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Short fantasy story of leaving earth and finding oneself in a new world.
Chapter 1


So I wonder how you would feel going to a new world.  Now there are people out there who would jump at the chance to do it as life on Earth can be difficult, but how would you know what was on the other world?  Then are, of course, the ever optimistic that would find it great no mater where or what was on that other world and they’d be happy.    But anyways, on to my story.  Let me explain a bit about myself, I’m not some young girl who’s in the prime of her life; I’m a middle age, very obese woman, who was a secretary and worked at a desk and computer all day.  With blonde hair middle length, as long as I dyed it and kept the grey out, blue eyes and short only 5 feet 3 inches. I was also not in the best of health taking many prescriptions for various ailments but I could still make my way around and do things. My favorite pastime was playing role playing games on my computer.  So there I was minding my own business, riding my bike down the road near my home when suddenly I felt the bike hit something very hard and I was thrown from the bike.  Now two things came to my mind at that time, first of all, a woman of my age falling off a bike could break something, and secondly, who was going to help me get back up?

Well it didn’t matter for you see when I fell off the bike I was suddenly rolling down a steep hill.  Being that I live in Florida, there are no steep hills, and especially not where I live. I finally stopped and found myself at the bottom.  Now I’m sure some people would freak out at this, but being an avid Fantasy reader I was more curious than anything. Lying there on the grass and trying to catch my breath and still my beating heart, the first thing I noticed was that the sky was a much deeper blue.  I turned my head and noticed lots of different flowers; some were crescent shaped, blues, greens, and yellows, nothing like I’ve seen before. The hill I rolled down was  steep and it would be a difficult climb if I found the strength to get back up it.  Finally, when I was able to get up a bit on my knees I suddenly saw an old man walking towards me.  His clothing was very different.  It reminded me a bit of the old renaissance  period, he had on a pair a dark wide slacks, not tights, a long blue tunic with a large silver belt, his shirt wasn’t all ruffles or even the billow sleeves like I would have expected but something more similar what we wore, he also wore a dark blue cape.  He was tall and thin with dark boots and his grey beard was down past his neck and his grey hair was long, he seemed to be very old yet he had a very kind face, wrinkled as it was.. “My dear child are you alright?”  He asked as he walked up to me.  I looked up and him and smiled a bit, “Ah, well I don’t think anything’s broken”.  I replied.  He had the bluest eyes I ever saw and so bright.  He held out his hand and assisted me up. “So, ah,  where am I?” I asked.  “Oh forgive me, my name is Lord Tacken, and you’re in the Valley of the Ancients.” He explained.  “My name is Crystal, and this is the Valley of the Ancients huh?”  I said.  Guess I’m not in Kansas anymore I thought. “Please come with me, let’s have you washed up a bit and make sure your ok” Lord Tacken said.

I followed him through the Valley. It appeared to be a large, bowl, steep hills surrounding it, more and more of the crescent flowers blooming everywhere.  A few trees grew here and there but  the valley was mostly just grass, and flowers.  We seemed to walk for hours, well it felt like it, but then I wasn’t really sure since my watch had stopped working, probably from the fall.  We came up to the other side of the valley, and a large steep cliff was in front of us. A door seemed to materialized in the cliff where I swore wasn’t there a moment ago.  Lord Tacken opened the door and ushered me in.  It was not a very large place, seemed more like a small cave.  But lights were placed along the walls on small alcoves and it seemed inviting.  A table and two chairs were placed in the middle of the room along with  a small stove on the right side with several cupboards holding dishes and pans and the like.  I did notice that the lights didn’t appear to be a candle and I don’t believe there was any electricity running in this place, so I casually looked up at one trying not to look obvious and saw only a small round globe inside a shell and it gave off a light without heat.  Now didn’t that seem a bit strange I guess the only way to know is to ask.  “Excuse me Lord Tacken, but what are these lights?” I inquired.  He chuckled to himself a bit and replied, “We call them globe lights.” He explained.  “Globe lights?  But how do they work?  I mean what powers them?” I asked “Why magic my child.” “Magic? You talking like hocus pocus magic?”  I asked. “I do not know what hocus pocus is but its just magic the power that envelopes all around us, in you and all living things.  Do you not have magic?” He asked. I replied,  “No, besides I don’t think I’m from around here.  You see I was riding my bike.” I tried to explain.  “Bike?  What is a bike?” Lord Tacken asked interrupting my story.  “Well a bike is something you ride on, it has a seat, two wheels, and you peddle it.” This might not be a good explanation but I’m not really technically inclined.  “Really?  Two wheels?  How interesting” He replied as he went about setting some towels and a bowl of water on the table.  “Now then sit down lets have a look at you”.  I sat on one of the chairs  and never did get to finish my tale, as he came over with the towel he dipped in the bowl of water. “Now then let’s see.”  I guess I was so curious of my surroundings I didn’t pay any attention to my wounds.  He started on one above my left eye. “Ow!”.  I said. He chuckled softly, “Now, now its ok, doesn’t look that bad.”  It appeared I have a few more scrapes and bruises, on my arms and legs than I knew and as I was wearing shorts, (I did live in Florida), my knees got pretty cut up from the fall from the hill.  After he finished cleaning the wounds and placing a slave on worst of themthem he indicated that there was a place for me to finish cleaning up in the back and I might find some change of clothes.  Funny, I didn’t notice a room in the back when we came in but as I turned around a small door was back there.

