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My memories of Barbie.
I have many happy memories of Barbie. I love Barbie. I am reading the book: RUTH AND BARBIE BY: ROBIN GERBER I have been inspired to write my own memories of Barbie. Ruth Handler designed the Barbie Doll and I am so happy she did. The first Barbie had a blonde pony tail, wore a black and white striped swim suit and came with a pair of white sunglasses. Baby dolls are nice but Barbie was someone girls of all ages could relate to. Barbie had the nicest clothes. She was a fashion model, astronaut, business executive, Doctor, animal doctor, airline stewardess, nurse and she even joined the Air Force. Barbie has been around fifty years and is celebrating her 50th Birthday. Doesn't she look great for a doll?

I didn't get the first Barbie designed in 1959 but I got the reproduced replica of the 1959 Barbie. In fact, I have 2 of them. I got the second one designed in 1960. She has blonde hair in a pony tail and her eyes are made up and she has been through a house fire but she made it! She is a little faded and the cat chewed off one of her fingers but I love her and she was my first Barbie. Dad was in the Air Force and we moved around a lot and I lost some of her shoes and clothing . The house fire sienged some of her clothes but I still have them. I was the first little girl in the trailer court to get a Barbie Doll and the other girls got Barbies, too. We would play with Barbies for hours.Mom made me some Barbie clothes and she bought me a lot of them, too. I saved my allowance money to buy them.

Barbie has a boyfriend Ken, her best friend Midge, her younger sister Skipper, cousin Francie, Midge's boyfriend Allen, baby sister Tutti, Skipper's friend Scooter, friend Stacy and other Barbies followed. The Twist and Turn Barbie, Barbie with wigs{her eyes opened and closed}, Bubble Cut Barbie just to name a few. I have Skipper, Midge, Ken, Tutti, Scooter and the black haired Bubble Cut Barbie.

I love dressing up Barbie in her neat clothes. I am so happy that they have vintage Barbies reproduced in vintage clothing. I love the sophisicated lady outfit the best. This outfit consists of a pink gown, velvet red cloak, white gloves, pink shoes and a silver crown. I would dress Barbie in this outfit and feel like a Princess! I bought the vintage nurses uniform on Ebay a few years ago. I got outbidded the first two times and I bidded on two of them the next time. Guess what? I ended up with two nurses uniform outfits! I keep one on one of my Barbies all the times. My vintage Barbies and Barbie's friends made it through the fire, too. I am glad God spared these dools. He knows how much they mean to me.

I have collected Barbies through the years. I have a Native American Barbie, Cher Barbie, X-Files Skully and Maulder, The Addams Family, Herman and Lily Munster, Romeo and Juilet, Rose of "The Titanic" Barbies, the recently reproduced blonde 1959 Barbie, I Dream of Jeannie Barbie, Bewitched Samantha, Erica Cane Barbie, Marlana Evans "Days Of Our Lives" Barbie, Peter Rabbit Barbie just to name a few. I am a big girl at heart. I got a pirate Barbie and I put her on the shelf with Jack Sparrow{I have a Captain Jack Sparrow Doll} and I got the reproduced 1960 blonde pony tail and 1961 Ken Doll in a football uniform. I now have "Twilight" Barbie Dolls and as you already know I am a big Twilight Fan! I have Bella, Edward, Jacob, Jane, Alice and Victoria. I also have Rosalie and Jasper . I also have Krystle and Alexis of "Dynasty", Reba, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Barbie Dolls.

As you can see, I am a huge Barbie fan. I have a room full of dolls which is also my scrapbook room. I have Barbie plates and Barbie doll cases. The Bratz Dolls seem to be competing with Barbie but Barbie will always stay on top. Barbie was here first and women my age who collect Barbies love to buy the reproduced Vintage ones. You can't put a price on memories. Barbie and me. Barbie got through me through my childhood and I had good childhood. Barbie is someone I wanted to be like. Ruth Handler knew what she was doing when she invented Barbie. Barbie lives on. Memories of Barbie will always be precious to me. Happy Birthday, Barbie! I love you!

I just bought a brand new Barbie Doll Book. 60 Years of Barbie. The history of how she was made and all the Barbies from 1959 and on up. Thank you for reading.

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