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A Knight's thoughts regarding his special woman penned as only he can.

Disclosure:  This piece was penned by The Knight Has Found Romance and I have taken the liberty to enter his lovely poem in a contest :

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Hoping you enjoy it as much as I did.

*Heart* * *Heart* * *Heart* * *Heart* * *Heart* * *Heart* * *Heart*

I know a woman strong and gentle, lithe and full of fire,
with a flame that I have kindled with my words of lost desire,
who tells me I've consumed her, filling all her heart with light,
whose name is upon my lips as I close my eyes at night

She speaks of hidden wanting, of a great and intimate dream,
in which I feature highly and am held in great esteem.
A scene that plays out warmly with the force of lonesome heart,
and I cannot help but be with her though we're so far apart.

I see our first new meeting, rushing to each others arms,
a passion that arises like twin building thunderstorms,
but passes like the first spring rain o'er field of wheat and flower,
our hearts would sing in tune upon, our first united hour.

I know the height of courage that it took for her to tell
a man she's only spoken to, that into love she fell.
I share her aching, ailing, heart and soul, for just another
chance to show and learn, just what it is to be a lover.

For gently I would take her, in the morning or the noon,
or in the softened twilight, in the comfort of her room,
lying there, on silken sheets, her body next to mine,
allowing her to enfold me, her limbs and mine entwined,

I hold her, kissing, wondering, after passion's wave did break,
after learning of my body the path to my heart she'd take,
but then I'd say this she knew and already did her part,
for to know of my body, she must surely know my heart.

That day, that sweet romantic day, when we two meet at last,
may not come for years, if ever, or it may be coming fast,
for which of us can say when happenstance will make it plain,
that we're supposed to meet and love, and meet to love again.

But on that day, so sweet, sublime, when you hold me close and tight,
when we sit and talk and walk and laugh, and make love in the night,
THAT is when we have and hold from our prisons flying free,
and that is when we'll know that WE are truly meant to be.

*Heart* ~ *Heart* ~ *Heart* ~ *Heart* ~ *Heart* ~ *Heart* ~ *Heart*

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