Entering the small room which contained a bed, a small wardrobe, table with a bowl and water, towels and two chairs.  Walking to the small table that contained the small bowl with water, on it I noticed a small mirror on the wall above it. Looking at the mirror I realized just how messy I looked, my face was dirty, my hair was all scattered with leaves and twigs in it.  I washed up and got most of the dirt off of me and realize how torn up my clothes had gotten from the fall.  Not believing I would find anything that could possible fit me in the wardrobe I checked anyways.  Of course if I had remembered what he said about the lights and magic I would have figured it out that magic might be in play as well as I did find clothes that fit me.  A pair of slacks, a shirt which seemed very long, a belt and even a pair of boots.  I tried to fix my hair, but without a brush I didn’t have much luck.  I did feel a slightly better after changing and cleaning up. Going back into the  other room I noticed Lord Tacken had prepared some food for us. A soup of some kind.  “Smells good”.  I exclaimed.  “Thank you it will be ready soon, please sit down relax.” He said. 

I sat down on the chair and tried to look around again to get more of an idea of where I was.  “So, you said we’re in the Valley of the Ancients, where exactly is that?”  I asked.  “I will answer all your questions soon,  but please allow me to finish this meal for us first.” Lord Tacken explained and added a few more items in the pot. He then went about getting some bowls and spoons and cups.  He placed some dark drink in the cups and proceeded to add some soup into the bowls.  Now I’m wondering,  how could the soup be ready so fast on a fire and pot, I mean it wasn’t like I was in the back room for long,  and I know the soup I make from scratch takes a while to cook, but magic must have been used yet again. He placed a bowl of soup and a cup with a drink in front of me and one for himself.  Then he opened up a canvas type bag and produced a loaf of bread, breaking it in half giving part to me and to himself.  Then he sat down broke the bread a bit more and dipped it into his soup and ate some. Taking a small drink he looked at me and started his tale. 

“Now I know you’re confused as to where you might be but you are in no danger here.  You are in  Aloria, a beautiful southern country that goes from the Clarien River down to the Gordlan Mountains to the Starlet Valley and past to the Sharion Trail.” As I listen to him seeming to understand these places, which of course I had no clue, I found the soup was very tasty with vegetables I never seen before, the wine was sweet and the bread was very fresh.  “This place, the Valley of the Ancients, was not always called that.” He explained. “A great people ruled here, their castle up on the cliffs above us. They had great magic within them and ruled with justice and fairness. The great kings and queens of old used their magic to bring peace to these lands when it was wild and lawless." He explained.  "From the history of what I read, the first King was King Merlin, said to be an old man when he first came here and his wife Queen Gwen, a beautiful lady, tall and graceful, with fiery red hair that hung down past the middle of her back.  With blue eyes that even the sky would seem to be pale under. You see King Merlin had the scribes write everything down  before he was laid to rest.  He wanted to a make sure that generations from then all would know how it all began.”  He explained.  “Some thought  the king himself was not from here but he never said if it was so or not and the scribes only hinted of it, but I guess we’ll never know.”  “Really?” I exclaimed, “We do have a tale about Merlin the Wizard in our fantasy books. No one has ever really said he was real or not.”  “My how interesting”  Lord Tacken remarked.  “Well the history books do not say how the king and queen met or where they came from only that they were the first king and queen in Aloria that ruled with magic”.

