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Pink and purple. What do these mean to you? This is a story where these are your life...
Pink and purple


Pink and purple. These colours may not mean anything to you. But these are what this story is about. The story that is about to be told. Just imagine these colours are what your life is based on. You live in a world that is divided into two parts. A world where, soaked into your skin, is a silk texture, making your skin either pink or purple. A world where if you were a purple person, you would turn into a pink person if you were covered in hot water. Whereas if you were a pink person, you would turn into a purple person if you were covered in cold water. A world where the planet does not move, leaving the sun shining on the purple side and the pink side in darkness. The purple people are kind, helpful to each other. The pink people are nice to each other, but have been planning a war all these years. The pink and purple people hate each other. A grudge has passed over these years. They live on either side of the planet. The planet’s name is hjtyu. It orbits round a star called sirius. the purple people aren’t mean enough to wage a war over the purple people. But one person is about to discover something that will shock them. He knows that the pink people will find out. So he decides to tell the others. And then he does something so shocking and appalling to the purples… there is only one thing to say. It doesn’t help at all.


“oh, darling, why don’t I help you clean out the hsu?” mrs ygr thoughtfully offered to mrs ypt. the hsu was a sort of huge lake made out of hut. hut was this thick green slime that would be impossible to escape out of. The more you struggled, the deeper you sunk and got stuck. The hsu was like the north pole of the planet. It was in one half of the purple people’s side and in one half of the pink people’s side. “of course!  I would love some help, thank you!” mrs ypt replied gratefully.

Jni loved walking by the hsu. It was massive. At least fifty miles wide. Walls made out of jkt lined the outside, keeping the deep pit of hut in. the hut was at least one hundred meters deep. The jkt was about half a meter high and was made out of slate. Jni walked around the wall. He was walking out into a deserted place. The ground was made out of sand coloured soil called dfg. He was not too far away from the pink side of the world. He wanted to have a peek into it. It was only about one hundred meters away.
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