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Part 2 for Sunnystarr of a secret pal surprise
by Steve Cope
A secret pal surprise!

Sun, moon, stars, all are
Uniquely created and situated.
No big bang could have given such a scar
Nor any bomb the sun initiated.
Your secret pal did win a bid and
Said this is what you are to do.
Take all the package and deposit it
At the doorstep of my secret pal.
Request complied with swift and true
Right thing to do because this package is for you

Sunnystarr from your oh so secret pal.  Upon this writers site this will be displayed.
A copy sent to you for your site as well if you wish.
Not stopping there you will receive too in the snail mail
Drops of ink and photo's too of your name an acrostic.
Soon to take flight your way, I think it's going by courier pidgeon.

Sunnystar the Sands of time do pass and to you is presented this Acrostic of your handle.

Sunny in the English means Sunny.  Oh how bright.  There is a photographer in Sunny Bak.
Starr oh so astonishingly means Star in the America!  Oh how light.  Talk show hostess and attorney Star Jones.
Put your names together and you have BrightLight!  ha ha.

Seriously though the important thing to remember in this all is that God loves you, and we do too.
Congratulations on receiving this secret pal surprise!
Steve C,
servant in Christ
His Servant Ministries
Copenator Crew leader
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