“So our great King and Queen went out to convince the nomads that roamed the terrority, for it was a rough time with no real cities, to join them at their kingdom and he would reward them with magic if they would welcome them as their king and queen.”  “Now mind you it wasn’t just a wave of one’s hand that did it but the King and Queen were able to convince many of the nomads that having land and a home and a proper place for their children along with magic would be a better life.  Before long more and more people realized that joining the king and queen would be a better living.  Having stablility, no longer looking and wandering for food.  They enjoyed having the settlement where they grew food, and farmed animals instead of moving around from place to place.  So they set about with their rag tag group and started to building a castle here above us.  Once the castle was built and the city was growing the king felt that having a great kingdom he would need an army.  Training begain with chosen men and young boys became squires while others began making weapons and armor.  The queen soon gave birth to a son, Calimar, and a few years later a daughter Isabella. Both the children grew up with the magic as well.  It wasn’t long before the Trolls and Giants to the north tried the army of Aloria but with the great training they received the giants and trolls were sent back to their lands.  The Ragalars to the west also tried to best the Alorian army, but soon realized that without magic they would be no match for them and headed back to their lands.  Now were skirmishes here and there but for the most part, Aloria ruled under a just and magical king and queen for several years.” 

Here the old man stood up and poured more wine into his now empty cup and filled mine as well.  Then he inquired if I wished more to eat but I thanked him and said I was done.  “So what happened.” I asked. “Now child as anyone knows, with peace time comes complacency and that is what happened.”  More then 500 years went by and there was very little fighting and so most people felt that magic was no longer needed.  The people were happy, they built a great city and Aloria grew to be a major part of this land.  Since magic wasn’t needed it didn’t seem to be necessary to practice it anymore.  So most of the people stopped using it and in time forgot and lived their lives quite happily without it.  But as I once mentioned the Ragalars to the west had always felt disgraced and so secretly sent people to Aloria in the early years to learn magic.  Now you have to understand in peace time there was many coming and goings by the other people, even giants and trolls so it didn’t seem out of line to have any Ragalars in the City.  They snuck into the learning centers and little by little they learned magic.  They even wrote down books on it but once they felt they learned enough they went back to their homeland.  Once there they taught it to their children and their children’s children. Their magic wasn't like the Alorian's of old but they learned enough.  And as the years went by the new King and Queens we no long using any magic in Castle Cameron.  It wasn’t long before the Ragalars realized now was a great time to defeat the Alorians. They had been practicing their magic for a long time, though small as it was it was, it was still better than what the Alorian’s who had stopped using it  Soon a great war developed between the Ragalars and the Alorians and as they were using magic that the Alorian’s  stopped using found themselves in a losing situation.”   

Here he paused again and gave a small sigh, drank more of the wine, looked out the door a bit and then started again.  “Now the late King Raylos and his wife Queen Illsa had a baby girl when the war began. The chancellor, who was a great friend of the King and Queen felt that the only way to keep the baby safe was to whisk her away to safety in hopes that she might return and take her rightful place once she was older.  The chancellor  knew of all the secret doors and hallways within the castle so he was able to sneak into the child’s room, where most of the servants were so busy rushing and panicing that they never noticed him.  Taking the child and some of the items she might need, he then crept down to the stables via the secret hallways.  As most of the soldiers were preparing for war so no one really paid any attention to him and the baby which he placed in a sling hidden from view stayed quiet. Then as quickly and quietly as possible he rushed out into the valley, and into the woods away from all the fighting. All day he rode on till it was getting dark.” “Not to stop you or anything but how do you know about this?” I asked.  “Why child"  he said, "the chancellor wrote it all down in a book he left, but please let me continue. When he finally stopped to care for the baby, he wasn't sure where he was.  Knowing most of the woods around the Valley he suddenly felt he wasn’t where he thought he was. Wondering what to do and where he should go, a white dove suddenly appeared and swooped down onto the branch near him.  Startling him, he looked at the dove and thought it was strange to see one out at night. As the child fell asleep again he went to mount the  horse in hoping to find a home where he could place the child. There were still tribes of nomads about and he was hoping to find one now. The dove, however, had other plans for him, it kept swooping down near him and then flying back to the branch.  At first he didn’t realize it and just shooed it away but it would fly to him, then fly back a ways down a path and then back to him again and back down again.  After several times the chancellor realized the dove wanted him to follow it. So placing the babe back into the sling he resumed his journey following the dove.  He seemed to be following the dove for hours even though it was dark in the woods he could still see the dove as it fluttered ahead and the horse never lost his footing.  Finally a light appeared ahead, almost like coming to the entrance of a  lite cave. He went towards it slowly, finally emerging out into a brighter light he found himself in a small town where it was now daylight. Surpised he noticed people were dressed differently than himself but no one seemed to take any notice of him.  It was a small town, with mud huts and wooden homes. Getting off the horse he looked around seeing if he could find out where he was when suddenly  a women came up to him.  “Ah there ye are, was waiting for ye.  How’s the babe, she alright?”  The women inquired.  She was about average height, with medium brown hair, her eyes were brown as well. She wasn’t much older than the queen herself. “Excuse me madam, but do I know you?” the Chancellor inquired.  Trying to avoid showing her he had a baby. “Ay, don’t ya know Merlin himself said you’d be coming and I was to expect you with the babe.”  “Sheena is her name isn’t it?”  Now the chancellor was really at a lost, the fact that this woman knew the baby’s name was Sheena made him wonder who this Merlin was.  And where was he?”

