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A light-hearted, but serious poem about the wisdom of a fortune cookie. Yum!
A wholesome, delectable meal
Of noodles, assorted meats, and rice,
So deliciously boxed and taken home
For our eager consumption,
Is all-too-often, delightfully ended
With the ceremonious opening
Of a prescriptive fortune cookie.
For Heaven’s indubitable sake,
What can this quirky, mixed message be,
On this small rectangular paper
With lottery numbers on its back?

But we must be wiser and grateful
For this supreme education,
A slice of dramatic, incalculable wisdom
So neatly gift-wrapped in a small,
Tasty, worthwhile cookie;
For every human being
Has worth and promise,
A sprinkling of hope,
And the dedication and desire
To make all dreams a reality…
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