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Inspirational matters and some feng shui in it.

  I just need some nonsense to write. Can I barrow some of your nonsense. A toilet session will do too.

  Any ways. I’m forming these sentences, including this, while sitting on toilet. Believe me inspiration is not coming through here. Indeed there is no feng shui law that defends the concept of open toilet covers will absorb all the creative energy that is on the house. Bullshit, I’m sitting on closet and my inspiration fetching power is soo big, because there is no inspiration in myself, I should absorb it before the toilet absorbs it. Neither feng shui nor Mental Osmosis are true in this situation!!!

  Give a macbook pro to a former loser and it will write its complex brain out recklessly.

  Thus, The fact that I’m aware of this situation is not giving me the power to make something flashy in 5 minutes. Well seriously, I won’t change just because to be read and be appreciated from masses.

  The thing that is I’m not concerned at all. I’m writing a blog after all. I’m not making a living out of it. I can write in basic and understandable things for very big masses but I’m not doing it because I don’t want to do it right now. I’m not a hobby blogger or funnyshit poster.

  My drive is creativity and innovation. It’s not art or intellectual pursuits. There is no goal. I don’t have any idea about what art is cause this is not my expertise cause I am not an intellectual weirdo that babbles and blas and blas about art even though some people label me as an artist in either music or literature, that is just my nature.

  I’m not into that awareness thing. You’ll push yourself too hard (because you’re aware of something) to do something concerned about the thing you are aware of but it won’t make it any better.

  I banned the things that go well with unnecessary adjective and the thing called concept because it’s unnecessary. Believe me I’m gonna talk in your jargon someday to get off the weight I and life put on your shoulders.

  You have a secret door in somewhere in you. That door leads you to a place that qualities, quantities, necessities and concepts doesn’t exists because of there is no need for any kind of . You’re filling your life with these but your nature doesn’t accept this. Everybody is pursuing their goodness to fill out a life won’t fill with this kind of filler.

  It’s not scientific or spiritual nor artistic. Modern people is just aware of it, i mean JUST aware of it.
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