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by Neo
Rated: E · Sample · Friendship · #1550353
Thats what happens when I write something after watching a thriller movie!
"I'm sorry for all that is happening, but..."

"But what? You can't deny anything. It was you. YOU started this whole shit. YOU got me into this. They were after YOU, just YOU. And now IT IS FOR YOU that I'm stuck  in the middle of nowhere..." I yelled at him with the loudest and wildest voice that had ever come out of my mouth.

He cut my word, "I'm sorry. I wish I could take you back. I would do anything to get you back." he paused and looked down, "I wish I could go back in time, I promise I would fix everything this time" he murmured, and this time I knew I he wasn’t talking to me anymore.

We stood there in silence under the dying light of moon and stars for a very long moment, and not for a second we moved our eyes; his fixed on the ground and mine on his tired face.

At last, I decided to break the silence rather to lighten the heavy guilt that was growing on my heart,

"I'm s..." .

my word froze right there; Something banged not so far behind us, and I felt my heart fell somewhere far down in my stomach; apparently I wasn’t the only one who had decided to break the silence. I gazed at him on horror and confusion, “How did they fin-"

Something exploded again, this time a few feet away from us, and it finished my question with a hysterical scream; it was then that someone started shooting. Without any intention I found myself crumbled on the muddy ground, clenching my frozen fingers behind my head. I saw a bullet digging deep down into the mud next to me, I knew it was only because of the twilight that I wasn’t shot yet. I also knew I had to move or death was awaiting me, but in my whole body not a single cell had the nerve to move, I'd became as stiff as a stone; Fear had stomped me to the ground.

His cry brought me back to earth,

"RUN!" he shouted, "RUN, DAMN IT, RUN!”

I looked up at him that was standing next to me, dragging me up by my shoulders; His face was paler than the moon shining above his head.

I got on my shaking feet and I started running with him. I ran with the all the strength I had, and with the fastest speed I could afford.

Soon my feet were barely touching the ground.... I had never ever run this fast in my life. I had never imagined in my craziest dreams that I would be ever able run this fast.

but i ran.

I ran with him.

I ran for my life.

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