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Just a small part of the everyday life of being a mother.
Super Mom

Mommy where are my shoes?
Mom I can’t find my socks.
Has anyone seen my pink top?
Sound familiar around your house?
Meanwhile the baby is in the bedroom trying to find new ways to break out of his bed while you are in the kitchen trying to prepare breakfast.

A lot of people don’t realize it but I’m sure you do it is all in the part of being a mother.
Besides cook, cleaning lady, and chauffeur, you have to be a detective, referee, and nanny to dolls. Then when no one else is around to play with you become a sports expert with knowledge in everything from softball to marbles.  With a little helpful knowledge of skateboards and bikes thrown in for good measure. You also have to be a doctor, mathematician, and walking dictionary just a small part of the everyday life of being a mother.

Life has blessed you with beauty, charm, love, and grace. However in all His wisdom what He didn’t tell you was you had to be a thousand and one other people as well.
From a philosopher to construction engineer, from healer of all hurts to designer of any school project that comes along.  Yet all the time you are still mom.

Mom the jack of all trades and in their eyes the master of them as well. In all their simplicity you are the main influence of their world. Dad is there and helps when his is home. He is the giver of punishment usually in his power and wisdom the words he speaks roars through the house like a lion. But mom is the problem solver, she is the meander of all troubles, hurts, and problems that come along. From bedtime story teller to slayer of the dreaded closet monster no matter what the trouble day or night she is there.

So remember when the cries of childhood call upon you to derive the impossible
in their eyes you have the power to solve all problems.  For you are mom who has the mighty force of all. You are the Goddess of all that is possible you have bestowed within you the power and wisdom to do anything in their eyes for you are mom.

Then at night when they are tucked in safely and the world winds down for a long night’s rest. When all that is heard is the slow even breathing of angels.
You sit back and say to yourself, "Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to make it through the day."

Just remember mom that even in the smallest and youngest of minds they are plotting new problems and questions for you to attempt to solve to their satisfaction at first morning’s light.  For you are mom!
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