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by Drake
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1544803
On a world far away, the future of a planet is decided by a forest dwelling nymphomaniac.

  The two moons of Halderon were full. The forest was lush with hues of dark green, plum red, and shades of azure blue. Tippman never liked traveling through the forest at night, but this commission was well worth it. He was a courier and certain benefits came with such a dangerous job. Depending on the job and what time it needed to arrive a courier could make oneself a good living. It was on this night however that Tippman would experience something few humans of the realm ever had.

  Deep within the same forest a brooding crew of strange folk amassed. One had the head of a cougar, another’s skin was lime green. To a human these beings were called the strange folk. The strange folk lived in the forests, deserts, and other places on the planet inhospitable to human settlements. For the most part the strange folk kept to themselves and never bothered the humans but lately a grand scare seemed to bother the humans concerning the strange folk.

  There were rumors of child abductions, killings in the dark, other heinous crimes perpetrated against the humans. The strange folk knew this to be lies and by the time they managed to communicate with a delegation of humans the damage seemed irreversible.

  The leader of the strange folk, a female V’ril Maiden named Wez’lyn, learned that humans were the ones responsible for committing these crimes. She tracked the lawless men and women to the realm of Lord Overbey. This city was amazing to behold, glass and steel spires shot into the sky, giant coliseums constantly held violent games to entertain the blood thirsty residents. One of the advantages of being a V’ril Maiden was that Wez’lyn could change her shape at will. She formed herself into a beautiful woman and found out first hand that this city was  a fascinatingly corrupt place.

  Massive round ups were held regularly to sweep pretty women off the streets and carry them off to the brothels to learn the subtle art of seduction. Wez’lyn performed for a year in such a house and learned to love sex, the human mating ritual. It was there that she earned the title of high seductress and was charged with teaching the new girls the lustful arts.

  She loved woman and man equally with the arts. Women would astound her with their many variations of shape and size. Their breasts, large, small, firm, or soft. A game woman was something to bow down to. The men, with their raw power to seize and conquer. She loved to be taken with reckless abandon, yet also found pleasure when a man cared a little for her needs. A kaleidoscope of partners found her, sometimes ten a day. Her house screamed with pleasure from the rise of the orange sun to the setting of the twin moons.

  Then slowly, her conquests began to change in strange ways. Feathers would grow from an old lovers skin, or a lion’s head would grow where once there was a humans. Records were well kept in the city and once Lord Overbey found out what seemed to be the cause of these mutations an execution squad was sent out to destroy Wez’lyn and her house.

  As the assassins entered the house a concealed warrior struck at them with a blast-sword, killing them instantly. The warrior ushered Wez’lyn and many of her mutants to the safety of the great forest where they settled. Wez’lyn was grateful to the warrior and laid herself before him for the taking. This great man took her slowly, relishing each moment of love-making. Each plunge deep inside of her filled him with power. As her old lovers watched the warrior brought Wez’lyn to the most powerful climax she had ever had. The warrior left her there the next day, walking back to his kingdom. She trailed him to a kingdom on the other side of the world dominated by a giant castle carved from a tree. She found out that this was the kingdom of Oak, and that the warrior was its King. She wondered if the king would change like the other lovers did but he never did, and as several years passed by she consoled herself by pouncing upon lost humans, making love to them, then keeping them locked away in her forest keep to see if they would change. Once changed, she would indoctrinate them into the ways of the strange folk.

  It was now that she sized up this man traipsing through her forest and decided that she would bed him. She had brought the others along to defend her if there were more humans. Now satisfied that she was alone she smirked and motioned for them to take positions around the perimeter to watch her conquest. This man was strong, a man of action, so she assumed a shape that she thought he’d find appealing. It was of a naked red haired maiden, laying half asleep on a warm bed of live-moss.

  Tippman couldn’t believe his eyes, a maiden of this quality, in the middle of the forest. He couldn’t pass this by, he looked at her in detail, she was so petit! Tippman's mouth watered and his groin grew warm. He crept up behind the girl.

“Hey there ye’ pretty. Where’ yer family? Why all alone?”

She whimpered. “My family’s gone, left me as a sacrifice to the strange folk. They think it will save our village from anymore pillaging.”

Tippman knew this to not be true. The strange folk were harmless, he had even taken part of some nasty work himself in the past for Overbey’s propaganda against them. Tippman sat his large rucksack down and unbuckled his belt.

“Wh-what are you doing?” The girl asked.

“Ye’r too nice of a piece to leave unmarked. I’ll be takin’ yer innocence this night.” The girl gasped when Tippman grabbed her with rough hands and spread her legs wide. He dove his tongue deep into the red bush of hair that covered her vagina and licked it madly. Wez’lyn loved it. Tippman, now delirious, took her hard and didn’t let up for hours.

  They lay exhausted, Tippman’s semen lay in viscous puddles all over the  little red haired girls body. She smiled wickedly.

This was not what Tippman expected from her. Wez’lyn showed him her true shape which was large and green and scaly with black pupil-less eyes. Too tired to run Tippman only stuttered in fear.

  Wez’lyn motioned quickly to her minions and they sprang out, strange and terrible looking. The strange folk attacked him, carrying him deeper into the forest where they eventually killed him for the crimes he’d committed in the past.

  Wez’lyn inspected the rucksack and discovered two large eggs. One was white, and one was orange. She nursed the eggs back in her forest keep and eventually they hatched.

  They were two humans, or what looked like humans. All except that they had no hair, none at all. She remembered what these things were and had an idea, a way to thank the King of Oak for showing her the meaning of truly great love making. She left the babies at the edge of the forest for him to find. They would grow, and provide powerful protection for him when they were older. This, for her king. 1226 Words.

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