring at each other in the kitchen. The first time was a mistake, one she said would never happen again. He slid his arm aound her waist and pulled her closer to him. This time there was no alcohol to excise her behavior, this time it was her. She wanted it, so she did. And they no linger had anything more to talk about. Their bodies did the the talking for them, just two lovers expressing what in their heart on the kitchen floor. THe sauce burned and so did their passion.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1540191-A-forbidden-conversation