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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1540216
Matt Falls In Love With His Digimon Wargarurumon
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I Awoke to the sound of my alarm clock alarm telling me it was 7:30a.m. I then got up half awake and proceeded through my apartment to the bathroom. i didnt have a fancy apartment, just a 2 bedroom standard apartment where me and wargarurumon lived. i turned on the sink and began to wash my face.i was about 6 feet tall with black hair, Wargarurumon was about 9 feet tall and was a wolf, and the mirror there really didnt give me a good view. I then left the room and went to the living room where Wargarurumon was sitting on the couch watching the tv.

Over the years as his tamer i have taken a notice to his well built sexy body and i have always wondered what it would be like to fuck him up the ass and him me. Many time i have entered the bathroom while he was showering so i could sneek a peak at his huge cock.And my my what a huge one it was, i think it was at least 10 inches! But i dont know if i would be able to take it all. now mine wasnt that big, i was like 7 inches. He was sitting there with no shirt and just his baggy jeans.

I then took a seat next to him and tried to ignore the bulge in my pants so i crossed my legs in a effort to hide my erection. "Whats wrong matt?" He asked me "Nothing, just getting comfortable" I told him. He then got up and for some reason he also had a bulge in his pants. "im going to take a shower, is that okay?" he asked me. "yea sure go ahead"i told him. he then left the room and entered the bathroom. i made sure that the shower was on and gave him some time before i finally said to myself, time to fuck my digimon.

Now my apartment wasnt big, but the bathroom was, seeing as how i had a very big shower/tubb combo put in it, so there was more than enough room in it to fuck. I then got up and undressed and opened the door quietly and saw that he was just standing there jerking off. i slowely entered the shower behind him and grabbed his cock in my hands. a low moan came from him, letting me know he wanted it as bad as i did. He then turned around and we started kissing. I felt his paw grip my dick and began to jerk me off. "I love you Wargarurumon" i told him, breaking the kiss. "i love you too matt"he told me.

He then got on all fours and lifted his tail for balance. "I want you to fuck me Matt, i want your cock in my ass"He told me. "okay"i told him, my cock was so hard i just couldnt resist anymore and i just thrusted my cock deep into him untill my balls touched his fur. This time a loud moan came from garurumon."Fuck me harder"he yelled. So i did as instructed and began thrusting in and out of him harder and faster and while this was happening i reached and grabbed his cock."Im going to cumm"i told him, feeling my orgasm coming."Cummm in me, you feel so good"He told me. And shortly after that, i came inside his ass, and managed to pull out and came over his fur also.

After i was done he turned around and faced me for more kissing."That felt so good, but i think its time that i fuck you up the ass"He told me. So he sat down, with his cock jumping at the site of my ass above it.before i lowered myself onto it, i told him "Fuck me hard"i told him, he then smiled at me in return. I Then slowly lowered myself onto the huge cock and felt it slip in my ass very easy. i kept taking more and more of his cock into my ass, the pain was excruciating, but the pleasure was good. Me And Wargarurumon began to kiss as i took almost all of it in me. I just keep looking at him before i couldnt take it no more, i wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss with me. Our tongues danced around in each others mouth. I was enjoying it so much that i didn't realize i had taken Wargarurumon all the way and soon felt his balls pounding my ass. I soon broke the kiss, "i love you Wargururumon for doing this for me" I told him. "I love you too matt and i dont want this to end" He told me. "Then make me your's, cum deep in my ass" I told him as He began to pound my ass harder.

I noticed then that Wargarurumon began to breathe harded, in which was letting me know that he was near climax. "Your about to cum aren't you?" I asked him. "very soon.... yes my love soon you will... be mine" Wargarurumon was telling me in between breathing. And that's when i felt it, the Warm sticky sensation of Cumm being pumped deep into my ass, it seemed like forever before he stopped cumming in me. "Are we done my love?" I asked Wargarurumon as I slowly got up off his massive cock. "Yes, we are. For now that is" He told me. As i fully stood up, i felt the cumm running down my legs. "I think that it is time we take that shower now" I told Wargarurumon as i hugeed him tightly. "Yea i think so too my love....

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