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Find out what's the latest "going ons" in my life.

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My name is Cheyenne Kristine. I am a casual writer; I write only what I feel and nothing else. I am not too into fiction and writing novels. What I write is either poetry, prose, or personal letters. I found that writing is a good escape after a personal tragedy of mine. I am 15 years old; a freshman in high school. I live in the States. My electives are choir, French, and ceramics. I like to draw, but I don't think I'm that good. I love to sing, and I do think I'm that good. I'm a Soprano *Shock* Love it! Hrmmmm.... what else? Oh yeah my best friend are Sami, Jordan(darikana), Shannon, and Madisen. I LOVE*Heart* dark green and if I meet you, I will want to take a picture because I love photography as well.

What I'm Reading

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What I'm Writing

 One Month, One Day on Writing.Com  [E]
The first month here at Writing.Com
by Cheyenne Kristine

 Life Thread  [ASR]
My first Shakespearean Sonnet. The threads of life
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 The Highroad  [ASR]
A path traveled by
by Cheyenne Kristine

 "-less"  [ASR]
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 "-ing"  [E]
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Where I'm at on Writing.Com

The WDC Angel Army  [ASR]
Dedicated to promoting positivity, encouragement, and support to the WDC community.
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Cheyenne Kristine

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