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A ghost story from before moving to the Soo
Things Would Go Missing 

The house that my ex-wife and I had purchased was haunted. I think it was the spirit of the original owner. You see, the house was built in 1949. It was purchased by a couple right after it was built. These people raised their family there, until he passed away. Shortly after that she was placed in a nursing home by her family. Shortly thereafter we bought the house. We fell in love with the place as soon as we saw it. It had a unique layout, with the fireplace in the dining room. It also had an ambience about it.

Just after we moved in, however, strange things started happening. My ex-wife would be watching television and the channels would change on their own or the thing would shut itself off or, if no-one was watching it, turn itself on. I thought it may have been the batteries in the remote, so I changed them. That didn’t help. A while later the tv quit working , so I figured “ah-ah”. We went out and bought a new one and were shocked to find that it did the exact same thing.

I love to read and my favorite spot was in the dining room, next to the fireplace. This just happened to be at the bottom of the stairs to the second floor. I would do most of my reading when I was alone in the house because it was quiet. While I would be sitting in my favorite spot I would hear footsteps on the second floor. These footsteps would move down the upstairs hall to the head of the stairs and start down the stairs themselves! Of course, I would look to see who was in the house, knowing I was alone. The footsteps would proceed down the stairs to the point where I would be able to see someone from where I was sitting and then stop, yet there was nobody there; that is, there was no body there.

Things would go missing around the house. Sometimes we would find these things later in a different spot, sometimes we wouldn’t. One time my ex-wife and I were preparing for a barbeque. We  had gone to the store and bought tin foil, baked potatoes, sour cream, all the things one would need for a barbeque. When we got home we took everything out of the bags and put it on the kitchen counter. While I prepared the salad my ex-wife put the corn on the cob on the stove. Then she turned around to get the potatoes so she could prepare them and they were gone. We looked all over the place for those potatoes. They were nowhere to be found. So, assuming we had either lost them or left them at the store my ex went back there and ended up buying more. After she returned she got the potatoes ready then went to grab the tin foil to wrap them in and it was gone as well. We searched high and low for it and could not find it. I should mention here that we were having guests, so we wanted everything to be just right. Well, back to the store I go this time for more tin foil. Now everything seems to be going more smoothly. The steaks and tin foil wrapped potatoes were cooking on the grill, the corn was boiling nicely, the salad was ready so we decided to set the table. We got everything out and on the table, but when I went looking for the sour cream; yup, you guessed it, it was gone! Again we searched with no results; back to the store again. We did finally get through that frustrating meal. For a long time afterwards we kept these missing items in mind, but we never did find any of them.

  My wife and I split up in 2002. I moved out of the house and she stayed. I wonder now and then if she still experiences the things that we did. I also wonder if she ever did find our missing barbeque.

Dean Drouillard
Sault Ste Marie, On
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