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by JudyB
Rated: 18+ · Assignment · Drama · #1548440
Janie wakes up to find herself in a living nightmare..confused and scared!
Note: This story is very out of character for me..a definite "first" in this type of writing.

Beginning: Janie awakens confused
Setting: An eerie, dark place
Plot: Janie struggles to learn where she is
Ending: The one person who knows the answer to her question

Janie groggily awoke in a state of confusion. 'Gosh, it's still dark,' she thought to herself. 'Wonder what woke me up?' Then, as her eyes were open a crack, she began looking left, right, up and all around, hoping to see something. Reaching to turn on her bedside lamp, her hand smacked into something hard and unyielding. "What the..?"

Now fully awake, but still without so much of a ray of light to help her see, Janie began to panic. Trying to sit up, she promptly bumped her head on something that was right above her. Whatever she was lying on was comfortable, but she wanted to to get up and turn the wall light on. Besides, she needed to use the bathroom. She'd had a lot to drink at the bar ... so much that the cute guy she'd met there had insisted he drive her home.

She remembered nothing beyond her inviting him in where they had both enjoyed another drink. "Hmm," she thought to herself, "I don't actually remember him ever leaving, let alone going to bed!

From somewhere Janie heard the phone ring. "I've got to get up and answer that phone!" she complained aloud to herself. Now more determined than ever, she thrust her legs to the right to run for the phone. WHACK! "Ouch!" she yelled as her legs slammed into something which wouldn't budge an inch. Frantically, she began flailing her arms and legs, desperate to learn where she was.

Wherever she was, Janie quickly surmised that she was no longer at home in her own bedroom. The fear of not knowing where she was quickly grew, and she began hyperventilating. It was then that she felt something hard in the pocket of her jeans. With her hand quick to retrieve it, she knew it was just what she needed...it was her miniature flashlight. Pulling it out, she breathed a momentary sigh of relief when the light came on. Just a mere little bulb, but after being in complete darkness the small light actually caused her to squint.

Relief turned to horror, however, when she clearly realized where she was. "Oh no, oh my god!" she screamed. "HOW, WHEN...WHY?" She nearly fainted, falling back onto the silky, plush cushion. It had felt so comfortable, but now she realized it was likely her final resting place! She began beating her fists on the walls of the casket, hoping beyond hope that someone would hear and rescue her.

Someone did hear her, but of course, he would not respond to her muffled cries. Little had she realized that cute guy was also a crazy guy, that he had slipped a knockout drug into her drink when they had gone to her house. Living in a remote area as she did, it hadn't been hard for him to carry her to his van and get her neatly tucked into the coffin that he had made for that "someone special." From there, it was a short drive to his house where he could move her to the basement...to join the others who had preceded her.

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