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by Brem
Rated: 18+ · Novella · Fantasy · #1544798
A man who lost everything chose to become a vampire to end his misery.
                                               Chapter 1
      It was when I looked into her eyes as she bit me, I no longer feared death. As I peered into her deep dark eyes and she glared into mine, trying to search my soul to figure out what she was about to do was right. My life was horrible up to that point. My family ruthlessly murdered by a mad man, my business went into ruin, and everything I worked so hard to get went down with it.
I met Annabel a few years ago in a bar down the street from where I was living, a ragged little hole in the wall, serving all the old folk and other lost souls from the surrounding area. Annabel walked up and took the stool next to me, ordering some fruity drink called a fuzzy naval or something like that. I felt the eye’s of the other sad low life’s piercing the back of my skull like red hot laser beams as she turned to me.
         “You look like you can use some company.” She said with a small flirtatious smile.
I looked at my half empty bottle. “I’m not one for much company. I’m miserable enough as is with out you walking out with my wallet half way through the night.”
           “A bit rough around the edges I see, not to worry though, I can fix you right up. And I don’t need to steal your wallet; my late husband left me plenty when he croaked….” She stated as she took a sip of her cocktail.
         “If he left you a grip of money, why are you in this place? Shouldn’t you be in one of those clubs down town? Every one here hasn’t got anything or is too old to give a damn anymore.”
         “Because I know who you are…” She said, leaning in closer. “Ross Goldman. I know that your wife and six year old daughter were murdered 2 months ago, I know your store closed down, I know that you want to end it all….” Trailing off, taking a drink.
         “What are you? Some psycho bitch that killed off my family so you can have me? Is that it? Tell me, what are you planning on doing now that my whole life is ruined?”
         “Hush. No need for crazy talk, Mr. Goldman. I will go over what it is I plan to do once you take me back to your home.”
         “I’m not taking you anywhere, lady.” Scoffing and taking another hit off my beer.
         “Pity it had to come to this, Mr. Goldman. Hold still now, the next thing you will know, you will be laying down in your bed.” As she said that, she raised her index finger to my temple and I blacked out.

         As she had said, I was home, lying in my own bed. Annabel was sitting at the foot of my bed, giving me a smile when she noticed I came to. It was then I gave her a good look, noticing her beautiful voice matched the rest of her. Tall, full bodied young woman, lush red hair, green eyes, perfect skin, a girl that I thought only existed in my dreams.
         “Nothing to worry, Mr. Goldman, it was a harmless little trick I picked up. Now, we are home and safe from all prying eyes and ears. I am not human, and not a witch. To most people I come into contact with, I’m their worst nightmare.” She said, moving next to me on the bed.
         “I’m either too drunk or confused to even begin to understand what the hell is going on.” I moaned, feeling a bit groggy.
         “Drunk is more like it; I spoke with the bartender before we left. My name is Annabel, and I ran into the man who killed off your family two months ago. That’s why there has been no leads, no traces, no nothing. Ross, I am here to end all your misery.”
         “End my misery? I don’t think you or your dead husband’s money can bring my wife and daughter back from the dead.  I don’t know what the hell is going on, what happened back in the bar, or even why I should be listening to you.”
         “I am your savior, I am going to bring you back from the brink, I am going to turn you into what I am. I will answer your wishes to die, so your pain and suffering will end.”  She whispered.
         I looked at her and asked, “What are you? And why are you telling this all this? Am I supposed to believe your some demon, grim reaper thing?”
         “I am something so much more then a slave to the devil himself. I am one of a unique kind, that only answers to us and our kind. We live in the shadows, prey on the weak, and live like royalty like any immortal should.” She went on, making herself more comfortable on the bed. “I am a vampire, I heard your cries of pain and misery, and I am here to deliver from this world called reality, and bring you to mine to end all your sorrows.”
         “What you’re saying is, vampires are real and your one of them?”
         “That’s right, cutie.”
         “Shouldn’t you be out sucking necks? Not here, spilling your kind’s beans to me? What are you planning on doing? Making me your living servant to do all your bidding during the day?”
         “That wouldn’t work, you know too much to be my little bitch. I am going to turn you into one of us. I’m going to drain you to an inch of your life, and then I’m going to bring you back. When you recover, you will be a vampire.”
         “So, Annabel, it’s that simple?”
