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Sally is thinking of her lover.
As Sally sat down to her computer she thought about the day. Her honey would be home soon and all she had to do was stay busy till then. If she was busy then there would be no time to think about her lover. Steve was a wonderful man. He went to work, and he came home to her every night with a smile. Steve made Sally want to do things for him. Never before had she ever wanted to clean, to cook, to be ready for someone when that person arrived. Sally looked forward to his homecoming and made sure he knew just how much she missed him every night.

So as she sat down thoughts came and went through her mind. Maybe I should put on something special for him. Then another thougt knocked that one out. He might be very tired today, it is Monday. I'll wait till he gets home and see what kind of day he had. Suddenly the back door flew open and banged against the wall."Mooooooooommmm" Taking a deep breath she stood and walked toward the hollaring voice in the hall of her nine year old son David. "Mooommm, Jacob threw my bike in the dumpster". Time to be with the little one, her thoughts would have to wait.
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