“Madam” he exclaimed, “I think you have the wrong person.”  He tried to move away but she stopped him again.  “Na, he described ya alright, said you’d be coming from over yonder by the woods and be riding with a babe in a sling.”  Now the chancellor was getting very confused.  “Now madam who is this Merlin you speak of and what is the name of this town?”  He inquired trying not to give her the babe. “Merlin?” “My goodness, everyone knows the great magician Merlin and sire your in the town of Camelot. Now see the babe must be hungry and tired after all the riding you’ve done, let me take her in.” She explained as the baby started to cry.  “Please madam, what is your name?”  “Ay you can calls me Gwendolyn sire.”  Not sure why he gave the baby to Gwendolyn and followed her to her home but he did so.  Gwendolyn carefully examined the baby then getting her some food sat down and began to feed her.  The chancellor looked around the room, it wasn’t much different than what he expected for a village of this size, wood walls, thatched roof, but it was cleaned and had a homey feeling and it appears she was expecting the babe as a small crib was there. “Sire?  Is there anything else I can do for you?  Don’t be worrying about the babe she’ll be in good hands with me.  I’ll teach her well and right I’ll see to that.”  Now he finally sat down and inquired as to exactly what Merlin said to her. “Well sire, he be telling me a gentlemen like yourself in great blue robes would be riding out from them woods and you’d be riding with a babe in your sling.  The babes name is Sheena and that I was to take care of her and see that no harm came to her for she was a special babe and that you sire would not know where you were but you’d be going back to where’s ya came from.”.  “How would he know that I was coming?”  “Ay, he’s a great prophet as well sire.  Now like I said the babe will be fine nothing to worry about. I’ll make sure she grows up proper and all.  I’m sure you want to be getting back to your family.”  She remarked and she sat there with the baby and the baby seemed content with her. 

“Now you must understand”, said Lord Tacken looking at me,  “that he had no idea where he had gone to and though he tried to find the town again he never did.  So the chancellor headed back into the woods and he seemed to be in a daze of some kind.  But like before there was the dove, showing him the way and there ahead was the light and he was back in the woods again.  Heading out from where he was he could hear the fighting was going on.  As he looked upon the valley he knew that all was doomed so many lay dead and the Ralagars where already into the castle.  Not really sure what to do, it seemed his fate had already been sealed. But  he decided to go into the castle towards the back entrance where he knew was a hidden entrance.  He was able to get there as the sun wasn't quite up yet, and he hid in the shadowss along the way.  Following a small secret path up the cliff he was able to sneak into the lower rooms.  As he entered into the small room suddenly a great tiredness overcame him and he feel asleep at once on the floor. 

