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Rated: E · Poetry · Spiritual · #1541147
Discovering the akashic records - looking into the mind of God.
There is a mystical library that we can visit every night.
A place of long remembrance that's neither dark nor light.
It's a place that holds no happiness and equally no sorrow
that's as close to us as yesterday but farther than tomorrow.

Somewhere in the twilight, as sleep upon me crept,
I found myself looking at my own form as I slept.
The peaceful look upon my face said I was not aware
of my impending visit to a sanctum in the air.

I felt myself transported far away – onward I soared
yet I remained attached to "me" with a silver cord.
The meaning of the journey and the strangeness that I saw
were clear to me when I found within the universal law.

Light flooded me from within, where I previously was blind
and illuminated my connection to a universal mind.
I was not alone – not an island in the seas -
but a part of all the stars and even galaxies.

From the smallest to the largest, as far as I could see
we're all apart of one, in perfect harmony.
And there before me lay, the story of my life.
It listed every victory and detailed every strife.

I saw the acts of pettiness, the hurt that I had caused,
the kindnesses, the gentleness, the omissions as I paused,
the hesitations to stand strong, the gossip I had spread,
the smiles shared, the broken hearts and tears that had been shed.

With every action taken, as we live and laugh and bleed,
we are each responsible for the life that we choose to lead.
We are each a voice in a chorus, and this life is the song we sing.
We are each a part of the melody of pain and joy that it brings.

The knowledge seemed to slowly dim with the rising sun.
The cause and affect of the universe had once again begun.
As I prepared to face the day, in the mirror I saw a man.
I cannot right the wrongs he's done – but I'll try the best I can.

An entry for December 29 of "A Poem A Day Contest [E]
Prompt(s) Used: No Prompt

Line Limit: 40
Line count: 32

Asseveration ~ an emphatic assertion

Mystical Library refers to the akashic record, a term from Hinduism that was incorporated into theosophy denoting a collection of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. The records are supposed to contain all knowledge, including all human experience, of the history of the cosmos

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