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Love is returned when it is truly felt and given to the person or activity...
Love is an ocean filled with regret,
Amid lies, deceit, and betrayal.
The hopeless folks get no respect,
Win or lose, never fail.
Challenging the status quo seems a gift
Where there is no likely way to succeed –
They just provide the necessary lift
And never accomplish the deed…

But the only way that love is returned
Is through the depth by which it is felt;
Only then can the strength be learned
At the alter by which we are knelt!
Pray to God for success that is earned,
By loving so deeply and true.
For this is how love is returned,
Sincerely, from me to you!

One can’t deny the man from the beast
Which dwells within his heart,
And one cannot imply it’s the greatest or least;
With love, it’s simply a part!
React to love when it’s given,
And give it completely once again;
You’re bold enough to be driven
By the fateful luck of some men…
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