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Rated: E · Draft · Children's · #1542759
One creatures garbage is another creatures jewel.
Out in the ocean, where waters are deep, lives Lobert the lobster.
Lobert went out one day for a stroll. When he got to a large rock he heard a cry.
He followed the cry to find an oyster bed one oyster called out in pain.
Lobert went over and asked the oyster, “What is wrong?”
The oyster said my name is Pearl and I have a stone in my shell.
Lobert looked and saw the little white stone.
Carefully he reached out with his claw a pulled the stone out.
He looked at the stone and said how pretty the stone looked.
Pearl said, “The two legged things living above the ocean swim down to get them.”
Lobert asked, “Why?”
Pearl told him one day she heard them say that they would make something out of them.
Lobert asked, “They are nice stones but what would they be good for?”
Pearl said, “I don’t like them because they hurt, ask my friends here.”
Lobert heard the other oysters shout, “We don’t like them either.”
One oyster said, “Those things sometimes take some of us and we never see them again!”
Lobert told them he would find out what happens to the other oysters and the stone.
Lobert went to the dolphins and asked them if they knew about the oysters and the stones.
One dolphin said, “ I know one of the people above the ocean and they have a bunch of the stones around their neck.”
Lobert asked, “What is your name and what are people?”
The dolphin said, “My name is Flip and people are the things the oysters were talking about.”
Lobert asked Flip to follow the people who came down and took the oysters. Flip agreed.
Lobert went home and next day he went back to talk to Flip.
Flip told him that the people took the oysters to get their stones and then used the oysters for food.
Lobert said we must stop the people from taking the stones.
Lobert went down to the rocks where his friends were.
He told them about the oyster’s problem.
They decided they would take the stones from the oysters and leave them in a pile for the people.
Lobert waited by the oysters to see what the people would do.
When the people came down they found the stones and took them leaving the oyster alone.
This made Lobert happy. So he went to see Pearl to tell her about the people and the stones.
Pearl said, “Goes to show you, something we consider garbage can be someone else’s jewel.”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1542759