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The 3rd ^^. Based on TDA Episode 4 titled Beach Blanket Bogus.
(Make-Up Confessionals: Lunie) "Good ol' Lunie Fringe. Suicidal but letting people come to me. Never went to them. And I just messed that 16-year streak up. Why? How the hell should I know?" (Make-Up Confessionals: Duncan) "Aw crap, knew it." I slapped myself, then him. "Lune~ Don't act like you hate it.~" Duncan teased. We laughed. That's a really typical fight in our friendship. One of the best things about it is that we have it, then laugh about it two seconds later. Yeah, we'd make quite the team.

"Oh, come on Lunie it's like everyone knows except you!" Gwen noted. I was confused as to what she was talking about. "Don't act like you don't know 'cuz we do." Duncan and Gwen chimed in unison. I heard crickets going off in my head. What we're they talking about? "Aren't you the one who said you liked him?" Gwen whispered. I recall. But I was talking about how we have such a great friendship. "You're kidding me!" Duncan nearly yelled at me. I shook my head slowly with confused warning. He slapped himself in the head. (Make-Up Confessionals: Duncan) "When it comes to giving people advice she knows everything but when it comes to herself she doesn't have a clue."

I can read people's minds like they're an open book. But at the moment I couldn't get any radar. Duncan sighed angrily and walked away. "What's up with him?" I questioned. Gwen walked away too. Once again, the world is against me. So, as ritual, I started my usual blood run. I began by taking an axe and chopping half my leg off. Then hopped on one foot, heading for the gate until I passed out.

This was my 101st suicide attempt. Another failure. You get used to it. This time I didn't even catch a single glimpse of the light. Always rely on Duncan to save my butt. I woke up to him sleeping on a bench not too far from me. He clearly found my shin because it was attached on my calf as good as new. (Make-Up Confessionals: Lunie) "Big shocker. He's always such a worry wart over me. I've had so many suicide attempts that I have my own private surgeon." He woke up, so I went back to pretending like I was still asleep. I was curious as to what he does when I'm not looking. He looked at the electroencephalogram(by the way, it's a machine used to examine brain waves, which proves SpongeBob didn't make it up) realizing that I was okay. He sighed in relief then kissed me on the cheek. "Never making the on the lip mistake again." Duncan said to himself. Smart boy. I pretended like I just woke up. "Thanks...again." I said acting dazed. "No worries." Duncan replied.

At lunch Duncan pranked Trent with the old salt spill gag. "Sorry about the 'Morning Assault' " Duncan chimed, then laughed. Gwen hit him in the ear. "3rd grade called. You're due back in class." She scolded. Based on that crappy pun she was right. "Nothin' a little pepper can't fix." Trent said. He spilled that too. He threw both the salt and pepper over his shoulder and it got Heather right in the face. I laughed right out of my chair.

Today's challenge was based on beach movies. The first thing we did was surfing. In a studio. It was freezing cold. Duncan started hugging me to keep warm. "Ah, for once your not shutting up is good for something!" Duncan sounded calm for once. Harold went first. "The return of some season 1 fan favorites," Chris began, "The sharks!" That was my idea. I can't help it! They're just too funny!

(Make-Up Confessionals: Harold) "I'm very protective of my buttocks. It's the low-center of gravity and the key to my many mad skills. Look, I can juggle my 'Magical Steve's Magical Trading Cards.'" He juggled them. "My booty and I are out!" Harold said. "Your booty has an opinion?" LeShawna questioned. "That's big talk for such a saggy sad little thing." Heather retorted. "Hey, this is a totally selfless acts. I'm doing this for my lady fans." Harold pointed out. "And by lady fans, he means his mother." Heather shot back. Harold then fell. Gwen, Duncan, and me laughed.

Owen broke the board and fell into the water which forced it all to fly out. So, the sharks had to take a break. We thought that made it easier, until Chris brought out a bird shooting gun. "Holy mongoose in a monster truck!" I yelled when he revealed it. It was Duncan's turn. I started walking away. He wouldn't let go. "Duncan let-" I began then he interrupted, "Please make this last." I hit him. "What in the name of this delicious bowl of Total Drama Cereal do you think your doing?!" I shrieked. Then he sulked to the surfboard.

