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Just Tell Me Its At Least A Good Start
The hold we had our eyes had on another without even touching made my Knees quiver..I could not keep them form buckling, his eyes, my eyes locked &.. We Were Hooked, ( I was at a birthday party I think.) but as soon as he walked in the door he saw me, I saw him......... Our focus, on each other. I couldn't see anyone but, him. A room full of people just disapperad, and the rest of the time....

Well...., No I'd better start from this morning

At about 5'a Am this morning, I get a phone call. My sister Kate Shes the nosie one, any kind of trouble she's there. See, Shes a reporter for KETV 5 news you know, Kate Sharp. She keeps me informed, Parties, Who's doing what, and Whats doing who. You know shes kinda worse than a street cop. But with the head of a detective. Shes a city girl. So anyways, She calls me this morning because our annuel Easter hikeing trip, which was going to have to be canceled. There was a murder that had strange bites. Then she said "there telling me that i have to have a partner for this one!" Telling her (no!) was like pulling teeth just dont even. "Try it!" kinda thing. So she wanted me to go but when, I come in. I, do all the leg work go figure.

What?, Well here is the reason I will never go around A Helocopter. This Doctor saves lifes right and hes takeing the injured person to the chopper to be transfered to the burn unit, 98% of his body burnt crispy. I still dont know how he survied it. but, The doctor was putting him in the chooper (TOOK!) the worng step backwards ARM! and half his Dam'ed head gone! It was gross. I'v never seen someone's Brain fly like that ("CAUGHT ON TAPE!") and land where it did it was kinda creepy it was just 3 feet away from him, and, the arm to other side same distance the blood it was everywhere the people who where standing there the chopper it was everywhere all over the place! It looked like he filped, floped around like a fish fo a while, That was my first taste of whta it was. I will never for get it. At least the burn victum lived right.

Anyway so I say to my sister. "Hey its 5:30 in the dammed (Yes, Thats how I say it.) morning, I don't even need to be awake for another 4 or 5 hours, On top of that! I havent had a cup of coffe yet! she starts to apolgize but i cut her off by saying kate" Im up now (NO! Thanks To You!) so bring me a coffe!" Rolling my eyes. Then I hear sorry again. and says 'So you will be there right.' "Would'nt miss it for the world sis." How meny times have we seen a uncle turn 50?" "Never and we've only got two left out of three." She says. What did you get him? Mines better. I bet. and She really does talk and run together like that to. And sometimes it's down right wieard but, I'm used to it. I ask her where she is. and she say's. I was half way to your house but I had to turn around for coffe. With that smug tone in her vioce. "Hoo!.. I could slap her. When she does that Crap!" so I tell her to hurry, I'm going to get in the shower. I will see you in a bit k. "K bye." she says.

I hang up the phone and straech out to get the blood pumping and, jump in the shower. After im done ten sit ups, ten push ups, and ten pull ups. and when I get done with all that. I sit at my little table and chair and and this is all befor 6:30 in the morning keep in mind that even thought the sun riases are one of the seven wonders of the world to me, Im just to dam tired today. and i was only called for a clean up job twice,
Once was for a elder women Im talking like 60's at leaset. (She went peacefully.) and the other, call was a child that had cancer. Her mother told me I knew she wanted to die at home i just figured that i would have more time with her. and i told her " Nop it never works out that way." She knew it was her time I was thinking even though, I would never say that out loud to a greving mother.

So anyways im waching the sunrise, My sister walks in holding the cup of coffe up like it's the Holy Grail, or something. and says "this coffe is preasented to Aonna for her hard work and dedication in keeping dead bodyies from pileing up and not smelling the place up.) Hands me the coffe. with a smirck, on her so face, I ask her please have a little respect for te dead? and yes shes older then me, I know you can't tell I'm used to it. Im 25 and shes getting ready to turn 30 in 2 weeks. but shes been repeating 30 is the new 20 for 3 months now. and i just keep telling her, And you dont look a day over 22 years old. ok i will explan, or try to tell you what she looks like ummmmm, shes a fireiry, tall red head that is a tom-boy none theless freckles every where head to her toes. and if your thinking ugly you got another thing comeing to ya' and freackles on her face are a nice warm tan brown and in piles but... you can still see her pasty skin ok its the perfect amount of salt and pepper althought in her case it's cinammon and sugar. caues shes pasty its funny cause in summer she burns and thats it. She would kill me if i told her that. now she has freckles on her chest. but as far as anywhere eles i dont know about that but her back yes and her legs and even on her toes. and the funny'st part about my sister is shes five feet eight inches tall and thats frecken tall and why, is it so funny to me cause the average hight in our town that we call home is 5 feet tall it a good funny picture to picture so anyways shed punch me in the arm for that one.
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