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The wildflower of my memory has peaked in all its beauty (Adult)

As I lay beside you, I watch the dappled light,
streaming from the window, play across your form.
Memories of ecstasy - feelings that ignite -
burst upon my mind and leave me feeling warm.

The colored lights dancing in your hair, call to mind,
an image of a meadow suffused with blossoms bright.
Each strand appears to have wildflowers entwined
and leads my thoughts to realms of earthier delights.

My inward vision recalls an image of your breast
pale as Sweet Alyssum in the fading light.
Tenderly my lips move, over feigned protest.
I watch your pleasure grow as I tease and excite.

I paint a poignant trail as my tongue descends.
I feel you rise to meet me. I'm encouraged by your hands.
I journey to a place where pleasure knows no end.
I pause and gently rest my cheek among the strands.

Your petals softly open, anticipating love.
Reluctantly, the wildflower has begun to bloom.
Like an untamed floret taking sunlight from above,
it opens as it warms and releases its perfume.

Now I see the flower that only grows in fire.
I taste its honeyed flavor, the nectar of its bloom.
I gather in its fragrance, an incense of desire.
Closer to effloresce with each drop I consume.

Like the far off birds, your excitement fills the air.
The tender shoots of love have begun to open some.
With a loving heart, I have nurtured them with care.
I am filled with joy as I watch your pleasure blossom.

The wildflower of memory has peaked in all its beauty
and you lie in my arms, a flower held gently.
My ardor borne of love, not from a sense of duty,
remains as I look forward to journeys yet to be.


Line Count: 32
Word Count: 295

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