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Seems like an article about solitude in practical sense.
One hell of a day isn’t it mere individual that is reading my blog right now. Looking through your eyes, is it your reflection or is it me?

When we all come to our senses we will realize that this question pattern is a catch line for all the cowards that are run scared when loneliness walks over them. Well don’t look at me it is still next to me right now. We were playing gin a while ago. It has gone to eat soap.

And I announce that I am not a Solitude Coward. In fact I’m not the only one. In deep we are so coward that we formed a club as a solution for our solitude. It is a secret club that contains me and … me again. It’s private as is due its secrecy.

Our manifest is… Present tense is a hopeless case so do past and perfect tenses. Indeed, the one called future tense would considered to be as a one man parade to hell.

So hereby, I invented the Dream tense (AKA : Creative Tense)… not to confuse with Innovate Tense.

Enough word games this is not an either/neither case. Philosophy, Art or whatever is not my problem, in fact there is no problem at all.

When I was young, I WAS the scape goat, the loser, the cased should have closed or never opened before ’90s, the hopeless romantic, the inflated egoist, a creep. The life I lived very much like of a soap, mostly in taste. Originated in Auschwitz.

I’m aware of things like much of the people I know is living a spaghetti with chili sauce. Your depression is your spice melange you created on your mind.

There is no problem for me at all. I shall not abuse and consume my creativity for such idiotic pursuits.
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