Now you have understand I’m sitting there this whole time and thinking ok what does this have to do with me and how the heck do I get back to Florida.  “I’m sure this will all make sense later, he explained as if he knew what I was thinking,  "so be patient".  Now as I said the chancellor fell into a strange sleep and when he finally awoke he thought  he may have slept for years but finding out it was only a few hours.  Once awoke he went outside and he heard no more fighting. It was quite along the castle back. Slowly he entered the castle from a side door and  crept up the hidden stairs to see what was about.  Coming out into the rooms dead lay everywhere.  He ran from room to room and still more dead though some were also Ralagars but more Alorian’s laid dead.  He ran to the upper rooms till he found the queen. She was lying  in her bed and he noticed for the first time a person was sobbing near her.  It was one of her hand maidens, though shaken up, was not harmed.  She indicated she hid the entire time in the small nook in her room until it was silent.  Then she crept down to find anyone alive and found the queen in her room on the floor badly injured. She placed the queen on her bed and tried to bind the wounds but knew they were too deep and she had lost so much blood. The chancellor went to the queen.  “My lady” he whispered, she opened her eyes slightly. ‘Sheena?”  she asked.  “She is safe my queen, whisked away to a place where she will not be harmed, Merlin himself made these arraignments.”  The queen not sure what he meant by that but was relived to hear her daughter was safe.  Coughing up blood the chancellor tried to keep her lying down. “How bad is it?” she inquired.  “My queen, I am sorry to say it seems all is lost, the Ralagars are celebrating their win, and are departing the castle even now,  A single tear fell from the queen’s eyes and giving the chancellor a squeeze on his hand, she died.  The maid cried even more but the Chancellor looked and her and told her to stop that much needed to be done.  He told her to go about and find out how many are still alive, we’ll need to gather up as many as we can, help thoese who need help and collect all the dead.  After what seemed like hours those alive numbered very few. The dead were placed upon a pry and lit.  The king who’s body was found on the valley floor was placed into a special chamber along with the queen and as with the other king and queens of old placed in the lower chambers of the castle.  The chancellor told thoes who were left that he himself  would look after the place.  Most of the people left alive decided to leave the castle and city with so many dead and there was nothing left for them to stay.  Many years went by, the Ralagars built a new castle to the north but everyone would stay away from here.  The Valley of the Crescent soon became the Valley of the Ancients as they said it's haunted by the kings and queens.  Slowly he city and the castle went to ruins till there was very little left and no one would know that a great castle was even here.  As written, when the chancellor himself died and he was buried up in the chamber above the king and queens and but some say he still keeps his watch to this day.”  He stopped again drank a bit more wine and then looking out the small window in the door he said.

“Come lets go outside for a bit of before the sun sets.”  Following him outside, the sun was beginning to set, a huge yellow and orange ball to the west and again my thoughts came back to me of how in the heck was I going to get back home as how did I get here in the first place.  As we walked  towards the center of the valley he indicated where the castle loomed and I could see some ruins lying there or some type of columns still standing.  But something else happened while I was standing there, it was almost as if someone was pulling me up the cliff.  It was very strong and very strange. Then I heard the voices’ whispering me to come and help it was like I was in a trance.  Suddnely something hit my leg, looking down I noticed something on the ground it was silver and I realized it was a ring. Picking it up it was silver with a diamonds and sapphires lined in it.  It was clearly a man’s type ring and was much too large for me. “Here look at what I found.”  I said showing him the ring. He did a small intake of his breath when he looked at it, turning it around in his hands.  Then looking up at me he said it was King Raylos’s ring.  “My child this must be a good sign indeed. To find such a ring is a good indication that you where brought here for a reason.”  I laughed and said “Well what in the world am I to do with a ring that’s way to big for me.”  Then he said,  “Remember the baby Sheena?  I believe she was sent to your world years ago and in her still held the magic of old, though not used but still hidden within her. It would be passed on to any of her children and her children’s, children.  So perhaps your an ancestor of the Princess Sheena.” He said.  Wow this guy is nuts, it was one thing to come here to find a new world and all that but to find out I might be a descendent of this Sheena girl?  Lord Tacken continued, “You see child it is written that a child of Merlin would be back and that child would find what was lost,  teach what was forgotten and destroy the witch so that the Alorians can return again.”

