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Just reflecting on what really is important in life

Sitting here in my beautiful and bird filled backyard listening to the water flow,
Gives me time to close my eyes and let all of the memories help me to know,
That friends and family really are the only things that are truly important in life,
And all of the other ups and downs are inconsequential and just cause us strife.

Being the youngest of four children in my family is the greatest joy by far to me,
And all of the tough times we all go through throughout our lives just happen to be,
The kind of situations that brings us all together at the end of the day, I must say to all,
It’s important to be grateful for the good times and the bad ones that make us bawl.

My sister was here with me the last three weeks and it made me a much better one,
We have some varying ideas and opinions sometime but, when it is all said and done,
One thing for sure, the blood in our veins comes from Mom and Dad and unlike others,
That makes us a part of the amazing group of individuals called sisters and brothers.

Our family is going through an extremely difficult time when one in our select group,
Is fighting a tough one, cancer that is, and that bad thing brings us all together like soup.
The bond that becomes stronger with each passing day is so amazing to me, I must add,
That I cry and I laugh at various times when I look around either happy or terribly sad.

I want to thank God and the angels above for sending us all so much emotional support,
We read Crystal’s pages each day and we pray for healing and answers, I must report.
Does she truly realize when she is so overwhelmed with all that is going on around her?
That there are people all over this big universe of ours sending her love – probably a blur.

It is our job to make sure things keep moving along for everyone and not just the one,
For so many around the entire group and family constantly feel the need to hide or run.
Let’s not forget Shane, the concerned and loving husband and father, who must wonder,
And the two precious children who feel trapped in a summer storm with rain and thunder.

Hopefully all of the people sending thoughts, love and prayers to the family leave room,
And don’t get so intrusive to forget the four of them need time to keep their love in bloom.
It’s hard sometimes knowing just what to do and just when to back off and let things be,
But we all can remember that as important as being close is - that it’s also nice to feel free.
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