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A look into the Activities of humanity, and eternal placement in life.

Through the eyes of man, the eyes of the living soul which was a product of the creators hands, has spawn an eternal abyss. A place where understanding ceases to exist, where knowledge thrives on foolishness, and where wisdom is mere guess work instead of insightful vision and light. The being called man has invented ways in which to suppose his existence and also to imagine his future, one that he could not possibly see or know. I mean all knowing belongs to the creator of knowledge, so how could man ever put himself in the shoes of the creator? Those are humungous feet to compare to a tiny size 24, or rather the biggest foot of any human being. Man has spoken of life like it was created by him, and has become more infatuated with the gift more than the creator who gave it to him; the same creator who said that he is life itself, a life that can only be obtained in fullness when you acknowledge the giver; the one who is the ultimate source. Ask! But who in all of creation can answer the ultimate question though? Who can say what life is? Why so many theories on what the gift of being should be, or what it could be, or what the self wants it to be, and not what it is? If all these questions cannot be answered by man and can only lead to more questions then we must turn to the one who created the life itself, the Holy one of creation, the Almighty, the all powerful, the first, the last and everlasting.
One might ask then how do you approach such a being? How do you converse with something you cannot see? Where is the creator? If I could know where he is then it would be easier to talk to him and ask him what I needed to know, right? Questions upon questions upon questions could be asked on how we might want or need to talk to the almighty, but still with all these questions an answer is not found. Then ah hah! The answers would begin rolling in from every religious and non religious stand point on this green earth; every mind would want to explain what the self knows.

Some would say get on your knees and pray, some would say just talk to him like a normal friend, others would say meditate and focus all your energy on listening, heed to your conscience, close your eyes and imagine a conversation, while some folks would just rather say that the creator doesn’t exist as the list goes on and on and on. With so many people having so many different answers which is the right one? If everybody is talking and stating their opinion, how can you hear when the almighty speaks to you? His voice is as clear as an explosion in the center of an abandoned city, yet because of so many other voices by people who wish to speak for the almighty the message gets lost and doesn’t get to the receiver. I’m one of those persons because I’m giving you another point of view to look at; this is another voice that you will hear. Is it the right one? That however depends on how much you search for the right voice. Cheer up though because only the faithful ones will take heed, have patience and listen, those who wouldn’t have given up a long time ago on what the right voice should sound like. Others have become weary and they have held on to a voice which was right to them at their situation in a certain point of time and have stopped their journey on the pathway called life.

A long time the Good shepherd has been calling his children home, and a longer time he’s been waiting for us to listen to what he’s been saying for so long, yet we’re still pre-occupied with living our care-free (free of care/caring) imaginations. And if our lives aren’t care-free we live in worry of tomorrow and the fear of not knowing. What don’t we know? Are we so concerned with our bodies and what we should eat, or what we should wear or where we should live, that we don’t realize the thing we really don’t know is the love of the Almighty creator? “He takes care of the birds who do nothing but eat and sing praises, so why wonder and worry about yourself so much?” This is the same thing that it says in the bible, but how many people actually listen to what the bible says? Oh I get it, that’s not how the world is right? So why don’t you act and make the world what it should be? Go back to what you know, what you were born with, and not what you’ve learned through a world which unjustifiably kills and destroys the bodies as well as the souls of its own people. Reality as we see it is not one run by love, but by fear and lust for power by robbers and murderers of the laws and will of the Almighty. All is a part of the Almighty’s plan, but how long will we stand aside and see our lives fold into nothing while we look to fill our bellies and souls with the vain and temporal things of this world. What is immortal the spirit or the body? Where is love in the heart or in the gift? Realize where you are, search for where you came from, and make steps to where you need to go. We’ve been cut off from a very special gift because of our own imaginations and lusts, yet we still search after those same things and cut our selves even deeper. Are you ready to make a change yet? Or do you still need to see more damage being done to yourselves and those around you for you to start thinking about what reality is? Is this reality? Or is there something more to come, some sort of afterlife? How can you know what is real unless you search for what is not real; or what is in dead existence? And if you never search how can you say what is real or not? “Loving a lie, not realizing in Adam all die” – Lauryn hill.  So many questions and so little answers or so much to say and do, and not enough time to say or do it in. This is the basic mindset of man today, a mind of indolence (laziness), and a mind of action without thought, or should I say movement without knowing where you’re going or coming from; of course action without thought, thorough thought is foolish because your action will only be for the effect and not the result. We’re treading on some shaky ground and not using our minds the way that was initially planned for them to be used; it’s all an imagination people of lights, camera’s and unsound action. WAKE UP!!!
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