“What?!!!!!” “Hello, look at me, what in the world are you talking about?  Don’t you see me, I can’t do any of that.” I was starting to get a bit scared now and annoyed.  “I mean I’m a middle-aged fat women what the heck could I do.” But then the voices started again and the wind picked up and the pull to climb the hill became stronger.  Now I was getting very scared, thinking of home and my husband and my children and grandchildren.  “No way, I’m sorry but you got the wrong girl.  There is no way I can do this I’m sorry.”  I turned and started to walk back to the other side of the valley I was crying now (damm menopause and its mood swings) but I just couldn’t imagine myself climbing the cliff. The very fact that I was scared to death of heights is enough to make me afraid to climb it.  I mean why me, why not my younger sister Kay, she could hunt and fish she was an outdoors person she’d love the challenge.  Or my oldest sister Sherri, she was a teacher great with people always doing something.  Or ever my other sister, Lori, she’s good at talking to people and such.  I was storming away when Lord Tacken came running up to me.  “Its no good child, I don’t think you could get back to your own world until you finished what needs to be done here.”  He said softly.  “Listen” I cried, “How do you know about what was written, how could anyone know.” “Child, he started, the chancellor left  a great book on the last page it is written.”  You see he must have known this would happen.  You need to climb the cliff and find the tombs of the ancient ones, only then will you be able to return to your world.”  I knew he was right, I’ve read many books like this, but heck I’m just your average person, I have no climbing skills or anything to fight a witch with.  I stopped where I was turned around and looked at him. “I really don’t think I can do this, I mean why me? Why not one of my sisters or even my brothers they’re all descendents too.” I cried.  He placed his arm around me to comfort me, “I know child this must be difficult for you to understand but I’m sure there is a good reason why you where called forth and not any others.”  “Come now its getting dark and cold, let us retire into the hut.”  I followed him, down casts, scared, still crying and not sure what I would do. Entering the hut, I sat down and placed my arms on the table and laid my head down.  What was I gong to do. I was so scared, lonely, I don’t do things alone like this. I’m not that type of person. I’m not brave or anything.  It takes a lot just to ride a bike now days.  Lord Tacken brought me more wine and bread. Picking up my head I wiped my eyes, what good would crying do anyways. So blowing my nose, I drank some of the wine and I felt a bit better.  “You know child it might not be as bad as you think.  I noticed several footholds going up the cliff and a few ledges for you to rest on. And I think you pass yourself off less that what you really are.  Don’t give up so easily.” He explained.    He went about cleaning up the bowls we had earlier. Give up! How can I give up when I haven’t started anything? This was to ridicules for me to even think of .  I finished my wine and bread. Got up and went to the back room, washed my face and decided to lie down for a bit.  Lying there all I could think of was home, and family and I started to cry yet again. I never felt so alone in my life before. I needed my family, my husband; he was my real source of strength.  I finally fell asleep but the dreams came, about witches, and fighting and war. The voices seem to get louder and I could see castles and army’s about but if it was to make me feel better it didn’t. 

Chapter 2

The Ancient Tombs

I woke that morning, feeling as if I hadn’t gotten any sleep at all.  Splashing water on my face I went out and Lord Tacken was already up and making breakfast. I wondered where he slept I thought. He was making what appeared to be some kind of porridge with fruit in it.  I didn’t think I would like it as I was a fussy eater but once I tasted it I found that it was quite good. Unfortunately it didn’t help the pit in my stomach.  Sitting there trying to eat, I knew he was right, I knew I had to climb up the cliff and find the ancients tombs and see if I could find this magic that was lost.  But how was a girl like me to do it? Once I finished my meal I told Lord Tacken that I was going to walk outside. He nodded and went about picking up the dishes.  Walking around a bit I tried to find the place he said where the foot holes were but I couldn’t see any. Oh well, at least I should try to do some kind of stretches to limber up a bit.  Really more of a joke as my body doesn’t bend well.  Finally, I decided it wouldn’t do me any good to procrastinate so when Lord Tacken came out I explained to him I was going to try and climb up the cliff.  “Good for your child, I knew you would do it.  Here let me give you a few items to help you with your climb.”  He went back into the hut and soon came out with some items.  “Here this should offer some help”.  He gave me a small pick which I assume I would use on my climb; some gloves and a cloak along with a small shoulder bag with some food and drink.  I thanked him very much and with my heart in my throat I looked around the cliff to find the best spot to climb.  He indicated that a place not far from the hut would be a good place to climb, lots of foot holes and a ledge not to far up.  Now his idea of not to far up and mine are completely different.  Seemed like a 100 feet up to me, of course it was more like 20.  So saying a few prayers and just trying not to think about what I was doing, I started to climb. 

Again let me remind you I am a middle age women, no upper strength to speak of and very overweight. This climb, I felt, would be the death of me. Climbing to the first ledge wasn’t that hard as I sat there catching my breath and I thought perhaps I just might do it.  But looking up and the several feet I had yet to go, made me feel worst.  Standing there for a bit, I heard Lord Tacken yell out some encouragements to me and said that he knew I could do it.  So I continued on my climb, every so often his voice would come to me encouraging me.  When I came to the next ledge I was breathing so hard I thought my lungs and heart would burst.  This was not an easy job.  Lying on the ledge I started thinking how I was going to learn magic?  I mean doesn’t it take years to learn?  Books and such, would I have to read?  Would I be in some kind of time warp so I could learn it?  So many questions and no answers unless I made it to the top.  Drinking some water and eating some bread had given me a bit more strength and so I continued on. Now let’s just say I had a few more stops to make to catch my breath but I did manage to make it to the top which seemed like it took hours.  As I clambered up it took me a few tries to get my big body over the ledge but finally I was lying on top of the cliff trying to steady my heart and my breath.  Slowly I started looking around, of course not down, mind you.  I could hear a waterfall somewhere off to the east but small hills appear to be in the way of most things.  Finally I was able to stand up.  There were ruins around here, several columns broken down, weeds and the like had taken over.  You could see where a town might have been down to the east and there was a river flowing.  But so much had been grown or grassed over.  So now the task at hand, where do I find a way to get to the lower levels of a castle that’s not here anymore to find the tombs? 

