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by tj16
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Love is something that comes once in a lifetime.
    When John Hill started dating that witch of a girl, Angelique, I thought it was a fluke; a mistake that would never work out. At first I was wrong, but now I know the truth.
    It was a mistake. Now John barely talks to anybody, including me, his best friend.
    He's isolated himself from the people that love him. He is a changed man because of her. The back stabbing, cheating whore destroyed the guy I loved.
    Of course any guy would over look me, Patsy Wisner, over Miss American Angel herself. She's blond, has fake breasts(not kidding), and isn't completely brainless. She has the whole package, and yet she is one of the biggest jerks in the world.
    She dumped John so she'd be able to date a senior. What kind of person tells a guy she loves him, and then breaks his heart the next week to date some random guy?
    The fact is I'm am completely, intolerably in love with John. I'm the milk to his peanut butter and jelly. I'm his sweetener to his lemon ice tea.
    I'm close enough to look, but I am never the one who he will love. I know that, but that doesn't mean I can't still love him.
    Oh he loves me. The problem is that he loves me like a sister. A little sister. The girl a person watches after to make sure that nobody ever hurts her. It is so cliche but true. The truth will set you free, but I don't have to accept it.
    Tonight though I'll tell him how I feel. I'll let him know that I still love him. Even though Angel never did, I will always love him. Then he will stop being numb around everyone. If he keeps going like he is then I don't know what will become of us. Or what will become of him.
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