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by tj16
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We mold love into something. For Angel, it's a weapon.
    Love is a tool people use to further themself in life. Everyone knows it. Still they try to avoid the truth about it. Men use it to have sex, and I use it to recieve whatever I want whenever I want.
    John knew from the begininnig that I wasn't in it for the long hall. Is it my fault he fell madly in love with me? I think not.
    It is for the best. He was so clingy about everything that we did together. He is lucky I put up with it so long.
    His stupid friend loves him anyways. She watches him from behind her big oval glasses with those puppy dog eyes. It's sickening. The funny thing is that he never really talked about her with me. I was his girlfriend and he completely forgot about his best friend when we were together.
    They will never have a chance together. He barely notices her like that because they have been friends since like the first grade. Patsy really doesn't see how he feels about her or maybe she does. I bet she chooses not to notice the way he looks at any other girl but her.
    I do kinda love John, but we're in high school. How invested can we be? I have my whole life ahead of me. My acting career will get its big start soon. Maybe I will star in some daytime Soap. Who knows? I already play the leading lady in the school play. The next step is playing lead in something big like a movie.
    Hopefully John ends up with some chick as desperate as him to be loved, but for us it was not meant to be.
    Patsy, on the other hand, doesn't deserve anybody. I think she needs a wake up call. She is living in this little fantasy world of hers. Sooner or later someone or something is going to have to show her what real life is like. It isn't all cotton candy and rainbows. She will she the light.
    Neither of them now what real pain is. I've been used so many times before. I changed and became the user, or I would not have survived this long. They will never know the real definition of pain and suffering. I might not even know extreme pain, but I know enough.
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