After looking for about an hour or so I found a small mound that had a hidden door that was covered with vines. It wasn’t very tall really and it was easy to be missed.    Using the pick I was able to free as much of it as possible, it seemed only half the door was there and the other half in the ground.  I tried to open the upper half of the door which turned out to be very easy as it almost crumbled at my touch.  Now you have to understand, not only am I afraid of heights but also deadly afraid of spiders.  Ok some of you are laughing but to me they give me the shivers.  So finding a nice stick and using it to go over the doorway to remove any webs I started to climb down into a room.  It seemed to be a small chamber of some kind.  Not much was left in the room and at least it didn’t look like it was going to cave in on me. Once my eyes adjusted to the dark I noticed a light coming from another room below.  Edging over to the light and using my handy wand in case of spiders or webbing I made it down a few steps and notice a bowl with a light glowing like the one in the hut.  Moving closer I realize this was one of the tombs which I was expected to find. Whew, I made it to the lower rooms I hoped. It didn’t look like anything really grand a simply coffin made out of some type of metal but there was writing on it.  Looking over it and dusting it off, I was surprised I could read the writing which said: “Lord Everly Tacken, Chancellor to King Raylos and his wife Queen Illsa. Held his duty to protect all within.”  Then it gave some dates but I couldn’t make them out.  So could the Lord Tacken that’s been with me this Lord Tacken?  Great!  I’ve been with a ghost for the past day. That would explained how he knew so much of the story plus where was this book he mentioned about?  Of course it could have been taken somewhere.  It was the only coffin I could see in the small room but then I did spy a small opening leading down.  Now it’s not like I’m afraid of the dark and its not so much of the dark as to what may be lurking in the dark that frightens me.  So using my trusty wand I grabbed the light I slowly made my way down.  It was an anti-chamber with broken furniture other type of nick knacks. Nothing of great interest was in this room.  Going down to the next one it contained several coffins, eight in all. I tried to read the names on them but the dust was too thick and not wanting to use up the air I had I let them be; besides I needed to go find the first ones.  So I went down to a few more levels.  I didn’t keep track of how many levels I went down but the air was getting heavy and thick. I also had luck that there were no animals living down here at least not any I saw or heard. Finally I found an anti chamber that had several pieces which looked like gold and silver bowls, cups and other expensive looking pieces. Of course much of the tables and things were broken but the bowls and cups were still in one piece. I picked up one of the cups and examined it, wow it was nice, and this might fetch a pretty penny back home.  But without even knowing if I’d ever get back home again, I placed it back on the ground. Looking around I almost missed the opening to go down and then I knew I was in the final chamber.  The coffins were very elaborate, made of gold or silver. Eight were in this room like the others, three on each side and two on the one wall. I went up to examine the two trying to make out the names and the only thing I could make out of was “Mer” so I assumed that was Merlin’s. Looking over the other one I made out Queen Gwe but it was so dusty and worn down I couldn’t read anything else.  In the center of the room was a small pedestal where I placed my bowl of light on. 

