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by Krie
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Why I feel www.worldrps.com is the best website
         The sweat beads upon your brow like brackish bullets. Your breathing grows shallow as the fire of the competition increases with each gut-wrenching second. Strategies scurry about in your mind, and you struggle to hold onto the continental breakfast you consumed this morning. You repeat the patterns silently, keeping an aloof attitude and a stiff upper lip, praying your opponent doesn’t catch on so you can win the ultimate prize. This is what you’ve trained for all year long…and you more than likely would have never known such a thing existed, if it weren’t for one webpage guiding you down the path of destiny: www.worldrps.com, the home of the World Rock, Paper, Scissors Society.
         The World Rock, Paper, Scissors Society, or World RPS Society for short, introduces concepts that make this sport far more than mere child’s play. Founded in 1918, the Society is rich with history and flush with information on how to incorporate RPS into many aspects of life. We’ve all played RPS as children in the schoolyard, trying to decide who’ll get to jump rope first. However, worldrps.com goes beyond the simplicities of youth. Sure, novices may think the game is only one of pure chance, but serious players understand the complexities involved with the numerous strategies of outwitting your opponent. On the website, you’re introduced to concepts such as throws (rock, paper, scissors, respectively, and how to properly form them with the hand), gambits (pre-selecting three throws in a row to employ a specific strategy), personalities behind the throws, and how to throw your competitors for a loop with various fake-out techniques. Most importantly, it explains why RPS has such significance in our lives, even if we don’t actively contemplate such. RPS is, in fact, gaming at its most basic level, according to the site. The rules could not be more uncomplicated…and yet, you can apply RPS to even the most important decisions you could ever make in life. It may not be so ridiculous as to imagine that wars could be determined by RPS, now would it?
         Therefore, I feel that worldrps.com is the best website on the vast, expansive internet. It enhances your knowledge on a game you’ve known how to play since childhood, and it shows how anyone, with enough hard work and determination, could become the next World RPS Champion…or just a more effective decision-maker in general. Learn how to better play against your friends and colleagues, any Joe Schmoe on the street, or even against the computer (yes, there’s a simulation you can use for practice on worldrps.com); but above all else, if you take away anything from viewing this website, know that even the simplest things in life can be the most powerful tools when applied correctly. RPS has been around for years…do yourself a favor: don’t remain ignorant towards this sport. View worldrps.com today, and save yourself some grief the next time someone smashes your Scissors with their Rock. It could be the most fantastic decision you’ve ever made for your life.
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