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Just what is the royal color?
The Royal Color

A long time ago, when you could see every star in the night sky, the animals of the world became restless when an ancient question was asked; what was the royal color?
Animals didn’t have crowns of gold, nor rings or jewels of precious stones. The only way the beasts of the earth could distinguish royalty and honor, was with colors. But there were so many colors on earth, that none of the animals could agree on the most valuable one. Because of this, a war broke out between the countless creatures.

Two colors had been chosen to be the most worthy of the royal title. The birds of the sky and the fish of the sea had chosen the color blue, and all land dwelling animals had chosen the color red.

“Blue should be the royal color, for it is the color of the vast sky and deep ocean!” cried the birds and fish,

“No, red should be the royal color, for it is the color of the mighty sun and the clay of the earth!” roared all of the ground walking animals.

For many years the war raged on, creating hostility, chaos, and destruction between the two sides. Then, one morning in the dead of winter, the leader of the color red; the fierce lion, and the leader of the color blue; the honorable eagle, had a meeting of true on equal ground.

“This war cannot go on. We are tearing our beloved planet apart with this worthless question.” Growled the old
majestic lion,

“I agree. Something must be done to answer this impossible question. But who do we ask?” The noble eagle sang,

“We shall ask the wise, colorless one. He would have no preference to either of our colors, for he only flies at night and dwells where the ground grows cold.” Replied the great leader of red,

“Yes, the wise, colorless one has seen neither sun, nor clay, nor blue sky, nor ocean. He shall know which color of ours is the most worthy of being named the royal color.” Said the sensible leader of blue.

So it was settled. The two leaders of red and blue set off to journey to the place where the wise, colorless one dwelled. Finally reaching their destination, just as the sun began to set, deep in a cold, dark, thick forest blanketed with snow, the leaders both approached the ancient tree in which the wise, colorless one resided. Kneeling at the roots of the tree, both of the leaders called out;

“Oh wise, colorless one! We beg of you to answer our hopeless question, so that we may finally end our endless war”

The two brave leaders waited patiently for a moment, then they both heard something stir within the belly of the elderly tree.

“Who dares to wake me at this time of day?” Cooed the aged, white, snow owl.

“Please, great clever owl, we have traveled far to seek out your judgment on an age old question that needs to be answered. What is the royal color that represents all things regal, worthy, and honorable? We animals have chosen two colors that we believe are commendable enough to be this royal color. The animals of the land have chosen the color red, and the birds of the sky, and fish of the sea, have chosen the color blue. Now please tell us, oh wise one, which is the color valuable enough to be known as the royal color; red, or blue?”

The great white owl gazed intently and silently at the lion, and then the eagle.

“Neither color of yours is worth the title of being known as the royal color.” The great white owl at long last answered.

The lion and eagle were stunned upon hearing the blunt answer that the snow owl had given them.

“Neither? Are you saying that no color on earth is valuable enough to be the royal color?” The two leaders frantically asked, unsure of the owl’s judgment.

“I did not say that. I said that neither color you both chose is worth the title. There is, indeed, a color existing that I believe is this royal color you speak of, but no land animal, bird, or fish has seen far enough past their stubborn opinion to recognize this color. In order to create an equal, worthy color of the title you demand, you must combine both of the colors that you have chosen. The combination of red and blue creates a color known as purple. This is the color you have been searching, arguing, and fighting for. Purple is the royal color.” The great, wise owl explained.

Pointing with a sharp talon towards the waning sun, the snow owl established this new color of purple,

“Do you see where the burning sun’s red rays collide with the blue, vibrant sky, dying those clouds that beautiful color? That is the color purple. From here on, that color shall be revered as the color of royalty and honor. Only worthy animals shall wear this rare, imperial color upon their backs, showing the world that they have earned the right to be called royal. Now, go forth and let it be know. End this pathetic war of yours. I am now going to catch some breakfast.”

With that final word, the wise, colorless one flew off into the now darkening night, leaving the lion and eagle speechless. After a moments thought, both the lion and eagle watched the color purple leave the sky as the last rays of the sun disappeared from sight. Then they silently wandered back towards home to tell the creatures of earth about the new royal color, finally ending their once eternal war.
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