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A friend left me. This is all about it.
The fall
And original poem by Victoria
(Inspired by tune of love lockdown by kanye west)

You were never there
And you never cared
Guess it serves me right
For trying to fight
When it was clear
Your voice in my ear, whispering
"You know that you're weary."
And I gave right in
Was never a sin
But still foolishness
To be blind by this
And you'll never know
How far I could go
Because you lost your chance long ago-

I stayed at your side
Struggled 'gainst the tide
Systems overload
And I lose control
Falling into you
What I thought was true
But I guess I never really knew you.
And I held it back
Ignored all the facts
You swallowed me
You betrayed me
And I thought that it
Never mattered, 'long as I had you.'

But eventually
I could finally see
Sure must be a pain
To lose you own game
And I'll scream it twice
Make you recognize
That I've been down this road before
And I'm running out
Never hear you out
I finished with you
You sure know it's through
Can't blame me this time
Sick of that same line- I'm sick of you.

A farewell oath to a former best friend.
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