         “Sounds simple, but it’s not. When I bring you back, you body will begin to die. Even though your body will die, you yourself will keep on living. In a sense, you will become a zombie, and instead of being a mindless drone feeding off brains, you will have full control of yourself. Instead of eating brains, you will feed off the blood of others. Overall, the process will be painful.”
         “What are you gonna do to turn me?”
         “I’m going to do my best!” she giggled, crawling on top of me, looked into my eyes and bit into my neck.
         The pain was unreal, nothing I have ever experienced. I could feel myself slipping away as she fed off my neck. As I started to slip away, Annabel backed off, wiping off the blood from her chin. As I gasped for breath and not to black out, she pulled out a small knife from her pocket, making a small slit on her neck. Her lips were moving, but unable to hear a word. All I could gather as she put cut over my mouth was to suck the blood coming from her self inflicted wound.
         The copper taste of her blood was nauseating, at first. As I kept on, the thirst began to grow, I felt life coming back into my body, and everything else seemed to be coming back to me. Out of no where, pain consumed my entire body. I screamed and moaned with pain, no matter how I moved, the pain was unbearable. Annabel put her hands on my face to have me look at her. She then put one finger on her lips to hush me and all went dark.          
          I woke up after what seemed like only a matter of a few minutes. Annabel lying next to me, was glancing through my Times magazine as I started to get out of bed. As I moved, pain ran through my body, like being sore after a long full body work out. She looked at me and let out a small giggle.
          "Evening sleeping beauty, you’ve been out for the last two nights. You've must have had some twisted demons; I have never seen some one go through the transformation like you have. Moaning, yelling, crying, you made me work hard to keep all this hush-hush from the outside world."
          "Feels like I've been out only a few minutes, not two nights. Have you been up the entire time?"
          "No, I’ve been sleeping, but lightly. Had to make sure I’d wake up in time to do what I had to do. I’ve also been taking your calls and your mom thinks I’m your new girlfriend. I had to tell her something for why you haven’t been answering the phone, and told her that you caught a nasty cold, and that I’ve been taking car of you.”
        “How generous of you, just need to explain to her now, that we won’t be visiting any time soon. She will want to meet you, and knowing her like I do, she’s going to call daily. How do you propose we explain to her that we are ‘night’ people?”
        “Simple, we own and run a night club.” She giggled, looking at me. “I just find it a bit funny, you made that statement at the bar the other night. I used my dead husband’s money to start up a night club. Easiest way to feed each night, just grab some random guy.”
          “Glad you have our cover ready. And what times is it?” I said, trying to find my alarm clock.
          “It’s almost six. Still light out since summer is coming up, fine to go out though. We can be up during the day, but we just have to stay out of the sunlight. Walking in the shade is fine, if we have to walk around outside, and during sun down is fine too.”
          “Well, how about sun up? You didn’t mention that.” Scratching my head, I got out of bed and looked out my window, thinking, ‘Good-bye normality’. “Or is Hollywood right about that, we start burning up right away?”
          “As long as the atmosphere filters it like sun down, it’s not an issue. Rain is another good cover; the heavy clouds usually filter out most of what isn’t good for us.” She said, sitting down at my computer. “What’s your password, couldn’t figure it out yesterday.”
          “When the window comes up with the username, just hit enter.” I said to her as I head into the shower. “What do you need to check?”
          “If you didn’t notice when you looked out the window, its stormy looking outside, need to see if it’s raining tomorrow so we can see your mother, and avoid the nagging phone calls. I went through too much of it with my ex mother-in-law.” She said in a blunt tone, then looked up at me as I undressed.
          “You never saw a naked man before?” I asked curiously.
          “I have, just didn’t expect you to be so open so soon. Want me to join you?” she asked with a kinky, dirty look on her face.
          “Talk about being so open so soon.” I laughed. “When the thirst kicks in, how do you know? Is it like feeling hungry, thirsty, or the need to feed some kind of addiction?”
          “We are still a bit human, so yeah. We can still eat and drink some, but avoid eating and drinking too much though. Our bodies can’t handle food like when we were alive, food turns more into a substance like alcohol or drugs.”
          “At least we can still pass for human for the most part. So, what’s the plan for tonight, Annabel? We going hunting, going to your club?”
          “We are going hunting. You need to be taught what to do and what not to do. Then, maybe the club, all depends how well you do tonight on the hunt.”
          “Any chance you can tell me where we are going?”
          “Nope, you’ll see when we get there.”
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