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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Romance/Love · #1541562
A touching scene that demonstrates the love that two people share.
         The man paused as a car raced past, the driver obviously ignoring that the light had turned red. He breathed a sigh of relief that he had waited and looked before stepping off the sidewalk. He was in a hurry, for many reasons, but not in so much of a hurry as to endanger himself or his special surprise for her. Thinking about it, he shifted the bag from one gloved hand to the other. Even with the gloves, his fingertips felt like icicles. He wiggled his fingers to get the blood flowing again. Quickly, but carefully he crossed the street with no further incident.

         Only two more blocks. Almost home. Home to her... Thinking about her filled his chest with warmth and brought a smile to his wind chapped lips. He would have whistled, except doing so would probably have hurt not only his lips, but his lungs as he breathed in the frigid night air.

         Despite the wintry weather trying to drag him down, his spirits were soaring. Life was good. He had her, and she had him. And soon, very soon, they would have them. Babies, twins. That thought gave him a warmth that the cold could not take away.

         Thoughts filled with happiness, he walked alone down the brightly lit street of homes. It wasn't the street lamps that were so bright, but the holiday decorations on all the houses. Strings of lights, some in the shape of icicles, hung from eaves. Shining snowmen and round Santas decorated lawns and roofs. There was even one house lit in blue with a special electric candelabrum in the window - a menorah. Behind the menorah, deeper in the room was a simple, yet elegant Christmas tree decorated in whites and blues and snowflakes.

         There he turned up the driveway. Normally, he would have opened the garage door, but then normally he would have driven his car. But he hadn't wanted to chance the sound of the garage door waking her. So instead, he snuck around to the side, easing the gate open without a sound. As he stepped up to the side door that led into the kitchen, he almost dropped his keys on the ground. As quietly as he could, he slipped the key in the lock and opened the door.

         Hot, welcoming air blasted him as he stepped in and quickly shut the door against the cold outside. Slowly, he could feel his extremities tingle with warmth as the blood started flowing again. He set the bag on the counter and then eagerly shed some of the many layers of clothes that had barely kept him warm. Dropping his coat, vest, hat, scarf, and gloves on a chair, he moved to the cabinet and retrieved a bowl and spoon.

         So intent on putting his surprise together, he did not hear her shuffle into the room. She lingered by the entryway from the living room and watched him as he pulled out chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a jar of maraschino cherries from the refrigerator. Her hand rested tenderly on her large belly as her eyes beamed lovingly at him.

         She waited as he filled the bowl with two large scoops of ice cream and covered it with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. At last, he put two cherries carefully on top. He picked up the bowl and spoon and turned around. His jaw and the bowl almost dropped when he saw her.

         "Uh, hi," he grinned, "I, uh got you your favorite." He stared at her, dumbfounded by how lucky he was. He never felt that he deserved her, but always thanked the lord that she, for whatever reason, loved him.

         "You didn't have to," she shuffled forward, "Especially you didn't have to walk to the store. It's not worth you getting pneumonia."

         He took long strides to close the gap between them, meeting her at the edge of the table, "Or getting hit."

         She looked alarmed, "What?!"

         "Oh, no, nothing happened," he helped ease her into a chair, "I was very careful." He put the bowl down in front of her, "You've been craving ice cream for a while, and you didn't look very happy when you went to bed, so I wanted to do something to lift your spirits."

         She smiled, taking his hands in hers, "You lift my spirits. You make me laugh when I'm sad. You make me smile when I'm hurt. You give me Chanukah for Christmas,” she paused as they both laugh, “Your love heals the cold, dark parts of my heart." She ran her finger over the wedding band on his hand, "I love you Jimmy, for all that you are."

         He knelt by her side and looked deeply into her eyes, "And I love you Lola, for all that you are, and all that you bear." He gently touched her swollen stomach. She put her hand on his hand. They smiled at each other for another moment and then kissed. A long slow, sensual kiss that soon had them forgetting about the ice cream or the freezing weather outside. All that they knew was love.
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