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by hope
Rated: E · Script/Play · Drama · #1546067
5can't get along with each other & the world can’t tolerate them are tied in bond
Fairy 1: What were you thinking while put these five people together. They don’t match in anyway and you have tied them in such a string that they can’t get out of it even if they want to.

God: They are not in any kind of bondage they can get out of this at any moment. But you they won’t so why make them suffer like this. This isn’t a punishment they have a purpose for being put together. They need to learn a few lessons here and there.

Fairy 2: Really! Now what might those be? And anyway they don’t appear to be doing anything much than being obstinate and defiant.

Fairy 1: Do you think we should rise up a notch and throw in some catastrophes? That will probably help them realize these so called lesson that they are suppose to learn.

Fairy 2: No way……. not catastrophes! That will make them drift further apart. Lets just tweak the circumstances a little bit in there favor.

Fairy 1: Then they will get a false security and not realize each others importance. Pain, suffering, and bad times are a great teacher you see.

God: hold your horses’ ladies! First let’s look at the situation that has caused such distress.

(All look down towards earth)

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