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Chapter 2! This one's based on Episode 3 of TDA titled Riot on Set. Using actual dialogue.
Duncan no longer talks to me. He won't even let me sit at the same table at lunch or dinner any more. Did I mention he switched bunks with Justin? I guess my query was wrong. (Make-Up Confessionals - Lunie) "Ever since Duncan shut up, I've gotten tons of love poems. My favorite? It's so good I memorized it!

'Beloved Lunatic -

For you, a fire blazes in my heart
So strong that the embers alone could bring a thousand hot tubs to a boil
So intense that it causes snowmen everywhere to despair
Let the bonfire of my love wrap you in its warmth
Only your kiss could quench the flames that so consume me
To you I pledge my love, my desire, my life*

- Secret Admirer'

*sigh* If I knew who he was, I just might kiss him!"

A paper plane flew out at me and hit me in the head. Another poem, this is the first one for about a week. "Holy sock puppet in a sausage factory! It's been awhile." She commented, admiring the poem. I could tell he put his heart on it, and smeared love blood all over it.

'My Love, Lunatic,

A gentle word like a spark of light,
Illuminates my soul
And as each sound goes deeper,
It's YOU that makes me whole
There is no corner, no dark place,
YOUR LOVE I found cannot fill
And if the world starts causing waves,
It's your devotion that makes them still
And yes you always spoke to me,
In sweet honesty and truth
Your caring heart keeps out the rain,
YOUR LOVE, the ultimate roof
So thank you my Love for being there,
For supporting me, my life,
I'll do the same for you some day,
My Beautiful, Dream Wife.*
Now that we are aware of our undying LOVE,
We must meet face to face,
At the forest, near the river,
Matching the pool of water in your decadent eyes.

- Not-So-Secret Admirer'

I was gushing. Simply, gushing. I had to meet him. "What's this?" Gwen eyed. "Hey!" She took the poem. "Aww~ It's been awhile he wrote you. You're gonna meet with him right?" Gwen asked, ignoring me. I nodded. "BTW, I completely blame you for Duncan ignoring me." Which made perfect sense because, you know it is her fault. "Yeah, I know. Sorry about that." Gwen apologized. "It's cool, the poems pretty much patched that up faster than I got my first stitches." I chimed.

I was waiting by the river, 7:05 PM. The bottom of the poem stitched, 'at 7, my darling.' I blushed re-reading the poem. "Sorry to keep you waiting, my love." A vaguely familiar voice cast in my ear. Making an attempt to be romantic, but doing an awful job. I turned excitedly, when I found the identity of the shadow, my jaw dropped to the ground. "Am I going blind?" I replied shyly. "It's not a dream, but I think I wish it was." Duncan revealed himself. My jaw dug 2 feet into the ground.

(Make-Up Confessionals - Lunie) "To my surprise, I was actually...happy. Happy to hear his voice. Happy to see he wasn't mad at me. Happy to see he was avoiding me to hide his love. Happy to see he switched bunks so I wouldn't catch him writing any poems." He didn't tell me these things, of course. Although these were realized as soon as I found out it was him.

Then, before I knew it, he grabbed me by the shirt, and kissed me. It was long, and wet. He pushed me down to the grass. And he wouldn't stop kissing me. Seriously, his lips never left mine. No matter how much I hit him in the back, no matter how much I mumbled signaling him to stop, and no matter how much I tried to push away, he wouldn't release. (Make-Up Confessionals - Lunie) "What the hell was that!?!" (Make-Up Confessionals - Duncan) "FUCKTARD!" He slapped himself in the head. Eventually, after about 3 minutes of non-stop kissing, I broke free, and slapped him.

"I thought you loved my poems." Duncan interrogated. (Make-Up Confessionals - Lunie) "I wanted to tell him that I did, and that anyone with as a complex mind to wove a poem as beautiful as the ones he wrote, I knew he was the one. But instead I just said," "I do, but you can't force me to kiss you!" I yelled in his face. Then, only then, have I ever thought that a giant knot formed in my stomach. "I-I'm sorry I yelled at you." I started to look away as I managed to choke out the apology. He got up and started walking closer to me, and hugged me. The knot started to loosen. "I know I'll manage to forgive you, the question here is, will you forgive me?" Duncan asked. The knot would only loosen completely if I said those 3 words, which I surprisingly managed to choke. (Make-Up Confessionals - Lunie) "I used to hang out with Duncan in juvy. One of my suicide attempts were apparently 'punishable by law' or whatever. So don't say that the relationship is flying too fast. Took me forever to convince Duncan to take me under his wing, and help me break out." "I forgive you." I finally choked. Let me guess, you thought the words were 'I love you?' What the hell is wrong with you?! It's only the second chapter!

