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a fiction novel based from mythology and comical events
Near the beginning of our time thier where seven civilizations. The civilizations were all indeed powerful and had many quarrels. However, they stood there differences aside until the eight notable Kami; Amaterasu the sun goddess, Inari the god of the foxes, Kotoamatsukami or Sukami the primary Kami trinity, Izanagi the first man, Izanami sister and wife of Izanagi as well as the first woman, Suzanoo god of the storms, and Sarutahiko Kami of Earth commonly known as Tahiko all gathered together. Amaterasu said that they were growing old and they would no longer be able to protect the planet of Ichiero so he suggested for each of the gods to seal their powers in the orbs of compressed energy called Kamichie all of the gods agreed. However, Susanoo planed otherwise he had the legendary power to manipulate any dragon unlike the dragoons who can only manipulate the wyvern but he wanted more. He wanted to rule the country side and he wanted to do it alone. Susanoo was the youngest and most foolish of all the Kami. Inari knew Susanoo's evil ways and knew he was plotting another sceme. So Inari the most powerful of the Kami planned a sceme of his own. Inari had fox magic and was going to decieve the foolish Susanoo. After the meeting there was a ceremony of sacred chanting so that the material used to create the Kamichie could absorb thier powerful bodies. The two followed along and just before the chant was over they spoke a wrong chant so i would not work on them. Inari then murmered a quick fox magic spell and vanished creating an image that he had to been sucked in the Kamichie. Thus it all began.
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