Apparently we won the first part of the challenge. The next was a sandcastle building contest. We we're at the set for the first season, Total Drama Island. "Make it good guys, I really don't want the tie breaker to have to go down. Don't think legals quite approved it yet." Chris said. There was a test dummy that got hit with a boulder, then a race car. "If it does, i'll do it." I replied shyly.

I saw what Trent's team was doing. Trent asked for nine of everything on his castle. "Nine moats, nine flags, nine wicked jam rooms!" Trent exclaimed.
"At least his nine obsession can't be any worse than the me one." Gwen said.
"Four letters in your name, five letters in his, put 'em both together and you get-" Duncan was interrupted.
"Nine! He can't be doing everything nine times just for me."
"Dude does everything nine times. I'm guessin' its when he figured out you might like him." I pointed out.

While Heather, DJ, LaShawna, and Harold were working on the sandcastle, Gwen, Duncan, and me were tearing the bus apart from the inside. Gwen was removing a piece from the engine, then threw it in the bucket. "There, if we're stuck at the beach, at least we can stay in the cabins. Never thought I'd miss them." Gwen said. "I've always been more of a dismantler than a builder anyways." Duncan replied. "Oh, pfft. You just LOVE screwin' up," I was interrupted by a loud horn. "Stuff! I was gonna say stuff!" I replied guiltily. "Heh, we should probably disconnect the horn too." Duncan retorted.

We lost the sandcastle building challenge. "Some stupid birds ruined our sandcastle." Heather reported. At least I know why. After that we had to go collect firewood. As usual, Duncan kept following me. You get used to it. Suddenly we sat there, not too far from the lake, watching the full moon. Duncan found a sea shell. He started listening into it. Then he began shaving it. (Make-Up Confessionals: Lunie) "Don't ask 'cuz I gots no idea." I remembered that in the Girl Scouts(worst year of my life, thank you very much mother) that the councelor said that whenever you shave a sea shell your killin' it. "Don't do that, you'll kill it." I began.

He gently put down the shell and kissed me, like he didn't want to stop. There was no use trying to budge him either. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and his sunk to my waist. We were pressed together so hardly that the locket he gave me started to chafe. I pushed away, "Ow." "My bad, thought I'd never get to again." He was right. Because that was just insane. I hit him and walked back to get more firewood.

He kissed me...I kissed him back...Why? These were the thoughts racing in my head during the dance contest used for a tie breaker. "Oh, you gotta let me do it!" LeShawna begged. We decided to let her. The dance-off started. LeShawna can't dance. Just...just no. Never in public again. (Make-Up Confessionals - DJ) "I think I know LeShawna's REAL nickname back home...LeBOMBA!" (Make-Up Confessionals - Heather) "Prima Balleri-NO.~" (Make-Up Confessionals - Harold) "Two words, FUN-KY! What? I loved it?" Trent was a really good dancer. Too bad he twisted his ankle. At least, that's what he thought. I doubt you twist your ankle over a twig. Trent was trying to squirm on the ground to count it as dancing.
"That's not dancing!" Chris remarked.
"It's-uh... interpretive." Trent said.
"I interpret it is sucking." Duncan retorted.
So, we won by default.

Apparently, Gwen thought it was her fault that Trent was pretending to twist his ankle. "I don't want to be responsible so much of his mental distress." Gwen said worriedly. "If he has that many screws loose, you didn't screw any more of them." Duncan was referring to Trent's nine obsession.

I couldn't sleep. It just seemed physically impossible. He kissed me...I kissed him back...there was no reason why I did it. I drained the self-quarrel out of my mind with some music from my cell phone, and fell asleep to Universe and U by K.T. Tunstall. That song always calms me down. So does 1234 by The Plain White T's but that would set my mind back towards that quarrel.
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