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A boy discovers an amazing tree.
The boy trudged slowly along the country lane, kicking at the hard ground as he walked. Every time his torn sneakers kicked, a small cloud of dust rose into the air. The only thing he carried was a book with a worn cover.

"Why did my parents have to leave the city? All my friends are there. Nobody else lives near the farm. I have nothing to do and I am lonely."

The field he was passing seemed to go on forever. His father had plowed it last week and it looked like a mess. Just mounds of unsettled dirt; his father hoping to get the corn growing shortly. Nothing, except for a single apple tree at the far end of the field.

The boy had been outside all morning. The red sky in the morning had changed into a brilliant blue, nothing like the sky he was used to in the city. On most days the sky could not be seen, a thick smog made it practically invisible.

Since his parents did not have to worry about strangers abducting their son, they allowed him to wander freely about the farm. At least they granted him this freedom. Yet he wished that he had just one friend.

He looked once again to the apple tree. Maybe he could find some apples. He would sit in the shade of the tree for a while and read his book.

He headed across the field to the tree, trying not to trip over the mounds of dirt.

He stopped in his tracks when he was close to the apple tree. He heard what sounded like a boy crying.

"I must be imaging things," the boy thought, because the crying had stopped. He bent down and picked up an apple. It was ripe, with no worm holes in it. Biting into it, he sat down with his back against the tree's trunk. The crying started again.

The boy jumped up. "Who is crying?" the boy asked. "I can hear you, but I cannot see you."

"I'm crying," a voice answered.

"Where are you?"

"You are sitting right under me, eating my apples."

"Far out! A talking tree! Is this an enchanted mystical farm, or something?"

"All trees talk. It is just some humans cannot hear us."

"Why are you crying?"

"Nobody needs me."

"Look at this apple I am eating. You gave it to me when I am hungry. If it was not for you, I would not be able to eat apple pie; my mom makes the best in the world. Plus, the shade you are providing helps me keep cool. I need you."

"Really? You would like to be my friend?"

"Yes. I need a friend."

"Would you like me to tell you stories? I have so many to share."

"Yes. I can even tell you stories. I can come down every day and read to you."

"I would love that. I want you to be my friend."

"Best friends forever."

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1541029