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Cottonblood needs it for my evaluation.
Part 1

"I'm telling you Jean, I'm not funny." Sarah said, head in her hands. Jean looked at her like she was nuts. "Well, don't you-- oh wait, how 'bout that-- I got nothing." Jean stuttered. Benjamin Boyt looked at Sarah. He got up and walked over to her. He tapped her shoulder once. Her head popped up like popcorn in a microwave. "Hey Sarah," He said. "what's wrong?" Sarah shook her head. "I'm not funny." She said. "WHAT?!" Ben exclaimed, then noticing he blurted. He lowered his voice, "Of course you're funny, remember at the talent show last year when you did the stand up comedy?" Ben asked.

Sarah looked confused.
"Oh yeah. There was this giant boo." She said. She started feeling sad about that. Ben started noticing tears streaming from her eyes. He sat down by her and put his arm around her. "I was the one that was laughing. I loved your jokes." Jean looked at him. "Tell you what." Ben started. "My uncle owns the Chuckle Stand here in town. He's having an open mic night." Sarah took her hands out of her face. "I'll come." She said. "I'll be there bringing up some laughs and warming them up."

Part 2

Jean and Sarah walked in to the Chuckle Stand. She looked up to where the mic was and noticed Ben was their. "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the open mic night at the Chuckle Stand." Ben said. He started opening with a lot of weird jokes. Atleast the whole audience was laughing.

"And now, time for the comical stylings of Sarah Nyle." Ben said after his last joke. The audience applauded and Sarah ran up to the stage. Sarah started off her act with the funniest skit she could think of. The audience ate it up. Then thought up the weirdest jokes ever. The audience loved every minute of her act. "Thank you, Thank you." Sarah said, getting off. She went up to Jean and just looked surprise. "Now do you believe your funny?" Jean asked. Sarah nodded and went over and kissed Ben then ran back to Jean. Sarah just got in a giggling mood. "Now I do believe."
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