Don't ask me how, but Duncan managed to convince Justin to give him his bunk back. All the guys wanted to bunk with me since day 1. I woke up a bit in the middle of the night, I think Duncan was dragging me. Since it was so dark I couldn't quite make out the details, so I just fell back to sleep. Duncan woke me up the next morning instead of Chris. I found myself being snuggled in his arms. (Make-Up Confessionals - Lunie) "I'll have to guess I tossed and turned around so much that I fell into his bunk. I dunno, I was asleep. Sometime during the night I woke up and- OH! The little perv. Oh well, I can't hate him for loving me." We were still lying there, I was blushing, and he simply smiled at my reddened face the way only he knows how. Which of course, made it redder than a tomato.

Next thing I knew, Chris was waking up the other castmates so Gwen and Trent could pick the teams. Surprisingly, I wasn't picked last. Gwen picked Duncan, Leshawna, DJ, Heather, Harold, and me. Trent picked E-Scope, Owen, Lindsay, Justin, and Beth. Which forced him to be one player short. Duncan greeted me with a noogie after Gwen picked me second. I couldn't help but laugh with him.

Our first challenge as a team was to make a movie. We had trouble getting the trailer up since DJ refused to bring it up the hill. But Owen for the Grips did it happily. And when that happened, Trent got cocky. He called Duncan, Gwen and I 'punk wanna-bes.' "Uh, that's just...just...no." I complained. "Not cool at all." Duncan translated. "No worries, we're taking Tre- er...that team down." Gwen remarked. Right when Owen got at the top of the hill, I had the idea that we all just go back and push. (Make-Up Confessionals - Lunie) "Ugh, WHY couldn't I think of that before?!" There's a first for everything.

We only needed one actor and Duncan was the only one that could fit the role. He denied wanting to do it rapidly but of course I convinced him. The Grips had Izzy perform the old lady role for the team. I saw Heather get a foot caught, and she was upside down. When I saw that Harold was the only one that would help her I burst out laughing. Especially since Harold called Heather "Ma' lady" like 3 times. (Make-Up Confessionals - Heather) "Harold might be annoying, but he's probably the only one I can convince to be in an alliance with. Right now, ma' lady needs all the help she can get."

"One, I can't remember these lines much and two, these lines don't match at all." Duncan sounded slightly discouraged. "It's acting. Just say what's written and look pretty." Heather said. Which I suppose was trying to convince him to keep trying, this didn't work. "DON'T call me pretty. The last guy who called me pretty ended up alot less pretty. Got it?!" Duncan warned. Gwen and I tried to soothe the situation. "Your not pretty, okay Duncan?" Gwen pointed out. "You look hot. Okay, you look hot." Gwen added, we started volleying compliments he won't get angry about. "Sexy~" "Stud-like." Is that a word? I saw Trent looking at Gwen like she was briefly insane. "Now that's better." Duncan chimed. "I can't believe they settled that so fast! Sometimes this business really sucks." I overheard Chris whining.

It was time for the scene to start. I helped Duncan put his costume together and right after that, it started right up. "When I was a young schoolgirl in Poland, frolicking through the fields in the summer sun, those...were my happiest days." Those were the lines!? No wonder he had such a hard time remembering them, they got switched up! "Now you listen, and you listen good! If your fighter doesn't go down in the first round, you'll be sleeping with the fishes. And uh...that's tough to do because...you know...they have no eyelids and it's hard to sleep. Hey, I can flip my eyelids. Anyone wanna see me flip them?" Izzy said. She captured the old lady voice quite well. But she could only remember one line. "I've lived a good, long, life. I've loved, I've lost, but what I missed most of all is my sweet goat. Shopa, oh ba...baa..." Duncan said. It was the most beautiful baa I've ever heard. I cried. So did Chef, and LeShawna. Duncan clearly won. Izzy got voted off, it's awful clear why.

I immediately hugged Duncan when he won us the challenge. Then, I rewarded him with a kiss.
*DISCLAIMER: I did not originally write these poems. The first one was written by Jeff Kinney and the second was written by David G. Kelly.
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