Slowly turning around and looking at each coffin I wasn’t sure what to do. What was I to say? Do I open each of the coffins?  Even today I couldn’t tell you why I did this, but I got down on one knee in the center of the room and spoke out loud, which seemed really loud in the empty room. “Kings and Queens of my ancestors come to me and teach me the knowledge of the ways of magic so that I my find what is lost, teach was has been forgotten and remove the witch that has been living in Aloria.” Boy did I feel a bit foolish doing it, and with nothing happened for a few minutes I stood up. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Well it wasn’t what I expected, though to tell you the truth I didn’t know what to expect at all.  But suddenly the tops of the coffins started to move.  Now my first thoughts was to get the heck out of there and I did get ready to pick up my stick when I noticed that what came out of the coffins wasn’t a white ghost or some scary skeleton but men and women dressed in fine clothing coming out.  But as I looked closer I noticed I could see right through them.  One by one they came out in their finery I don’t even remember if I was afraid or more staring in wonder.  “My child I am King Kurt, 4th in line from the first, allow me to enter you so my knowledge of magic may be yours.”  Well I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I think I nodded my head, but then his body floated inside mine, even to this day thinking about it gives me the shivers. It was very cold to my very bones and I felt much violated as if my entire life was open to him but then I noticed something else.  It was as if memories or thoughts were suddenly entering into my head.  Now it may have only taken seconds for him to pass this information on to me but it seemed to take a lot longer than that to me. As he passed through me another came to me.  “Hello my dear girl, I am Queen Sierra, 4th from the first, allow me to enter you so my knowledge of magic may be yours.”  It was much like the first next was King Ryan and his Queen Isabella, once she finished the light suddenly got brighter some how.  Next were King Thomas and Queen Julia.  It was then I noticed the first King and Queen.  “My dear child” Queen Gwen, started, “I know this must seem like too much for you, and you have so many questions, but trust me you were the best chosen for the task at hand.  You will understand as time goes on.” “But,” I started, the Queen held up her hand to stop me. “Do not worry for you will be united again with your family and friends but the task before you is great and you will not be alone in this.  Now if you will allow me to enter you so my knowledge of magic may be yours.”  Of course I really couldn’t say anything more as she to took her place and then out again. There at last stood Merlin, very much what I would expect him to look like from our stories of him.  He was wearing a long blue and silver robe and with a silver sash tied around him.  His hair and beard were long and he seemed quite old.  At last he stood before me. His voice was soft yet I felt the power in it. “My dear child we have waited a long time for one to be ready to take up this task.  We called you now for you are ready to learn all that is needed to learn, to lead those that needs to be lead, and to have them follow you to remove the evil that has been plaguing this land for so long.  I will give you now all my knowledge of the magic that has come so long  down the ages of time. Will you allow me to enter you so my knowledge of magic may be yours.”  I believe I nodded but again I think my mouth was open the whole time in shock.  You would think by now I would be used to it but he seemed to be the worst and the longest.  Finally what seemed like hours they all stood in front of me.  “Now my daughter we have giving you our knowledge of magic, let it help you in the times ahead, do not forget and let it go idle as we had in time.” Then only Merlin was standing there. “ Child, he started, “I give you my Staff of Ages to help you in your task, use it well, allow no one else to touch it and when it is time to pass it on only you will know to whom.  Good luck my daughter.”  Then he too was gone the room seemed a lot darker now that they have left but there next to Merlin’s coffin was the staff, made of some dark wood, worn smooth, with an indent in the top of the staff.

As I picked up the staff two things seemed to happen, first, I felt myself change, my hair grew longer, my clothes changed from slacks and shirt to a dress, I felt myself feeling growing younger and even thinner.  Well now I thought, maybe this won’t be so bad after all.  But then a loud bang seems to come from every where and it felt like an earthquake. Not wanting to be buried alive in there I ran as fast as I could back up the steps forgetting about the light but I didn’t seem to need it.  Breathing hard, I climb back out into daylight, looking around I noticed a large pillar had seemed to come out of the ground and was standing tall near the edge of the cliff.  There also seem to be a flag on it with a half moon in white on a blue back ground and a sword over the moon.  Walking up to it I could feel the magic within the stone.  Then a loud cheer could be heard in the valley and turning I could see hundreds of humans, centaurs, fairies, elves, and dwarfs all standing there in the valley cheering at me. At first I was shocked who were they?  How did they get here?  But then it hit me, the one reason I was here.  I knew then what I had to do, I had already found what was lost and that was the magic now I had to teach those who forgot.  Coming up towards the edge of the cliff and looking down and low and behold, look at that stairs, by golly where they were earlier.  But anyway, I raised my arms and staff overhead and yelled out for all to hear.  “Hello my dear Alorians, my name is Crystal, descendent of the great kings and queens of old.” I shouted. “I have found the magic that has been long forgotten in this land.  I will now teach you this magic so you will all remember.”  Then with a great wind coming up I said the word “recordatio”      Well at least I think that’s what I said. Then the wind blew out among all the people standing there. Then a beautiful thing started to happen, they all started talking to each other at once as if they somehow forgotten how as I looked at them they all seemed to glow with a soft glow around them.  “All hail Lady Crystal, bringer of magic back to Aloria” I heard them say.  “My people,” I began, “As much as I wish this was better times for my return we still have much to do and prepare to defeat the witch that has brought evil into our lands”.  Our lands?  What the heck was I thinking, not like I’ve lived here or anything?  But they didn’t seem to mind and they cheered all the more.

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