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A commentary & summary of the first two chapters.

Hey! This is Ashlee Moore, creator of Lunatic Fringe's Debut. Which had the first chapter re-written about 3 times. This was because, here I am with my lazy butt on the couch reading my first 2 attempts and thinking about my day dreams of Lunatic, and how badly her and Duncan's relationship started. It didn't match at all on the first two. I got the name Lunatic Fringe, from my town's local roller derby. The first time I heard that name, first thing I thought was suicidal maid. Watching TDI and TDA while looking back at that and it was like, poof! Here's Lunatic. In my daydreams she's a star in everyone's eyes except Duncan's because he's the only thing living and human that knows her. Also, she doesn't even start up in the series until episode 12 of TDI on the Killer Gri- I mean Bass *Pthb*. I haven't watched a single episode of TDI ever since I found the site that actually had TDA episodes and I was like, 'Oh my God!~' Since I heard that TDA was coming out in Canada in January I thought the U.S. was gonna have it in February since the season ended a month after Canada and that I could wait. But then March came around with 6 episodes already on the internet. Took me a week to find those episodes and now I can't stop watching them! It makes me so mad that they won't have episode 7 on-air until April! The episode I can't wait the most for is episode 9 though. That's when Courtney comes back. As soon as I find this out my mind races since I totally forgot about Courtney's existance until episode 5 when Duncan brings up the elimination. Courtney sued the Total Drama company for being forced off the show even though Harold forced her out. So, even though Courtney wasn't qualified for season 2, she still came back. Right when I heard this I thought, 'Fight's gonna happen between Courtney and Lunatic.' What you read, if you read any yet that was actually pretty obvious. Here's some mini-spoilers! Courtney challenges Lunatic to a karate spar since Courtney's a brown belt. But what she didn't know was that Lunatic has filled a black belt with degrees about 8 times. Chris wanted to add a reward to this quarrel. The reward for winning the spar is a private trailer with a hot tub, video games, cable, internet, and you get to share the trailer with Duncan. These things were listed in order and as soon as Lunatic heard the word 'internet' she charged up at Courtney faster than making a scab bleed. But as soon as she found out the trailer was being shared with Duncan after she won the spar, her heart nearly stopped. With Lunatic liking Duncan it depends how she feels at the moment to express it. As you may or may not notice, (I'm not sure how chapter three will turn out yet.) it's the weirdest thing when she's in the mood to express it because it's just that rare. You guys probably wanna know where I found the episodes now...so...they're at http://www.megavideo.com then search total drama action. I think that alot of people will like this fanfic since its so similar to the episode the chapter's based on so you can get a sneak peek of it.

Summary (based on the first 2 chapters):

Clearly, Duncan and Lunie's relationship starts back up on the wrong foot. Duncan is going ga-ga over Lunie and he can't even see it himself. Lucky for him, neither can Lunie. But for Gwen, it was a different story. Although, it sucks for Duncan that Lunie basically hates his guts until Duncan's secret is exposed to everyone, including Lunie, at lunch, the relationship dissolved. Duncan stopped talking to Lunie, and decided to admire her from afar with love letters. After days of continuously grabbing her attention, Duncan exposes his anonymous identity and forcibly kisses Lunie. It's just plain luck that she forgave Duncan for losing control. Or perhaps something even stronger than luck?

Commentary (again):

Writing is literally steadily coming in my blood. I have a wide range of ideas for books to write, I love writing poems the most. Writing for me started when I was about 7. The first finished short story I've ever written was, 'The Student That Wanted to Take Over the World.' The fanfiction that you read from me is the second story that can legally be accepted as a chapter book i've written. My first...probably 'Declaration.' Which was supposed to be a vampire chapter book. Most of the stuff that I write mentions tons of pop culture refrences. For example, chapter 2 in the Lunatic book, mentions a poem from Jeff Kinney's 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw' at the beginning. Declaration's first 5 chapters are basically finding the vampires and watching them die. The second sentence in the whole book already broke copyright infringement. It was talking about the disease the first vampire had, called 'SAVATO' which is a virus from 'Trauma Center: Second Opinion' which is the only thing that actually has organs in it that wont totally creep me out to see. Every now and then I watch some TDI on YouTube. I seriously refuse to watch any episode before 12 though since, in my opinion, adding your own personal character in your head makes the whole thing alot more fun to watch. The most fun, copyright infringement breaking idea I have for Lunatic Fringe's Debut is definately the sparring scene in chapter 8 (the chapter Courtney comes into the series). I am not taking any fighting scenes from 'The Karate Kid' or anything like that. There's this one scene from one of my favorite animes that's so unexpected which is why I always watch it! So, I decided to steal inspiration from that. For the sparring I was about to have them fight with tae-kwon-do moves since i've actually learned tae-kwon-do before, but I still remain a white belt. Plus tae-kwon-do has nothing to do with any of the fun weapons. Sure, there's nunchucks and knives (yes, this is actually used in advanced combat) but you can't use something cool like from the fight scene that I'm ripping off of, like a led pipe or ninja stars.

Well, it's time for me to sleep. Night night!~
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